Can Electric Bikes Be Used Manually? (Explained)

Riding an electric bike is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

When you start riding a bike, you will feel a new and enjoyable feeling of happiness now let answer the question of

Can you ride an electric bike Manual?

As a general rule, Yes you can ride an electric bike manually, Most modern ebike allows you to switch between riding your ebike automatic through motor or using the pedal to ride it manually.

PAS or Pedal Asset system has three options starting from zero assets till full assist where zero means not assets at all & 3 means full assist 

In this post I will be sharing with you the best tricks to ride your electric bike manually & what to expect during your ride.

What Would be the reasons for Riding an electric bike Manually?


If you have a flight and want to take your electric bike with you, be prepared to leave the bike battery at home and rely on manual cycling.

Most airlines will not allow battery packs on board for public safety.
We all remember the incidents of Samsung mobile batteries exploding on planes, so they will not allow batteries or power banks on the plane

2.Forget To Charge your electric bike battery

We have all been there! right?

If you forget to charge your bike and want to use the bike for any reason, you may have two options:

drive your bike manually or use the spare battery if you have one.

3.Gravity-assisted driving parks

If you’re riding your bike in Gravity Assist Biking Park you might want to consider removing the battery to reduce weight and to have more control during the ride.

4.Planning for a Long Ride?

If you are planning for a long ride and knowing that the battery will not be enough during this period, you can consider relying on riding manually to save yourself some distance and time as well.


Ebike Trick: Always try to use the manual option at the beginning of the ride and use the throttle during your ride back cause you will be more tired.


If you do not know the distance that you can cover with the battery, you can use the calculator to calculate the mileage according to the size of your bike from Here



If you are cycling in order to help yourself losing weight or for daily sports to maintain your health, then relying on manual riding may be better for you because you will make more effort.


How To switch your Ebike to Manual?



As a general rule you can switch the electric bike to manual by turning of the battery also there are more options to be used to switch to manual.

Below are some tips & tricks for how to switch your electric bike.

1.Turn the battery off\or Remove it.

Turning off the battery will cancel the power coming out of the motor and therefore will make you the only one responsible for giving the bike the power to move.


The advantages of this method are that you will be in control, because you will not have the help of the motor, whether it is through the throttle or the pedal-assist system, and also you will keep the battery charged and save it for later.


The disadvantages of this method: that if you need the pedal assistant system at any time, you will not be able to rely on it.

if you only turned the battery off without removing it you will keep the weight of the ebike as it is which means that you will do more effort during riding your electric bike.

However, if you decided to remove your battery completely in this case you be able to get the advantage of losing extra weight coming from the battery.

2.Set your Bedal Assist system to ZERO

When the pedal-assist system is set to zero, you will switch the bike to the manual riding mode
But also know that you will not get any support from Throttle.

The advantages of this method are that you will start the manual system of the bike while retaining the quick conversion to the pedal-assist system if you need it at any time.

the disadvantages of  this method: there is still use of the battery, which may lead to a lack of charge
Also, the weight of the bike will be relatively heavy.

Electric Bike Trick for Manual Riding.


  • If you trying to ride your electric bike manually for the first time please chose the location of your ride carefully try to be a flat place with no mountains or woods to be easy for you & always remember that safety comes first!
  • Always use a helmet this is a MUST rule whatever you riding your electric bike manually or you using the throttle
  • Better to move yourself to the front of the bike to make the most of the weight in the front on the bike
  • when using the brakes try to be more gentle as the brakes of the electric bike is more powerful than the normal bike so make sure to use it gently to avoid any accedants.


An electric bike can be ride manually by turning off the battery or removing it, also you may want to set the PAS to zero and this will activate the manual mode in your electric bike.

You can use the switch to manual if you were traveling & you won’t be able to take the battery with you on the plan

, having a long ride, or you will go biking in Gravity Assist Biking Park.


if you are trying Manual mode for the first time try not to ride your electric bike in mountains or downhill.

Always wear a helmet & remember to use the brakes gently.


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