Do Hybrid Electric Bikes Need Front Suspension?(explained)

Do Hybrid Electric Bikes Need Front Suspension



Hybrid electric bikes have become very popular in recent years, and this is due to the fact that they combine to some extent a mixture between electric mountain bikes and regular electric bikes.


There are many questions about hybrid electric bikes, and one of the most important of these questions is the front suspension system and how important it is, and Do Hybrid Electric Bikes Need Front Suspension or not.


All of these questions get asked a lot and I personally think that the reason for the many questions about suspension systems in general on hybrid electric bikes is that a lot of sellers of electric bikes market their electric bikes as hybrid bikes.


In order to answer the question in this post, we should first know what hybrid bikes are, and then enter into how important the suspension system is to them.


What is a hybrid electric bike?


As a general rule, a hybrid electric bike is an electric bike that has a tire design similar to mountain electric bikes, and also the motor in it has a medium to large bone and finally, the tires are wider (sometimes they are mountain ebike tires)


To summarize, the three main points that distinguish the hybrid electric bike are the design, the torque of the motor, and the width of the tires.


After we know what hybrid electric bikes are, we will move on in the next part of the post to explain the importance of the front suspension system in hybrid electric bikes.


Do Hybrid Electric Bikes Need Front Suspension?


As a general rule, yes, the front suspension system is important in hybrid electric bikes because this type of electric bike can be ridden on

the trails, and therefore the presence of the front suspension system is necessary.


What are the benefits you will get from the Front suspension on your hybrid ebike?


1-Flexibility to ride everywhere.


In my personal opinion, hybrid electric bikes are considered a category of electric bikes that give great flexibility to its rider during use.

I mean here you can ride the ebike almost everywhere thanks to the front suspension.


Example: Imagine that you are in a crowded place in the city and there is a shorter road but unpaved, so if you are riding a hybrid electric bike that has a good front suspension system, then choosing the shorter unpaved road is your preferred option.


But on the contrary, if you have an electric bike without any suspension system or its design is not intended for such conditions as “the pedal forward design”, then your decision to ride your bike on unpaved roads will not be a wise decision. because you will expose your back to pain and also the bike will not give you the performance you want from it.


2- More Comfort.

While you are using a hybrid electric bike, the presence of a front suspension system will increase your comfort while riding, because good hybrid electric bikes have a suspension system dedicated to riding in the terrain, and when you ride a bike in the city, you will feel more comfortable.
Note: There are some people who are not comfortable with the movement of a hybrid electric bike while riding on paved city roads.
If you are one of those people, make sure that your ebike has the lockout feature so that you can cancel the front suspension system if you want.

3- More Safety.


One of the most important points provided by the front suspension system in hybrid electric bikes is to increase the level of safety while riding, because it provides you with protection from any potholes or rocks on the road, especially since electric bikes are faster than regular bikes, which may reach a speed of 28 miles.


Note: I would like to emphasize that the front suspension system of your hybrid electric bike should be of the type designated for mountain electric bikes so that you can feel the real difference and the most safety.


4- More Fun.


Among the advantages that you will get from the front suspension system is the extra fun because you will use it to ride in the terrain during vacation or in your gatherings with your friends who have electric mountain bikes.


Note: The hybrid electric bike is 70% for the city and 30% for the terrain, so use it on the terrain wisely so you don’t affect the rest of the ebike parts negatively.


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As a general rule, electric bikes need front suspension because they combine the style of riding in the city and on the terrain.


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