8 Tips & Tricks For Senior Ebike Riders

8 Practical Ebike Tips & Tricks For Senior Riders

When senior riders choose to ride an electric bike, it may be different for them from riding a regular bike.

In fact, electric bikes have many benefits, especially for seniors

We have published many posts on this topic (we will leave some related posts to our discussion at the bottom of this post)

Due to the importance of this topic, we have decided to prepare this post in order to provide you with the most essential tips & tricks for every senior who wants to ride an electric bike

Note: This post is for Seniors Riders only in terms of riding style and other essential tips.

Ebike Tips & Tricks For Senior Riders.

1- Get your ebike ready.

The first tip for you is to give yourself a good time to check the electric bike before you ride it, and that’s for two reasons

The first reason is that you will ensure an enjoyable bike ride without any problems.

The second reason is that checking the bike before using it gives you enough time to discover any problem with the bike or any maintenance that you should do.

In order to check the bike, there are two ways that my dad does and it helps him very much.

The daily quick method: It ensures that the battery is charged, the bike key is present, and the air is inflated in the tire (and this method usually does not take more than a minute if everything is fine)

Monthly method: The bike is checked in more detail

  • Ebike wash.
  • lubricating the chain and cassette and checking that there are no breaks in the smooth teeth or cassette gears.
  • Make sure the brakes are working well by holding the front and rear brakes together and then trying to move the bike.
  • Check the pedal and make sure there is no loose
  • Run the bike and hear its sound to make sure there are no strange sounds.

This method may take from two to four hours, so take your time and you can split these activities throughout the day so that you do not feel tired

The goal of this advice, in general, is to keep your bike in top condition in order to avoid sudden breakdowns while riding because stopping to do any maintenance while riding will be hard.

2- Always start your ebike with the throttle. 

After sitting on the electric bike seat and making sure of everything, you can start the bike, and the advice here is to start using the throttle, so as not to put pressure on your knee while using the pedal at the beginning.

All you have to do is gently press on the throttle and the bike will start to move after that you can put your foot on the pedal and start using it if you want.

3- When going up hills use both throttle & PAS.

When you have a hill in front of you and you want to look out while riding a bike, there is a very easy way for you as a senior

How to ride uphills?

  1. Set the gears to the lowest gear, 1.
  2. Increase the PAS to the highest speed and start pedaling.
  3. Use the throttle if the hill is too steep while using the pedal so that the bike does not stop on the hill

After crossing the hill, you can stop using the throttle and reduce the speed of the PAS if you want.

This method will reduce any pressure on your knee while riding a bike, and also reduce the effort, so do not make a lot of effort and pedal quickly, but rely more on the throttle, it will help you a lot.

4- Use your eBike Kickstands once you stop.

The older a person gets, the more problems he faces with balance in general

This means that we should reduce anything that may lead to increased imbalance. A common mistake that most senior cyclists make is that when they stop the bike, they remain sitting on the saddle or standing and holding the electric bike, which leads to the bike tilting from them due to its heavy weight. It is also unbalanced when stationary.

To avoid your bike swaying and falling, you must use the kickstand as soon as you stop.

The goal here is to keep you safe from falling and also keep the bike from any damage.

5-Choose the roads you will ride your ebike on.

One of the important tips for you is to be aware of the roads on which you ride your electric bike. For example, if you ride your bike on a road with cars, you should be more careful because most motorists do not know the rules of sharing the road with cyclists.

On the other hand, you will most likely ride your bike to enjoy it without reaching high speeds, which may expose you to the risk of being too close to cars.

That is why it is preferable to avoid crowded roads and replace them with alternative roads that are more convenient for you.

6-Take all safety precautions while riding your ebike.

An important piece of advice for you is that you take all possible safety precautions that will protect you from any shocks or accidents while riding an electric bike.

Among these measures is to wear a cycling glove, which will protect your hand from any injuries in the event of a fall.

And also wear a helmet that will protect your head from shocks and also from the sun’s rays

On the other hand, you can install a rear camera on the bike so that you know what is coming from behind you without turning your head, which will help you a lot, especially while riding the electric class on a road with cars.

7-ALways have emergency tools & Parts.

Having some tools and spare parts with you while riding an electric bike can help you a lot in case you need to.

Among the most important tools that you must have with you are an inner tube, chain link coin, and air inflator.

These tools are very important, especially if you intend to ride your bike for long distances.

Always remember you don’t want to drag 25 kilos to go home.

8- Always Protect your ebike.

Electric bike thefts are very common, so you should protect your bike from theft. One of the most important measures you can take to protect your bike from theft is to park it in a public place and not in remote places.

If your bike has a removable battery, take it with you, and also make sure to install a lock with an alarm.

Finally, GPS installation on the bike is a very good thing.

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  • As a general rule, the most important practical advice that can help you as a senior rider is to check your bike periodically (daily and monthly) when riding a bike.
  • It is preferable to start moving with it using a throttle.
  • When going uphills you must use the PAS, throttle, and also the lowest gear.
  • When stopping your ebike, you must use the kickstand and not sit on the bike so that you do not fall.
  • All safety precautions should be followed while riding a bike.
  • some spare parts should be kept for use in case of emergency.

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