Can You Put A Baby Seat On An eBike? (Guide With PIC)

baby seat on an electric bike


Can you put a baby seat on an electric bike? In fact, this question is asked a lot, especially by people who intend to own an electric bike for the first time or people who already have electric bikes and want to make sure that the baby seat can be placed on the electric bike.


And if you think about it, the electric bike does not differ in the design of the frame from ordinary bikes, but the difference is, of course, in the presence of a motor and a battery, which adds two factors that must be taken into account when placing a baby seat on the electric bike

1- The speed of the e-bike

2-The weight of the e-bike


As for speed, the maximum speed of an electric bike in the middle class is 20 km per hour.

As for the weight, it may exceed 20 kilograms, so the question is: Can you put a baby seat on an electric bike? It is a reasonable question and needs clarification.


That is why in this post we will discuss the answer to your question about the possibility of placing a baby seat on the electric bike in terms of the ways that you can do it and the advantages and disadvantages of each method as well as safety precautions for each method so that you can make a safe trip for you and your children using the electric bike.


Now let’s get started.


Can you put a baby seat on an electric bike?


Generally Yes, you can put a baby seat on an electric bike using a front & rear mount seat or using ebike trailer.


As we mentioned in the introduction, we will discuss the best ways to put a Baby Seat on an electric bike, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


1-Back Mount Baby Seat.


Back Mount Baby Seat



The first way to put a baby seat on an electric bike is by using the Back Mount Baby Seat. This method is suitable for children from 3 years old to 6 years old.


This method has some advantages and disadvantages, so let us first start with the advantages


Advantages of Back Mount Baby Seat


1-Ease of riding an electric bike.


The important and main feature of the Back Mount Baby Seat is your ability to ride the electric bike easily without the need to adjust your riding position, such as some of the ways that we will explain later.

this is because the seat is in the back and is fixed on the rear of the ebike frame and therefore will be away from the area of your feet.


2-Its does not increase the size of the ebike.


One of the advantages of this method is that it does not increase the dimensions of the electric bike while riding.

What is meant here is that the seat is in the back with the same dimensions as the bike without any increases to the right or left of the bike, which facilitates movement in narrow places.

On the other hand, it is easy for you to balance the bike while riding.


3- Low cost.

The price is one of the additional advantages of this type (design) for the baby seat because it is considered the cheapest of the types that we will mention later.
In fact, the low price comes from my point of view because the defects in this type may be many, so the price is low.
In order to judge correctly, let us address the disadvantages of this type.

Disadvantages Of Back Mount Baby Seat.


1- You can’t see your baby while riding.


One of the main disadvantages of this type of child seat is that you cannot see your child while riding your electric bike, which makes you uncomfortable while riding because you will have to look at your child every once in a while to make sure that he is safe.


On the other hand, children usually fall asleep quickly, especially while riding a bike, so it will be uncomfortable to have your child sleeping while sitting.


2-You can’t hide your baby from the sun and rain.

What is also wrong with this type is that you cannot protect your child from weather factors such as sun, air or rain, which makes him completely unsafe, unlike some other types that provide this type of protection


3-  Ebike Accidents will be very harmful.

Among the disadvantages of this type is that if you happen to have an accident with an electric bike, your child will definitely be affected by this accident, which makes this type in terms of safety factors very unsafe, especially if you ride your bike in crowded areas or streets that do not have a dedicated lane for electric bikes.

4- Affect other ebike parts negatively.

The method of designing this type of child seat makes it connected to the Seatpost as well as the rear seat of the bicycle, which will affect the life span of the Seatpost.
On the other hand, if you have a bicycle with a rear suspension system, it will be greatly affected by the time due to the weight of the seat in addition to the weight of the baby.

2- Front Mount Baby Seat.



Front Mount Baby Seat

The front baby seat is mostly suitable for young children between one and 3 years of age, and this type is a favorite of all parents who decide to take their children with them on the electric bike.
In this part of the post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this type.

Advantages of Front Mount Baby Seat.


1- More Protection for the baby.


The most important feature of this type is that it makes your child more protected, as they are in your hands all the time and you can check him throughout the time of riding and check on him whether he is sleeping or not

In reality, you will feel a lot of safety and reassurance in this type.

2-Centralized weight.

With a child seat in the front, it centralizes the weight so that it does not affect the cyclist or the performance of the bike in general.
On the other hand, the design of this chair does not affect the balance of the bike completely because the position of the chair does not affect the movement of your hands and body and you will be able to control the bike naturally.

3- Doesn’t need special storage places.

One of the advantages of this type is the ease of storage with the bike and the ease of installation and disassembly because most of the designs of this type are installed in the front part of the bike.
Also, the size of the chair is small, understanding what gives more ease in storage.

Disadvantages Of Front Mount Baby Seat.


1- Uncomfortable while riding.

The first drawback from my point of view in this type is that it is uncomfortable while riding your ebike because the position of the child seat in front will make the movement of your feet on the pedal difficult, as you will notice that your feet may hit the chair or your child while riding, which will make you move your knee out while pedaling.


Therefore, this type is suitable for riding for short periods, but if you plan to ride the bike for a long time, this design will be uncomfortable.


2- No protection from elements.


This type also cannot protect your child from external weather factors such as air, sun, and rain.


Here I would like to point out that if you live in an area with a lot of wind or fickle weather, I do not recommend this type for you because your child will be in the front of the bike, and he will be directly exposed to air and dust Especially with the speed of the electric bike, the matter is more severe.


Therefore, you may have to look at other options that we will discuss in the rest of the post.


3-Ebike Accidents will be very harmful.


Although we mentioned that this type is more protective than the first type, the matter remains that if you bump into something with your electric bike, it will affect you and your child.


3-EBike Trailer.


EBike Trailer


In my opinion, the electric bike trailer is one of the best and safest choices when considering taking your child with you on an electric bike trip, for a number of reasons, the most important of which is safety, as well as many other features that we will explain later in this part of the post.


Advantages of ebike Trailer. 


1- Has more safety than any other option.


The most important advantage of using an electric bike trailer to carry your children is safety, as the children are in the back of the bike far enough from the body of the electric bike, which makes the possibility of exposure to anything dangerous in the event of an accident very small.


2- Can carry more than one child.


Depending on the size of the trailer and its ability to bear weights, you may be able to put all your children in the same trailer without being restricted to a certain age for children as long as there is a safe place for them.

Note: According to the laws of the United States of America, it is not possible to take a child under one-year old on an electric bike or any other type of bicycle, but this law is not enforced in many countries, so you must check the laws of the country in which you live first.


3-Will protect your child from bad weather 


One of the great advantages of using the electric bike trailer to carry your children is that it can protect them from external factors, whether it is rain, sun, or air, which is very important to protect your children, especially if you live in an area with fickle weather, so the bike developer is one of the best choices for you.


Disadvantages Of Ebike Trailer.


1- Increase the size of the ebike.


One of the disadvantages of using the trailer in the electric bike is that it increases the dimensions of the electric bike, which puts some restrictions on the places of its use.


For example, in crowded cities, it will be difficult because the dimensions of the trailer will need more space and it makes movement difficult.


2-Needs an ebike with a high torque motor.


One of the limitations that the trailer puts in when using it with electric bikes is that you will need an electric bike with a high torque

motor so that you can get proper performance with less effort.


You can see this post in which we explain in detail what is the appropriate torque to tow an electric bike trailer


Can An Electric Bike Pull a Trailer? The best Tips For A Nice Ride


3-Price is a little high.


The price of the electric bike trailer varies according to several factors in terms of its ability to carry different weights, as well as the manufacturing materials and where to buy it, but in general, it is more expensive than the rear or front seats for children.


Safety Precaution while riding your ebike with your baby.


In this section, we will explain some general safety tips when riding your electric bike with your child.


1- Always Wear a Helmet.

Wearing a helmet for you and your child is absolutely essential when riding an electric bike, and this should be at all times. No matter what type of seat you choose or what kind of trailer, a helmet is one of the most important safety factors for you and your child.

2- Put a safety vest on your children.


Wearing a brightly colored safety vest for your child is very important when you take them on an electric bike because it draws attention and makes everyone see you, which reduces the possibility of accidents due to lack of vision.


3-Use a flag on the ebike trailer.


If you are using a trailer to take your children with you on your electric bike, a flag of appropriate height and attractive colors is essential so that it is easy for everyone to see the trailer.

4-Do not ride too fast.


Always remember that you ride an electric bike and you can reach fairly high speeds.

Having your child with you requires you to take the highest safety precautions.

So, You should ride your bike at speeds appropriate to the type of road.




As a general rule, the Baby Seat can be placed on an electric bike using a front or rear seat or using an electric bike trailer.


To summarize, you can see this table that compares the three types that you can use


Front-mounted Seat Back-mounted seat  Ebike trailer 
Safety  Average safety Average safety High Safety 
Comfort while riding No Yes Yes
Balance while riding  yes yes yes
Cost Average Low High
Suitable for crowded roads Yes Yes No
High Motor torque  No No Yes

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