10 Best Tips For ebike Heavy Weight Riders

Best Tips For ebike Heavy Weight Riders


I started riding electric bikes in 2017 when I weighed about 220 pounds. In fact, I found great fun while cycling, especially since I was a heavyweight.


Being able to move around with my electric bike quickly was one of the most enjoyable things for me, but I encountered some challenges while using the electric bike, so today I decided to share with you the Best Tips For ebike Heavy Weight Riders that will add more fun to your riding experience.


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Best Tips For ebike Heavy Weight Riders.



1. Don’t sit on your ebike inside the house.

This advice may seem counterintuitive, but if you think about it, we all start sitting on the bike at the nearest point to the house door and then we move with the bicycle.


For a cyclist with a heavy weight, such an act may be a bit annoying because you can bump your body or the bicycle into things inside the house while you are cycling, so the best thing for you is to avoid sitting on the bike except you outside the house.


2- Avoid walking beside your ebike.


If you decide to walk alongside your electric bike, you will probably notice that you are trying to move your body away from the bike frame so that you do not hit the pedal or damage your clothing. This is normal for heavyweight and normal-weight cyclists.


But based on my personal experience, the best way for you is to hold the bike seat and then push the bike forward.


This method will make your body completely away from the electric bike, but this method requires a large area around you and is not suitable for crowded places, but using it from time to time is very good and will Increase your enjoyment while you use the electric bike.


3-Inflate eBike Tires to the maximum.


You should make sure your electric bike tires are always inflated to the maximum. This is because more air inside the tire will help you move faster and will not add friction to the ground on the electric bike.


4- keep your eBike saddle height a little low.


Of course, the height of the electric bike saddle is proportional to your height, but if you are a heavyweight rider, reducing the height of the saddle a little will increase your control of the ebike and reduce the possibility of falling off the ebike as a result of an imbalance or other’s mistakes because your foot is close to the ground.


5- Use your shift eBike gears correctly.


Knowing how to use the gears of the electric bike will increase your fun while riding the electric bike because the correct use increases the strength and speed of the electric bike, which is what you need as a heavyweight cyclist.


You can see this post in which we explained in detail how to use electric bike gears.


“How to Use Gears on Ebike? Beginner’s Guide”



6- Wear a solid sole shoe.


One of the most important tips that you can take into account while riding your electric bike is to make sure that the shoes that you wear have a solid non-slip sole, and this is very important for any Heavyweight rider because slipping your feet while pedaling will lead to imbalance and severe injuries can occur as a result of weight and speed, so make sure that your feet remain on the pedal all the time.


7-Always wear your helmet.


Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is an important matter and is also imposed by law, but for heavy-weight cyclists, the matter is of higher importance, as in the event of accidents, their impact force is higher as a result of the extra weight.


8- Wear Workout Shorts.


One of the most challenges that I encountered when using the electric bike is the friction between the thighs, which causes severe inflammation and cuts in the clothes as well, and this is normal for all cyclists, but it is the most painful for heavyweight cyclists.


I overcame this matter by two things first, wearing workout shorts under my clothes and taking a shower immediately after returning from an electric bike to get rid of any sweat that causes inflammation


9- Get Ready for others’ mistakes.


Mistakes made by others on the road can be very dangerous for cyclists in general most of these mistakes occur as a result of car drivers not being able to see the cyclists, but the matter is different for heavyweight cyclists.

Most of The mistakes occur from trying to PayPass the cyclist, so always be prepared for such sudden actions that require a quick reaction.


10- Always make sure to charge your ebike battery.


The last thing any electric bike rider wants is for his electric bike battery to be empty because this will turn the electric bike into a

regular bike and you will use the pedal, but with the weight of the electric bike itself, it is very difficult and requires a lot of effort

For heavyweight cyclists, it is much more difficult because they will bear their body weight as well as the weight of the bike.

You can also use a spare battery if you are going to ride the bike for your daily commute or if you are going to use it on roads with

steep hills.



As a general rule, the best tips for heavyweight riders are:

  1. Don’t sit on your ebike inside the house.
  2. Avoid walking beside your ebike.
  3. Inflate eBike Tires to the maximum.
  4. keep your eBike saddle height a little low.
  5. Use your shift eBike gears correctly.
  6. Wear a solid sole shoe.
  7. Always wear your helmet.
  8. Wear Workout Shorts.
  9. Get Ready for others’ mistakes.
  10. Always make sure to charge your ebike battery.


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