Are Bafang E-Bike Motors Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Are Bafang E-Bike Motors Good? Can I rely on it? Is it reliable? All these questions you will ask yourself. if you are going to buy a conversion kit for your bike or you will buy a bike that has Bafang motor on it.

In fact, the Bafang motor is one of the most popular motors for electric bikes & conversion kits. This fame because there are many advantages to these motors.

Therefore, in this post, I will answer your question about whether the Bafang motors are good for your electric bike or not, and we will also take an overview of the most popular Bafang motor models.

Are Bafang E-Bike Motors Good?

As a general rule, Bafang motors are very good, due to their appropriate price, the quiet sound of the motor, their strong performance, and also that they are easily programmable.

Pros of Bafang E-Bike Motors

1- Performance.

Most of the Buffing motors are mid-drive motors (there are some models that have Hub-motors), and this helps them to give much higher performance. What distinguishes Bafang motors is that they have high performance and last for long periods, in addition to the less need for constant maintenance of the motor.


The cost of the Bafang motor is one of the strengths that distinguish this brand, and you can get it from a price ranging from $ 300 to $ 700, depending on the model and capacity of the motor, and this price is considered a small price compared to the rest of the models available in the market.

3-Programable Motors.

This feature is one of the most important features of the Bafang motor.

You can reprogram every part of the bike and access the controller easily and quickly. This is a unique feature that no other manufacturer offers you, at least with such ease.

By programming, you can control the motor’s response to the different speeds of the throttle or PAS, for example, you can increase the power of the first gear of the PAS and many other settings that will suit the way you ride your electric bike.

As we mentioned earlier, the tool available to program the motors is not complicated at all, and you will only need a USB cable and a computer in order to get a motor that suits you perfectly.


Another advantage of Bafang motors is that they are reliable motors, have few breakdowns, and live for long periods.

5-Availability of spare parts.

Although Bafang motors are motors that do not require much maintenance, even if you need any spare parts, you will get them quickly because they are available all the time and the reason for the proliferation of spare parts is that there are many cyclists using this motor.

6-Quite Motors.

Bafang motors are characterized as quiet motors and do not make noise, which is what I personally like. The quiet motor sound does not give you the impression that the motor is of high quality, and on the other hand, it allows you to distinguish any other fault sound in the electric bike.

7- High torque.

The other advantage of most Bafang motors is that they are characterized by great torque and this feature is a very wonderful feature that

will make it easier for you to go uphill also you can pull a trailer and load many things on the bike with ease.

8-24*7 Support.

If you have purchased a motor from Bafang Motors and need help with its assembly, there is support available 24 hours a day.

In my personal opinion, this feature is one of the most important advantages because if you need help, you will get it from specialists and they will know how to help you.

What are the Cons of the Bafang motors?

As we mentioned the advantages of Bafang motors, in this part we will try to mention some general defects, which may differ from model to model.

1-Targeting low to medium ebikes.

Despite the quality of Bafang motors, in the end, they are considered medium-quality motors compared to some other motors such as Bosch, you should not compare the level of Bafang motors with high-quality motors, since the price category is completely different.

2-Hard to install.

If you buy an electric bike conversion kit from Bafang you will notice that you have to remove the normal pedals, which may need some advanced information and you may need to go to an electric bike shop or call support.


Bafang motors are considered one of the best electric bikes, as a value for money

Bafang motors are programmable, which gives you the freedom to adjust the performance of the motor according to your style of riding an electric bike.

On the other hand, Bafang motors are considered motors that do not emit a high sound and give you strong torque in most models, in addition to high performance and reliability.

One of the disadvantages of Bafang motors is that they are not considered premium motors, but are more oriented to the economic category, which makes it difficult to compare them to premium electric bike motors.

Also, if you do not know much about electric bike maintenance, you will need to go to an electric bike shop in case of installing a Bafang conversion kit.

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