Do I Need Gears On My Electric Bike? (How Many)

Do I Need Gears On My Electric Bike



Gears in electric bikes  are one of the most controversial topics due to the nature of electric bikes, which mainly depend on the help of the motor for the ebike riders, and therefore there is a point of view that says as long as there is help from the motor for the rider, why should I worry about the presence of gears in my electric bike?!


On the contrary, there is a point of view that the lack of gears on an electric bike limits its potential, especially since the use of gears is effortless and does not differentiate it from a regular bike in anything.


If you are going with the second point of view, you can check out this post in which we explain in detail how to use gears on an electric bike.


“How to Use Gears on Ebike? Beginner’s Guide”


Now let’s go directly to answer the main question of this post and then explain the details.


Do I Need Gears On My Electric Bike?


As a general rule, you do not need to have gears on your electric bike as long as you use the bike in the city.


But if you ride your electric bike on the lanes a lot or live in an area with many hills, the presence of gears will help you a lot in these uses.


My personal view: Personally I think that there should be gears in the electric bike, and the reason is simple, it is almost impossible to know what situations you will meet with your ebike, so it is preferable to be ready for any situation.
Also, there are many reasons why having gears on your bike is a good thing.

Why having gears on your ebike is a good thing?


1-Going uphills

When you have single speed on your ebike, you will most likely depend on the throttle in the electric bike when going up the hill, but relying

on the throttle only will make the ebike speed very slow because the motor bears the resistance of the hill and your weight and the weight

of  the ebike


Sometimes you will have to use the pedal to help The motor but when you use the pedal at a single speed up the hill, it is not very easy

In the case of gears, you will use the lower gear at the beginning of going up the hill, and then when you reach the end of the hill you will use

the smaller gear to increase the speed, which will make going up the hills very easy and fun.


2-More range.

When you have gears in the electric bike, you will use them with the PAS to increase the speed of the ebike and most of the time you will use the PAS on a few levels (1 to 3)
When you reduce your dependence on the motor to increase the speed, you will notice a clear increase in the range of your electric bike.

3-Suitable for Small motor.


If you have an electric bike with a small motor of 250/350 watts, the presence of gears on your electric bike will greatly improve the performance of the bike, since the presence of gears helps ease the movement of the chain and gives you the appropriate speed for every need.
For example, less gear is more torque, and so on.

4-More speed.


The presence of gears on your electric bike gives more freedom to the ebike to give you the best performance because the more the chain movement is proportional to the size of the gear, the easier the dynamics of movement and therefore you will get a higher speed without stressing the motor.


But on the contrary, if you have a single speed on the ebike , there will be no room for the chain to give you the right movement that is matching with your speed.


5-Perfect with hub motors.

It is known that the Hub motor is less torque than the mid-drive motor, so the Hub motor will need help from the rider in order to give you the required torque (especially if it was 350 watts or less for bigger hub motors it will not be n issue)
When you have gears on the electric bike, the task of giving the required torque to the motor will be much easier because with gears you will be able to control the ease or difficulty of pedaling

6-Suitable for heavy riders.


If you are a heavyweight, the presence of gears in the bike will help you use the weight of your leg to help the motor in many situations, the most important of which is to go up the hills and at the same time easily



Who shouldn’t worry about having gears on ebike?


With all these advantages you will get if you have gears on your electric bikes

In this section, we will explain who are the people who do not need to have gears on their bikes.


1-City Riders.


If you will use the electric bike for daily commuting within the city without riding it on the trails or off-road

The presence of gears in your electric bike will not be important because you will mostly ride it on paved roads and use throttle or PAS at high speeds.

In such cases, there will be no difference between an electric bicycle with gears and an electric bicycle that operates at a single speed.


2-Senior Riders.

Senior Rider is one of the groups who do not need to have gears in their electric bike because their use of the electric bike is as simple
as walking around by bike or going to the supermarket Mostly they will not need to have gears on the electric bike.

How Many Gears should I have on my electric bike?


If you decide to have gears on your electric bike, the number of gears should not be large for two reasons.

First, the gears are an auxiliary means on an electric bike and are not as basic as on regular bikes

Second: Increasing gears means increasing the price, which is an additional cost for an auxiliary.


But what is good for you?


As a general rule, 7 gears are very good and will give you all the advantages and also be easier to use.




As a general rule, you do not need gears on your electric bike because it is an auxiliary tool and not an essential because the motor is the one who gives you the help completely


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