Do Ebike Needs Suspension? (Explained)

Do you have an electric bike without suspension and you asked yourself what if I had got it with a suspension system would it be much more fun ?!

Or maybe you are now in the thinking stage and trying to reach the best choice for you?!

Well, don’t worry I’m here to help you because I’ve had the same experience or let me say I experienced it almost every two years because I like to change my electric bikes every once in a while.

So get ready to take the right decision!

As a general rule, you can ride your e-bike without suspension however, the suspension is very important as it helps you reduce the vibration so if you usually do a lot of off-road riding then the suspension is something you should think about.

What you will find in the market?

In general, you will find in the market now 3 types of electric bikes,

The first type: which contains a full suspension system such as ALL TERRAIN ULTRA FS from M2S company, which sells for $ 3799.

The Second type: which known as a hardtail which means that it has only a suspension fork up front and rigged rear at the end.

Example: Rid1up 500 Series usually cost around 1200$

The Third Type: is the basic model which has no suspension and usually costs about 700$ up to 900$

Differences in suspension for the three Ebike models


The Full Suspension Models Pros & Cons


  • The first and main feature of this type of electric bike is comfort and handling. You will not care about anything you hit on the road. You will feel like you are in the clouds.
  • If you are riding a bike far from the road or in the mountains, this type is indispensable


  • The high price of this type is one of the most disadvantages
  • Weight: It is also a disadvantage of this type that it is very heavy

When you should get a full-suspension e-bike Model:

If you were seeking comfort & best handling and you will be doing alot of off-road or even technical terrain then the full suspension should be your first choice.

A Hardtail Electric Bike (Half Suspension Models)


  • Unlike Ebike with a full suspension system, the price here is one of the main advantages because you simply get a large portion of the comfort and handling, but at a lower price.
  • Also, the weight for this type of grade is reasonable if we take into account the advantages you get.


In my opinion, this type is one of the best types, but if we have to mention the disadvantages, I will say that you may need to raise your body a little from the chair if you are driving off the road in order to avoid the vibrations.

Personally: This is the best kind to any new e-bike owner.

When You should get a hardtail ebike.

if you are on a budget and you are not a big fan of off-road riding then this will be a great choice for you.

Non Suspension ebikes.

Pros: This type is characterized by its cheap price, as well as its very lightweight, and there are very good models

The disadvantages are that you will feel everything on the road, so if you want to go for a walk and hit something fairly big, you will feel it directly.

When You should get a non-suspension ebike.

If you are on a low budget and you don’t usually go for off-road riding then this type will be a good choice for you.

A quick Electric bike trick: you can just add a seat suspension post like Thudbuster that will help you feel much more comfortable.


As a general rule, you can enjoy your electric bike without suspension If you are a fan of mountain biking, you should consider a bike with full suspension.

I must make it clear to you that you should not get cheap full suspension bikes because they will not give you any value. personally, I had this experience and ended up throwing away the entire bike in the trash!

If you do not usually ride a bike in mountainous areas or do this at certain times, the hardtail system will be the best option for you.

And if you generally ride your bike in paved streets and there are places for cycling, then the option of a bike without a suspension system is very good for you and you can give yourself some comfort by putting a suspension system for the bike seat

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