Can An Electric Bike Pull a Trailer? (Solved)

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Are you thinking about how you can use your electric bike to tow a trailer or maybe you are planning a bike trip and want to take your kids or pets with you?

In that case, I will be very happy to give you the best tips and tricks you can do to use your electric bike to tow a trailer.

But now let’s start by answering your question: Can an electric bike pull a trailer?

The answer is absolute YES the electric bike can pull the trailer because the electric bike depends mainly on the motor. The motor of the bike can provide your ebike with enough torque to pull the trailer.

Also, Not just the trailer I have seen videos on YouTube that owners of electric bikes pull van .



Now let’s get straight to the point and give the basic tips that you should keep in mind when considering fixing a trailer on your ebike.

First, you should determine your needs. If you are going to fix a trailer on your ebike for your pet, this means that you will need an ebike with certain capabilities.

Likewise, if you are going to ride a trailer on an ebike for kids, this also has special calculations for the capacity of the bike and your weight, as well as the weight that you will put on the trailer

And now we will take each type of trailer and give the best tips and tricks that you should do in order to have a unique bike riding experience while towing a trailer.

Tips For Towing A Cargo Trailer



The cargo trailer is the first type that we will talk about because, in my opinion, this type needs a lot of scrutinies, because the many different types on the market make you feel that you can put any weight on it.

which may not be good if you are going to tow it with your electric bike.

Since the electric bike, has a certain ability to bear weights, and this ability is according to the size of the bike frame and the power of the motor, as well as the capacity of the battery.

You must take into account some points.

1. Motor capacity

Here we will look at the power of the electric bike motor in terms of torque, not in terms of speed
It is known that the electric bike motor starts with 250 watts and goes up to 2000 or 3000 in some models.
But is any motor that can withstand pulling a trailer? Well, It Depends on its torque!

Because when we talk about the ability of the motor to pull, we are looking for torque, not speed, for example
The normal 250-watt motor has 50 or 60-newton meters, and this can be good for a light-use city ebike, but when we talk about a city bike that you will use to pull a trailer that has a large weight, the torque of the motor should be higher.

Tip: If you want an ebike that can pull a trailer efficiently, look for a motor with a high Newton meter.

Some motor models come with 250Watt – 80nm like bosch performance line CX.

The Motor Design

The other factor when we talk about the ability of an electric bike motor to pull a trailer is the location of the motor on the bike.

Mid-Drive Motor:

Mid-Drive Motor is best when using a bike to pull a trailer for two reasons.

Firstly, its position in the middle of the bike increases the balance of the bike
Second, the presence of the motor near the pedal helps in the process of dragging and improving the performance of the bike.

Hub Motor:

If you have a Hub motor, this does not mean that you cannot pull a trailer with your ebike, but it does mean that there will be some extra effort on the motor, especially if the torque of the motor is low, but in general, you can use it, especially if you do not intend to pull heavy things.

2. Type of your ebike brakes matters

The brakes are one of the most important factors while pulling the trailer on your bike due to the increase in weight and also the speed of the electric bike itself, so there must be strong brakes and the best type of brake is the disc brake

3. Know your Ebike weight Limits

When you see a bike manufacturer that says that it can carry a total weight of 120 km, for example, this should be considered your dividing line, so do not carry on the bike or pull weights higher than this weight.

This is because the factory does tests for the bike as a whole, not only for the bike frame while riding, but also for the power of the motor, battery range, and many other factors.

4. Type of your Cargo trailer (One wheel or Two-wheel)

The performance of your electric bike varies depending on the type of cargo trailer.

When the cargo trailer is one-wheeled, this gives it higher flow and less friction, and thus helps the bike’s ability to tow and consume less capacity from the motor and battery.

But on the other hand, the available weight on a one-wheeled cargo trailer is often less than the two-wheeled type

But if you have a two-wheeled cargo trailer, the weight allowed to carry it is often higher, and this type is good if you have a powerful electric bicycle motor.

One of the advantages of this type is that you can disassemble and store it easily in most cases.

Tip: Always remember to have a set of straps to hold large things on your trailer.

Tip: Having a waterproof cover is also a very good Idea when pulling a trailer.


Tips For Towing A kids Trailer



If you have one child, you will most likely think of using a bicycle seat for children, whether it is the rear or front,

but if you have more than one child, the best choice for you, in this case, is to think about the trailer.

When using a trailer for kids, it is mostly two wheels and also has a specific weight and speed.


Most trailers for children do not have a wheel speed of more than 12 miles so make sure to check the manual of your kid’s trailer before use to know the maximum speed for the wheels of the trailer.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when pulling a kid’s trailer.

1. Trailer compatibility 

Most of the cheap trailers have quick-release axles that are fixed on the rear wheel but most ebike has a through axle (12*148 mm)  so better to check it before you buy and make sure to buy a good quality trailer you don’t want to take such a risk.

2. Make sure it has a waterproof cover

Your trip by electric bike will not be fun when it rains and you are with your children, especially if the cover of the trailer is not waterproof, and also make sure that it has a water screen in front to make it fun for your kids & have a nice riding experience.

3. Trailer Flag Is Important

The flag of the trailer is not an accessory, but it is very important and useful for you while riding a bike, for two important reasons.

First, protect your children. The presence of a flag high on the trailer will make it easy for everyone to know that you have children inside the trailer.

Secondly, it gives you an impression of the dimensions of the trailer. For example, if you are going through a narrow place, you can look back quickly to know the dimensions of the trailer.

4. Trailer Suspension

There are many trailers that come with a suspension system, which is very good, especially when you have two or more kids inside the trailer.

This will definitely help you reduce shocks and also increase the safety of your children so it would be nice to buy a trailer that has a suspension system.

Tips For Towing A Pets Trailer



Bets trailers, whether they are dogs or cats, are not very different from kid’s trailers, as they are usually the same size or a little larger.

There are some people who convert trailers for their kids into pets trailers when their kids end up using them, which is a good thing, but I prefer buying a trailer for dogs or cats Especially dogs because the trailer will be equipped with tether points that will help you attached your dog to it.



The best tip I can share with you when taking your dog out with you on a ride using an ebike trailer is to ride slowly because your dog will not be very happy with it especially in the first two to three times & remember the ebike running fast which will make the dog afraid tell he get used to it.

Electric Cargo Bikes



Since you are looking for a way to pull a trailer with an electric bike, I think it will be a good idea to take a look at electric cargo bikes especially since its start to be very popular nowadays.

electric cargo bikes have a lot of designs & sizes which makes the choices endless.

So in the below lines, I will be sharing with you the best tips you should consider while choosing an electric cargo bike.

Tips for Choosing Electric Cargo bikes.

1. Check the size

the first thing to look at is the size of ebike cargo although most of the ebike cargo comes in the same size the design will make a difference so if you were too tall or too short make sure to pick the design that will be comfortable for you.

I mean by design not only the shape but to make sure that you can adjust its feature like Seatpost or the handle par.

 2. The reason why you will buy Electric Cargo Bike.

Determining the purpose of the purchase is the most important question for you because it can save you a lot of money or make you spend money without return, especially as we mentioned that the designs are many and varied.

Therefore, determining the purpose of the purchase is very important. For example, will you need it for a certain period only, or will you need it for a long time and for multiple uses, whether it is to transport your pets, goods, or your kids?

3. What cargo place do you like the most?

Choosing the position of the cargo on the bike is up to you. Some people like the cargo in the front and some people prefer the cargo in the back.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each location

Cargo In the Front:

when you have the cargo in the front it makes it easy to balance because the weight will be lower to the ground.

But in this design, you will lose the normal experience of biking as the handlebar will almost be in the middle of the bike.


The rear Cargo:

The rear cargo is the most popular because it maintains the normal riding experience.

on the other hand, having the cargo on the rear of the ebike will make it easier to stand the ebike on the cargo in the elevator or when strong it in the house, however, there are also some disadvantages because the presence of the cargo on the rear makes it smaller in order to maintain the performance of the bike compared to the front cargo.

4. Be ready it’s expensive.

Electric Cargo Bike is not cheap, because it is designed in a certain way, and also the capabilities of the motor and battery are often higher to withstand heavy-duty, so if you decide to buy it, be prepared because it will cost you some money.

5. Choose the right specs for you

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors that you will depend on, whether it is pulling a trailer with your electric bike, or you will buy an electric cargo bike is the motor and battery.

So compare your needs and the features that you will buy in the electric cargo bike.

If you are going to buy a cargo bike to transport your kids or buy some goods from the supermarket, there is no need to buy large features, you will not need them.

For example, a 350-watt motor with a 48-volt battery will be very sufficient, especially if the torque of the motor is higher than 60 Nm.

Electric Push trailer

one other option that you might think about is to get an electric push trailer which will be very useful for you in case you are using a hub motor or your ebike motor doesn’t have much torque. because electric push trailers have their own motor and will not rely on ebike motor so you can even fix them on traditional bikes.


As a general rule, you can pull a trailer with the electric bike as the ebike motor will give the required torque to pull it.

when pulling a cargo trailer you need to make sure of the following Tips

  • Ebike motor should have a high torque
  • Ebike battery should be 48V or higher
  • Brakes should be a disk brake.

When pulling a Kids trailer you need to know the below tips

  • Check the compatibility of the trailer before you buy
  • Check the maximum wheel speed of the trailer
  • Make sure your trailer cover is waterproof
  • Put the trailer flag in place
  • Better to have a suspension system installed on the trailer.

Pulling a Pets Trailer

  • Make sure it’s waterproof
  • make sure it has tether points
  • Don’t ride too fast

Other options for pulling a trailer

1-Electric Cargo bikes

when choosing a cargo bike you should take into consideration the below tips

  • Choose the right specs for you
  • choose cargo place you like the most
  • cargo ebike is not cheap 
  • define the reason you will need it for
  • choose the size the fits for you

2-Electric Push trailer

Electric Push trailer can be useful if you have a hup motor or your ebike motor doesn’t have much torque

Finally ,

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