How Can I Charge My Electric Bike On The Go? (Best Tips)

How Can I Charge My Electric Bike On The Go




Charging the electric battery in the bike is like gasoline in the car, and if you are in the case of the electric bike, you can ride it manually, unlike cars!


If you are riding your electric bike and the battery runs out, it can be very annoying, but the good thing is that you have alternatives to charge your bike on the go.


In this post, we will share with you many practical alternatives that can help you, and the order of these alternatives will be from the cheapest to the most expensive.


The idea here from ordering the alternatives from the cheapest to the most expensive is to check each option and take what suits you. However, I personally prefer to combine more than one alternative to ensure your continued enjoyment of the bike and also to survive in the event of an emergency.


How Can I Charge My Electric Bike On The Go?


As a general rule, you can charge your electric bike battery on the go while being at restaurants or cafes, by using solar panels, and also by using the car battery or at power stations.


1-Charge on restaurants, cafes, or supermarkets.


The cheapest way to charge your electric bike battery on the go is to use the electricity available in restaurants, cafes, or even in the supermarket.

But here you should know that you will not be the first person to ask them to charge the ebike battery using the electricity they have available.

That’s why your request should be somehow smart, or more precisely, you should give them something in return.


For example: Compliment about food and give them a tip while you eat and then ask them to put the battery on charge and preferably have a fast charger.


On the other hand, it is not necessary to wait 4 or 5 hours for the battery to finish charging.


Charge the electric bike battery until it reaches 80% because in normal the charging process is from 10% to 80% much faster than charging from 80% to 100%.


And don’t worry, 80% as a charging rate is very enough for most of your needs.

Another thing you can do is to charge in a restaurant for half the battery and then complete the charge in another place.



This method is very useful in restaurants or cafes, but for the supermarket, the matter will be somewhat different, because in most cases, you will not give the supermarket worker a tip.


So in the case of the supermarket, you can start asking about anything about your electric bike (and try to be nice to them) buy anything from them and ask politely if you can put the battery on the charger using the electricity they have.


2- Car Battery.


One of the alternatives that you can use to charge your bike battery on the go is to use a car battery and here you will need an inventor to be able to charge the battery.

In most cases, this method is suitable if you have your car with you or while camping, because the possibility is very low that someone will allow you to charge your bicycle battery using his car battery.

How to connect the inverter to charge your electric bike battery?


Before we start the steps of connecting the inverter, we should point out that we do not recommend this method for long-term use because it can cause damage to the battery cells.

The cause of the damage is due to the instability of the voltage coming out of the inverter to the battery, so first, make sure you buy a high-quality inverter, and secondly, use this method for Emergencies only


1- Connect the inventor to the car battery 

2-Get Kilowatt reader to check how many watts are being transferred

3-Connect the ebike battery charger & make sure it gives you a green signal.

4-Plug the charger into the battery.




3-Solar Panels.

The use of solar panels is one of the cheapest methods that you can rely on to charge your bike battery on the go. Not only that, but it is very practical.
This is because, with solar energy, you will not need to move anywhere or search for an electrical power source because you already have the source.
 There are several solutions and alternatives for you when considering the use of solar energy to charge the battery of your electric bike.
You can check out this post in which we explained 4 different ways to use solar energy to charge the electric bike battery and we also arranged these solutions according to the cost


How To Charge Ebike Battery With Solar Panel?



4-Power Bank.


Using the power bank to charge the electric bike battery is one of the medium-cost solutions, but the most practical because the power bank with which you charge your electric bike battery can charge many other devices.


But it is preferable that the power bank has a high capacity that is equal to or slightly less than the capacity of your electric bike battery.

For example, if you have a battery capacity of 700 watts/hour, the power bank must be 1000 watts to ensure that you have the ability to fully charge the battery.


5-Solar Generator


A solar-powered generator is one of the affordable solutions that you can rely on to charge your bike battery on the go
The idea of ​​this generator is that it is charged using solar energy and you can then charge the battery from it.


Personally, I prefer this method and the previous method due to the stability of the output voltage because this preserves the battery for a longer life


6-Power Stations.


Although the use of power stations is not considered expensive for single henna, the reason why I put it in a high-cost rank is that all the previous methods are yours and are multi-use.


In the case of the power station, you pay and then charge the battery which is expensive in the long run and somewhat impractical.


7-Carry Sapre Battery.


One of the alternative solutions that you can rely on is to carry a spare battery with you to use it when needed, even though this method

is considered expensive due to the high price of the battery.

On the other hand, if the spare battery is discharged, you will need a power source to charge the two batteries.



There are several ways you can charge your electric bike battery on the go:

1- Restaurants and cafes.
2- The power bank.
3- Solar panels.
4- Generators powered by solar energy.
5- car battery.
6 – Electric power stations.
7- Keep a spare battery.

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