Are ebike Cassettes Different? (Explained)

Special ebike cassette



Are the cassettes for an electric bike different? This question is asked a lot, especially by people who are going to change their ebike cassettes for the first time or by people who are going to buy an electric bike for the first time.


In fact,  with the spread of many models and brands in the market these days, this question is considered a real question because the matter has become somewhat confusing.


Especially because the word cassette “dedicated to electric bikes” has almost become present on most electric bike parts because it simply helps to sell the product faster and also gives the seller the ability to raise the price.


One of the spare parts that this trick is used most is the cassette and chain.


Therefore, in this post, we will explain the cassette part, as we explained in a previous post, Do E-Bikes  Need a Special Chains


Are ebike Cassettes Different?


As a general rule, only mountain and high-end electric bikes can have a different cassette than the regular. As for city electric bikes, a regular cassette can be used for them.


This is because the cassette designated for electric mountain bikes is three times stronger in terms of cassette teeth thickness to withstand

the torque and power of the motor. So it can increase the cassette lifespan  


Why Moutain Ebike Has Special Cassette?


In this part, we will explain the reasons for the existence of a cassette dedicated to electric mountain bikes.


Riding styles is different


One of the most important points that encouraged electric bike manufacturers to develop a cassette specifically for mountain electric bikes is the riding style itself, which has changed a lot in the last 8 years only.

Mountain bikers take advantage of the potential of the electric bike more powerfully in terms of sudden gear changes, as well as cycling at high speeds, which leads to more load on the cassette, so a cassette is manufactured that can withstand all these changes in the riding style to give the driver a unique riding experience.


Increase in Motor Speed & torque.


The second factor that makes the presence of a cassette dedicated to electric mountain bikes and high-end bikes is the power of the

motor, which has increased dramatically, as developers compete to give you a motor with a suitable watt, but with more speed and torque.


This point is very important, as electric bikes have a regulatory law that prevents Manufactures to develop a motor of more than 500 watts in Europe and 750 watts in the United States.


That is why manufacturers compete in the manufacture of motors of the same wattage, but at higher speeds and torque, which increases the load on the cassette.


Therefore, manufacturing a cassette dedicated to this category is considered important.


Simple shifting is needed.


If you are a mountain electric bike rider, the last thing you want is not to feel the shift of the gear while riding because it gives you a feeling of mistrust in the bike, especially if you are riding your bike in a mountainous area with difficult terrain.

That is why it was necessary to manufacture a cassette that allows the chain to move accurately and easily on the cassette.


More durability.

Whether you are the owner of electric mountain bikes or high-end bikes, changing spare parts frequently is an expensive thing, and bearing in mind that these categories of bikes are used somewhat harshly, whether it is riding a bike in mountainous areas or loading things and

pulling trailers in High-end bikes.


So, the presence of a cassette that withstands such uses and is durable is an important matter.


Can I add a special cassette to my city ebike?


As a general rule, this depends on the model and the brand that you want to change to.

For example, there are models such as Shimano, link glide drivetrain system that you need to change the shifter, derailleur, and the chain to install it on your electric bike.




As a general rule, city electric bikes can work with any type of regular cassette. As for mountain and high-end electric bikes, a different cassette can be installed on them.


There are several factors that helped in the manufacture of different cassettes for mountain bikes and High End, which are the difference in the style of riding, the increase in the speed and torque of the motor, and also the need to reduce the change of spare parts, especially the drivetrain parts.


On the other hand, the ease of changing gear transmissions is very important in this category of bikes.


If you want to change the cassette of your regular electric bike to one dedicated to mountain bikes, you should check with the manufacturer of the brand you want to change to, to see if it requires changing other parts of the drivetrain or not.


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