Do They Make Electric Tandem Bikes? (Full Guide)


Regular tandem bikes have been around since the 1860s and in the past, they were relied upon because they were highly practical and allowed the movement of two people together, and the best evidence that they were practical was their use in World War I.



With the spread of electric bikes in the last 10 years, it was necessary to have electric tandem bikes. Not because it increases your fun with your partner while riding an electric bike, but because it is practically useful for some groups.



To give you a direct answer to your question, YES, tandem electric bikes are manufactured, and there are large companies in the world of electric bicycles that manufacture such as Pedego and Mustache.


What are the advantages of Electric Tandem Bikes?


There are many advantages to the idea of tandem bikes in general, but since this post is about tandem electric bikes, we will try to give you the advantages that are specific to tandem electric bikes.


1-More Range.


One of the biggest concerns for any e-bike rider is battery life, and almost all of us would like to have an endless supply of our battery in order to increase our cycling time.


Electric bikes will help you a lot at this point for two reasons:

The first is that there are two people who can use the pedal and increase the range of the ebike, especially if the tandem model is Pedal Sync locked.

This means that the electric pedal has two separate pedals, which will help you dispense with the PAS and rely on the second rider to keep the bike moving

The second reason is the presence of two batteries “in many models” and this will certainly give you more range

Even if there is no extra battery in the model you will choose, the second person will help you a lot and increase the range.


2-Easy to go uphill.


One of the benefits that you will get when using Tandem electric bikes is the ease of going up the hills by bike.

The reason for this is the presence of the motor, which works great with two people using the pedal at the same time.


This point is considered a hinge point compared to the regular tandem. This is because in the regular tandem it is difficult and dangerous to go up the hill by tandem bicycle if the hill is very steep.


3-More Load.


Another advantage that tandem electric bikes offer is the ability to put a lot of loads on them and move them easily, whether for spending a day on the beach or exploring new areas.


The reason for this is that the torque of Tandem electric motors is large because it is intended to bear the weight of two cyclists.

With this big torque, you will be able to carry a lot of things on the electric tandem without any problems.



4-More Fun.


Electric tandem bikes give you extra fun and unforgettable memories with your partner, and not only that but there is additional fun that will attract everyone’s attention when you ride the electric tandem because it is fast and also fun.


What are the Disadvantages of Electric Tandem Bikes?




The price is one of the most disadvantages that limit the spread of this type of electric bikes.


It is known that the price of electric bikes, in general, is more expensive than regular bikes and this is logical because there are additional parts in electric bikes.

But when we talk about the prices of electric tandems, the matter is more complicated.

The price of the electric tambourine ranges from $2800 to $11,000

With these high prices, it will be difficult for any partners to get a Tandem electric bike, because these prices are the same as the prices of

three electric bikes in the middle range class or above average.


2-Riding electric tandems are somehow different.

Riding electric tandems is somewhat different from riding a regular electric bike , and the reason for this is the dimensions of the electric tandems, which are naturally larger.
There are two important points that you should take into account when it comes to electric tandem riding.
The first point is to give yourself plenty of space when turning around with the tandem.
The second point is to make your decisions quickly, for example, if you decide to move to the right or left, move immediately.
The hesitation may endanger your partner due to the length of the electric tandem bike.
Note: If you are one of the people who hesitate while riding a bike, you may have to think about the feasibility of buying an electric tandem bike because moving with a tandem bike at a high speed will be a problem in case of hesitation.

3-Your Partner May complain.


Although the electric tandem bike gives you more fun and increases the closeness with your partner, if your partner likes to see the whole way while riding, it will be a problem for you.


The reason for this is that the cyclist sitting in the rear seat sees only the back of the front rider, and this point may be annoying to many.

So if your partner is the type who gets annoyed at this point, think carefully before buying an electric tandem bike.


4- High maintenance cost.


The annual maintenance cost of an electric bike ranges from $100 to $300

As for the electrical tandem, the maintenance cost will be higher than this cost because the parts that are consumed will be more.


The most important points that cause the maintenance of the tandem electric bike to increase are the maintenance of the drivetrain, as well as the cost of lubrication spray, as well as washing.


The cost of an electric tandem bike is about 50% more than the average annual maintenance of the bike ($220).


You can read about the study we conducted to determine the average maintenance of an electric bike from here.


What Is The ebike Maintenance Cost? (Explained)


5-Difficult to carry.

Due to the dimensions of the electric tandem bike, the ability to carry it with you anywhere is difficult, because there are not many racks dedicated to electric tandem bikes.


How pedaling works on electric tandem bikes.


The method of using the pedal in the electrical tandem requires some cooperation between you and your partner

The front rider is primarily responsible for the movement of the ebike tandem through the use of the pedal.

As for the second rider, his use of the pedal is an assistant only so that he works on the continuation of the bike movement even if the front rider did not pedal. Because there is no synchronization between the two pedals on the tandem bike.



Who should get a tandem electric bike?


After we explained the advantages and disadvantages of the electric tandem bike, as well as how to use it

Is there a specific category for whom tandem electric bikes are useful?


1- Young Partners.

A Tandem electric bike is useful for young partners because it helps them spend more time together, explore new areas and adventures and make happy memories.


2-Father or Mother & their sons.


When the father and mother get older, their ability to ride bicycles is limited, and this is because the balance will be less

One of the nice things is for the children to use the tandem electric bicycle with their father or mother to help them do a different experience that brings them happiness.


Are Electric Bikes Easier To Balance? Step By Step Guide





Tandem electric bikes are manufactured, but to a limited extent, due to their high price, the difficulty of carrying them, and the difference in the way they ride from ordinary electric bicycles.


One of the advantages of electric tandem bikes is the greater range, ease of going up the hill, the ability to load heavy things on it, and finally, it is fun

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