Do Hybrid Electric Bikes have Suspension? (Explained)

Do Hybrid Electric Bikes have Suspension



Hybrid electric bikes are one of the best types of electric bikes in my opinion because they combine many features that give the rider additional flexibility in terms of versatility.


With the many advantages that a hybrid electric bike offers, there are many people who want to know a lot about this category of electric bikes.


One of the most frequently asked topics for hybrid electric bikes is the suspension system and their kinds Are it hardtail or full suspension


Therefore, in this post, we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions on this topic which is Do Hybrid Electric Bikes have Suspension?


Do Hybrid Electric Bikes have Suspension?


The hybrid electric bike is an ebike that can be used in the city for daily commuting as well as for riding off-road and on trails


That is why its suspension system should support its multiple uses.


As a general rule, hybrid electric bikes have only front suspension.


There are many reasons why there is no full suspension system in this type of electric bike, which we will explain in the next part of the post.


Why don’t Hybrid Electric Bikes have full Suspension?


1-It’s not an EMTB.


The number one reason why hybrid electric bikes don’t have a full suspension system is that they are not mountain electric bikes!

In other words, the design of the hybrid electric bicycle frame is as strong as that intended for mountain electric bicycles, and the motor also has medium or large torque.

If you add a rear suspension system to the hybrid electric bike, it will become a mountain electric bike, which hinders its use in the city.


Note: Hybrid electric bikes are designed to be used for 70% city use and 30% off-road.


2-More weight.


The weight of an electric bike, in general, is heavy compared to regular bikes, and the idea in designing hybrid electric bikes is to have a

middle class in most of the specifications.

Therefore, it was necessary for hybrid electric bikes to be lighter than mountain electric bikes with full suspension.

Because the full suspension system will increase the weight of the bike by about a kilo or a kilo and a half

This means a heavier load on the ebike, which will reduce the range of a single charge of the battery


3-More price


One of the main reasons why there is no full suspension system in hybrid electric bikes is that the price increases significantly if you put a rear suspension system in the bike.


Because it will be classified as a mountain electric bike and not a hybrid electric bike.


The price difference between the two categories is large. In some bikes from well-known brands, the difference between Hybrid electric bike and hybrid electric bike to $1,000 or more


4- It won’t be suitable for city roads.


Another reason for the lack of a full suspension system in the hybrid electric bike is that electric bikes with a full suspension system are uncomfortable to ride in the city due to the constant movement of the rear wheel and the presence of the rear suspension system.


On the other hand, the front suspension system in hybrid electric bikes can be canceled using a feature called lockout, which is a button or handle that pulls in the event that the front suspension is not needed.


In most cases, this feature is used inside the city.


To learn more about this feature, you can check out this post


Is Front Suspension Necessary On An EBike?


5- It will require more effort.


In practice, installing a full suspension system in an electric bike that mostly comes with a medium torque motor (in the mid-range price category) and with the addition of the net weight of the full suspension system, you will have to compensate for the torque difference required by adding more effort using the pedal.


This will make the hybrid electric bike more difficult to ride.



Yes, hybrid electric bikes have a front suspension only, and this is for the following reasons:

  • By adding a rear suspension system, it will become a mountain electric bike.
  • The rear suspension system increases both the weight and the price of the bike.
  • An electric bike will not be comfortable to ride in the city if you add a full suspension system.
  • The passenger will have to make an extra effort to compensate for the required effort resulting from the weight gain

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