Are Ebikes Worth it?(9 Reasons Why People Think About It)




In the United States of America, about 368,000 electric bikes were purchased in 2021, and for Europe, sales are very high, much more than

in the United States of America because they are mainly spread there.


However, with these numbers and increases in sales, are electric bikes worth buying? Or it is just a trend that will end soon.


In this post, we will answer this topic and explain why people are buying electric bikes lately.


Are Ebikes Worth it? (9 Reasons Why People Think About It)


we will explain why people are accepting to buy an electric bike in practice

If you want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes, you can check them here


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Electric Bicycle


1-The best option for crowded cities


People buy electric bikes, especially in crowded cities, for two main reasons


The first reason is the ability of the electric bike to easily and relatively quickly pass the traffic congestion, which may reach 28 miles, which helps them to move flexibly and set their appointments.


The second reason is:  It helps you save many daily expenses compared to any vehicle that consumes gasoline.

On the other hand, based on my personal experience, I find the electric bike psychologically comfortable when using it in crowds, because I do not suffer from pressure and waiting as is the case in cars.


2-Low running cost.


The second reason that makes people think about an electric bike is that the operating expenses are almost non-existent because all you will bear is a few pennies every time you charge your bike. In general, the average charge range is about 40 km.

And you can calculate it if you rent a car to cover the same distance, you will find that the difference in savings is large in favor of electric bikes.


3-Different levels of exercise.


At the beginning of the spread of electric bicycles, there was a saying that electric bicycles are cheating because people did not know the extent of their potential

But when people learned that you can ride electric bikes like regular bikes and that they can give you different levels of exercise in terms of help and effort, it became more and more interesting.


When you think about it, the weight of an electric bike is heavier than regular bikes, which means that you will have to put in more effort to ride if you decide to forgo the motor assistance.


Personally, I think that this effort is an advanced level for cyclists who rely on the bike to practice sports

This explains why professional cyclists are buying electric bikes to reach a higher level of effort.


4-No registration or tax or insurance.


The electric bike in most US states does not need a special license or insurance, and also many European countries allow it naturally.

Although each country sets laws for each category of electric bicycles, for example, there are countries that allow electric bicycles as long as the motor power does not exceed 200 watts, such as Australia.


For us in the US, it’s a plus because we just need to save on an electric bike and start enjoying it.


5-Help People with physical limitations.


For people with physical limitations that prevent them from moving normally, electric bikes are an ideal solution to return to doing all their activities normally and roam around the house and explore new areas.


The beauty of electric bikes is that they have many designs to suit all needs.


6-Better than public transportations


Using public transportation may be uncomfortable for many people, especially since after 2020, we are giving more importance to social distancing.


Therefore, most people who used to use public transportation to reach nearby areas, now see electric bikes as an ideal and safe solution for them.

7-Solving going uphill issues.


If you have been riding ordinary bikes for a long time, you will know that going up a hill with a bike is a challenge that you will prepare for because it takes more effort, and also may need to stand on the bike to pass this challenge, so it is not easy.


When you get old it will be a hindrance to you if you decide to ride your bike again. But with electric bikes, it is completely different, because the electric bike helps you to go up the hills much easier and with very limited effort.

This explains why most people over the age of 45 return to using electric bicycles and use them as their main bicycle.


8-More fun.


It can be hard to explain the level of enjoyment that electric bikers experience when using them

But to bring the idea closer to you, try asking any electric bike rider how much fun he has while riding and automatically you will see him smile.

Because the electric bike gives you real pleasure and psychological comfort in improving mood and increasing self-esteem

I think this is enough reason for people to buy electric bikes.


9- Ebikes are Faster


Although the speed of the electric bike may reach between 15 miles to 28 miles, it is considered fast compared to regular bikes or electric scooters. And if we take into account that you still ride a bicycle, even if it is electric, then speed is an added advantage of an electric bicycle. This makes many people think about buying an electric bike.



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