Are Electric Bikes Easier To Balance? Step By Step Guide

The most challenging for anyone who is about to buy an electric bike or wants to learn how to ride an electric bike is how to balance it while riding.

In fact, balancing is an action that the cyclist does by getting used to, which means that the more you try to learn how to balance the bike, the greater the chance of success in learning.

And if you are going to buy an electric bike and want to know whether the electric bike is easier to balance, I will be happy to give you the answer to this question in addition to a step-by-step guide on how to balance the electric bike and also what are the options available to you to get an electric bike that is designed for easier balance

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Are Electric Bikes Easier To Balance?

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It is known that the balance of a moving object is much stronger than a stationary object. For example, an electric bike movement has a higher balance than when standing. (try to leave the bike with no support for 2 sec. it will definitely fall )

This means that the more you are able to move the bike while exercising the balance of the bike, the easier you will be able to balance

And since you can move the electric bike without using a pedal by throttle, this means that you will get better balance because the bike will be in motion (moving object)

As a general rule, electric bikes are easier to balance due to your ability to move them automatically by throttle, which increases the balance.

Step By Step Guide To Balance An electric bike.

In this part of the article, we will share with you step-by-step how to balance an electric bike with a detailed explanation.

Step 1: Find a place to exercise on balancing your ebike.

The first step for you in learning to balance an electric bike is to find the right place, which should meet some conditions:

First, it should be a spacious place and there are no obstacles so that you can move easily during your balance training.

Secondly, there are no rocks or pits, and it is as paved as possible because there is a great possibility that the bike will tilt you, especially in the first attempts.

Examples: Choose to park for cars or the yard of the house if it is spacious enough to ride your bike.

Step 2: Get yourself  & your ebike ready.

The second step is to prepare for training by wearing a helmet and wearing protection for your knees and elbows.

Then you must make sure the ebike is ready by checking that it is sufficiently charged and the speed of the PAS is at the first or second level at most.

Finally, adjust the height of the seat and make it as low as possible so that your feet are all touching the ground when mounting your ebike.

Step 3: Walk while mounting your ebike

After riding the e-bike, stand up and walk the bike (ignore the pedal completely)

The goal of this step is to adapt the movement of the bike to the right and left in order to get used to the dimensions of the ebike for about 5 minutes, spinning left and right.

Step 4: Sit & walk.

In this step, you will begin to practice balance, which is by sitting on the bike and looking forward, then pushing one of your feet to the ground and raising the other foot.

Note: Never look at the ground, as this will reduce the balance of your body while sitting on the bike

Do this exercise for at least 20 minutes or more until you feel completely accustomed to it

ٍStep 5: Pushing with two feet.

In this step, you will use both of your feet to push the floor, then raise them together for 2 seconds, then push the floor again with your feet and raise them for 4 seconds


  • Look forward and try to keep the handlebar straight.
  • don’t use the brake to stop the ebike during the training just put your feet on the ground (that’s why we low the seat high)

Do this exercise for at least half an hour

When you notice that you have been able to lift your feet off the ground for a long time and the bike is balanced, this means that you are ready for the next step.

Step 6: Use the throttle.

After making sure that you increase your ability to balance the bike, you will put one foot on the pedal and then look forward while gently pressing the throttle.

The bike will start to move and then put your second foot on the pedal and try to hold the handlebar.

Repeat this exercise for half an hour or more.

You will know that you are ready to move on to the next step when you are able to cycle right and left easily.

Final Step: Use Throttle & PAS.

In this step, we will put one foot on the pedal and then gently press on the throttle while looking forward
Once the bike is in motion, put the second foot on the pedal and begin to pedal.

Make sure that your hands completely off the throttle when start pedaling.

Now, congratulations, you’ve managed to balance your electric bike!

Are there electric bikes that are easy to balance?

If you have balance issues so you need an electric bike to help you balance while riding, you have 4 options to choose from in terms of electric bike design.

1- Forward pedaling design.

It means that this design shifts the pedal forward instead of directly under the ebike seat, this design helps you reduce the height of the chair and continue to use the pedal normally because the pedal is shifted forward and will help to bend the knee in a natural way.

2- Step through design.

This design depends on the ease of mounting and dismounts from the bike, which gives you the ability to touch the ground easily
This will increase your confidence in riding the bike and you will be able to balance well.

3- Forward pedaling & Step through design.

This design is based on the combination of forward pedaling & step-through design.

This will give you the ability to have a great balance on the bike because you will reduce the height of the seat and be able to touch the ground and also get on or off the bike easily.

The disadvantage of this design is that it will be difficult to ride up a steep hill.

4- Electric Tricycle.

If you have very difficult issues balancing an electric bike and you can’t do it at all, perhaps the best option for you is the electric tricycle because it consists of three wheels and does not require any effort to achieve balance.


Electric bikes are easier to balance due to the presence of a throttle that enables you to move the bike without effort.

There are 4 designs that help you get more balance on an electric bike and they are:

  1. Forward pedaling design.
  2. Step through design.
  3. Forward pedaling & Step through design.
  4. Electric Tricycle.

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