Do Ebikes Charge Downhill? (Do you really need it?)

Can I charge my electric bike while going down the hill or can I charge my electric bike using the pedal? Is there a way to keep my electric bike battery charged?

All these questions get asked all the time and the reason for this is that most electric riders like to have the bike always ready and not have to wait for charging or have to charge their bike on the go.

That’s why in this post we will answer your question about Do Ebikes Charge Downhill.

Also, is this feature important, do you really need it, and what are the conditions that your bike must have in order for reverse charging to occur?

Do Ebikes Charge Downhill?

Yes, electric bikes can be charged while going downhill if they have a direct drive hub motor, and the bike has the regenerative braking feature.

And now that we have explained what are the conditions that must be in your electric bike in order to be able to charge your electric bike while going down the hill.

Let’s get into the details!

Why Direct drive motor is a must for charging ebike downhill?

Dirct drive motor

The reason that the direct drive motor is the only motor that can charge your electric bike while going down the hill is that this motor is part

of the rear wheel, which means that the magnet inside this motor is in constant motion around the copper coil as long as the wheel is moving

and this will cause electricity production all the time.

With the continuous production of electricity from the direct drive motor, this electricity can be used in reverse and entered into the battery through a feature called the Regenerative Brake.

How much battery charge you should expect from Regenerative Brakes?

Now the second question that may come to your mind now is what is the amount of charge that my electric bike will get if I use the Regenerative Braking feature.

In fact, this feature adds to the charging of your battery by about 5 to 7 percent, and the reason for this is that when you ride your electric bike, there are several factors that affect this process, the most important of which is air resistance.

Unlike electric cars where this feature is and increases the battery charge between 10 to 15 percent.

The reason for the increase in the rate of charging in electric cars is that the air resistance is accurately calculated in the design of cars

How to use Regenerative braking on ebike?

Electric bikes with Regenerative braking are used by gently holding the brake lever because the lever has two levels, the first for Regenerative braking and the second for the brakes

Are Direct drive Motors & Regenerative barking a good deal? Do you need it?

Electric bikes with this feature are usually more expensive than regular electric bikes, but the question here is, is this type of bike a good deal for you, and do you really need it?

In this post, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bike so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Advantages of ebike with regenerative braking.

1- More Mileage.

The first advantage is that it will give you “more range”, which may help you in some emergency situations.

2-More Quite.

As we mentioned earlier, this feature currently works with Direct Drive Motors, and this type of electric bike motor does not have gears, which makes them quieter.

3-More Fun.

Owning this type of electric bike increases the feeling of fun every time you go down the hill with your electric bike.

Disadvantages of ebike with regenerative braking.

1-Low charging Quantity.

The additional charging rate that you get from this feature is very low compared to what you will pay to get it.

When you think about it, adding 5 or 7 percent to your bike battery isn’t a huge percentage at all and won’t give you the huge range that makes you feel a real difference.

For example, there are some bikes, such as the Bosch, that maintain this percentage to light the bike and operate the electronic gear

when the battery is drained!


The second disadvantage of this type of bike is the high price compared to the same category, but without the Regenerative braking.

The reason for the high price of this type of ebikes is that the basic components of the bike need to be capable of reverse charging,

For example, the controller must support reverse charging, and also the BMS battery must be programmed to accept charging from the

discharging side.

All of these are considered additional costs in addition to the price of the bike.

3-Hard to ride Manually.

The reason why it is difficult to ride this type of ebikes without using the motor is that the more the wheel rotates, the more the magnet

rotates inside the motor, which adds extra resistance in case you decide to ride the bike manually.

4- It Could harm your battery.

There is a low possibility of damage to the battery through overcharging, so imagine that you live in an area with many hills, and you

charge the battery daily, then you go to work or the market every time you use the Regenerative Brake, and the battery charged will reduce

the life of the battery.

Also if the charge inside the battery cell reaches more than 4.5 volts, there is a possibility of damage or a fire

Why Ebike with Regenerative breaks are not so popular?

1- It Didn’t produce much power.

The first reason why this type of electric bike is not widespread is that it does not give a real addition to the battery, and therefore many people do not want to pay extra amounts to get an absolutely impractical advantage.

2- High Price.

The high price of this type of electric bike and the lack of real value in owning an electric bike that can be charged while using the brakes makes marketing the bike difficult, which reduces its spread.

3-Don’t work with all Motors.

Most cyclists prefer to use the mid-drive motor because it is a reliable motor and also gives strong torque, which is one of the uses of

the electric bike.

As we mentioned, this category of ebikes is limited to only one type of motor.

Note: Recently, there are some companies that use gear motors with the Regenerative Brakes, but the mid-drive motor still does not work with them.


As a general rule, only electric bikes with Regenerative Braking and powered by Direct Drive motors can be charged when going down the hill.

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