Are ebike Mid Drive Motors Reliable? (Explained)

Mid-Drive Motor


Are ebike Mid Drive Motors Reliable? This question is often asked, especially by people who are about to buy a new electric bike, or by current owners of electric bikes who have a hub motor.

In fact, there is a great deal of disagreement among electric cyclists about the reliability of the mid-drive motor, so in this post, we will answer your question about the reliability of the mid-drive motor in an electric bike.


We will also explain when the mid-drive motor is the best choice for you and when it is not your best choice.

Before we begin to answer the question, which is the main goal of this post, let us address a kind of sub-point that will explain a lot to us.
This point is how the mid-drive motor works.


How does a mid-drive motor work?


The mid-drive motor is securely mounted inside the frame of the electric bike between the two arms of the crank.


Generally, the mid-drive motor generates & delivers the driving force to the tires of the electric bike through the chain, just like the way you drive your regular bike.


this is what makes the motor maximize the benefit of the gear, and thus the performance of the mid-drive motor is Much higher than the hub motor.

Example: To simplify the idea of making a mid-drive motor, you can represent a bike that works with a mid-drive motor as a car with a manual transmission, and a bike that has a hub motor as a car with an automatic gear.


now that we know how the mid-drive motor works in the electric bike, which depends on several gear shifts starting from the lowest speed and highest torque to the highest speed and lowest torque.

let’s answer the main question for this post.


Are ebike Mid Drive Motors Reliable?


Yes, Mid-drive motors are reliable and can last for a long time as long as the motor is used properly with the gears because the motor will stay all the time running on the idle rpm which will lower the possibility of being burned out.

on the other hand,

If you misuse the gears shifting the motor will cause a lot of damage for the drivetrain component and can be damaged quickly.


Now that we have answered the question in a direct way, let us discuss what are the reasons that make mid-drive motors reliable.


Reasons why the Mid-drive motors are Reliable


1- The way it works.


The main and important factor from my point of view that gives the mid-drive motor reliability is the way it works because based on its design it does not require the full output of the motor power all the time.


Each shift has a certain amount of force and torque, and this makes the motor not run at full power all the time. This maintains a longer life span for the motor.



2-The Design


The second factor that makes the mid-drive motor reliable is the design of the motor that is in the middle of the electric bike, which makes it less exposed to shocks because it is installed between the arms of the crank as if it’s a part of the ebike frame.


this will reduce the possibility of any damage to it as a result of falling off the ebike or hitting something solid.


3- Suitable for all types of ebike tires.


This point may be somewhat strange, as you may think that there is no relation between the type of motor and the size of the tire of the electric bike, and this is true in theory. All motors will work on the size of the tire you choose, but in practice, the matter is different.

let me explain why?

For example, if you have a flat tire that weighs about 15 pounds and a motor is installed in it as well As is the case in the Hub Motor, you will certainly face great difficulty if you want to change it, on the contrary to the mid-drive motor, which gives you the convenience to change any type of tire at any time and with complete ease.


4- The best option for riding uphill.


One of the most important features that make the mid-motor reliable is that it is very suitable for riding an uphill because it helps distribute the weight much better and thus helps reduce the effort that you may do using the pedal to give more power to the bike, especially if you are trying to ride on a hard hill.


5-Ease of Maintenance.


When we talk about maintenance and how to take care of the motor, this point will be an advantage in favor of the mid-drive motor,

because it is close to the controller and the battery, and therefore there are no long wires extending between the motor and the controller, as is the case in the Hub Motor.


So maintenance will be easier and often you will not find an ebike shop that refuses to service the Mid-Drive Motor, but you will certainly find shops that refuse to service the Hub Motor, especially if you have a kit for the Hub Motor and not a bike pre-made with the Hub Motor.


When you should have A Mid Drive Motor?


1-  If you were a cyclist for a long time.


As we mentioned before, the way the mid-drive motor works is very similar to the same way of riding a regular bike.


If you are a long-time biker, and I mean here for a long period, equivalent to 2000 miles per year, then surely the best choice for you will be the mid-drive, but if you are a beginner in riding Bicycles or older cyclists, then the Hub Motor will be the best choice for you.


2- If you riding uphill a lot.


If you live in an area with hills or use your electric bike a lot riding uphills, the best option for you is the mid-drive because it enables you to control getting the best torque from the bike.


In addition to the fact that the mid-drive works to distribute the weight which helps for an easy ride in such In these circumstances, if you are riding your bike continuously in the city or on paved roads, the Hub Motor is the perfect choice for you.


3- If you weren’t on a budget.


If you do not have a limited budget and can pay some extra dollars, then the best option for you is the mid-drive motor, because in most cases the price of the mid-drive is higher than the hab, due to the high performance of the mid-drive motor.

But if you have a limited budget, there are good alternatives in Al-Hub Motors categories.




As a general rule, mid-drive motors are reliable and last for a long time because the motor does not run at full power all the time, but it outputs power according to the type of gear transmission chosen.


The first gear shift is the highest torque and the lowest RPM, and the last gear shift is the highest RPM and the lowest torque, thus makes the internal parts of the motor Less likely to get damaged.



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