How Do I Choose an ebike Seat post? (Explained)

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Riding an electric bike is different from riding a regular bike, especially in terms of comfort, because most of the time you are sitting and you do not have to stand because the motor of the bike helps you all the time, and this is really good, but with this, it may be tiring in the long run for your lower back and thighs area.


So choosing A suitable electric bike seat for you will increase your enjoyment of cycling.


In this post, I will try to share with you all the information you need about how to choose a seat post and also choose a Saddle, and I will also give you some important tips for you.


So let’s get started.


How Do I Choose an ebike Seat post?


Choosing the Seatpost depends on several factors, the first of which is determining the type and its suitability with the ebike frame, then the price, quality, and other factors.


In the next section, we will explain all the factors that help you choose the right post for you.


 1-Seat Post Types.


There are two main types of seat posts, the first type is the regular suspension seat post (which has two main mechanisms), and the second type is the dropper seat post.

in this section of the post, we will explain the difference between the dropper seat post & the regular suspension seat post.



– Suspension Seat Post.


The general idea of ​​the Suspension Seat post is the ability to absorb shocks received by the ebike while riding, which certainly affects the rider.


Therefore, the design of the seat post and the mechanics that it uses have a significant impact on the amount of comfort while riding.


There are two types of mechanics that are used in the post.


The first type: is that the seat post rises up and down while crossing any obstacle by bicycle, and this type is the cheapest because it does not give much comfort.


The second type: is that the seat tilts backward in a curve.

The idea of ​​this design is that when the tire of the ebike crosses an obstacle, it bends upwards forward, so the seat bends upwards to the back in order to reduce the sense of shock.


This type is more expensive because it is more comfortable.


– The Dropper seat post.


The second type of Seatpost is the dropper. What is meant by it is that the seat post can change the height automatically through the lever without the need to stop while riding.



Who Should get a dropper seat post?


As a general rule, the drop seat post is important for people who have a cargo ebike and people who are beginners in cycling, and the reason for this is that it is easier for the rider to reduce the height of the seat by pressing the lever, which makes it easier to reach the feet in the ground and maintain balance.


On the other hand, the trail is important for people who share the same electric bike because the preferred height of each can be saved and changed quickly without the need for any tools.


2- Compatibility with Ebike Frame


The second factor when choosing a Seatpost is to make sure that the seat post is compatible with the bike frame. What is meant here is is there a suitable height for installing the Seatpost.

For Example:


if you are riding an ebike and you had limitations in the seat height in the low part where the seat is barely sticking out this means that you will not be able to install a seat post.


Note: Some electric bike seats have a dropper, that is, you can control the height of the seat via a button under the seat, and in this case, you will not be able to install a Seatpost on a seat that has a built-in dropper.


3- Price.


Price is one of the factors that will influence how you choose the Seatpost, because the prices vary widely, starting from 50 dollars to 500 dollars, and here it must be said that after choosing the right type and making sure that it is compatible with your bike.


you have to choose what suits your budget, but remember You are changing the Seatpost for more comfort while riding a bike.

So, be sure not to buy cheap models, because they will not give you any comfort, but on the contrary, things will become worse.


How to choose the correct seat post size?


Choosing the wrong size for the seat post is one of the things that can make you unhappy, especially if you order the site post online because you will have to wait a lot until you get the right site post.


That is why today I will explain to you how to choose the right size for the post:


As a general rule, in order to choose the appropriate Seatpost size, you must measure the interior diameter  (I.D) of the tube in which the Seatpost is installed using a digital caliber, noting that the frame tube must be clean without dust so that the measurements are correct.


you can check this video to explain how to take accurate measures.




How to choose a comfortable seat for your ebike?


After we know how to choose the right Seatpost for your electric bike, I think it is necessary to discuss how to choose a bicycle seat and know how to choose the seat that is comfortable for you so that you can enjoy comfortable riding experience.


Defining ebike comfortable seat.


In order to choose a comfortable bicycle seat, you must know what are the things that will make the chair you choose a comfortable seat.


In general, what makes the electric bike seat comfortable is the foam, the width, and the purpose of the design.


Now let’s discuss each of the factors that make a bike seat comfortable so that you can choose the right one for you.




The first factor from my point of view for the electric bike seat to be comfortable is that it has a large width in order to suit your body. The less the width, the more uncomfortable the chair will be.


2- The type of Foam.


The quality of the foam used in the manufacture of the electric bike seat greatly affects the level of comfort while riding.

In general, there are two types of which comfortable seats are made:


The first type is the memory foam, which is used in most comfortable bicycle seats because it is comfortable and also cohesive so that it gives your body more stability while riding.


The second type: is made of gel, and this type is softer than memory foam, but what is wrong with it from my point of view is that with a long ride, your body will not be stable enough on the chair.


3- The design.

The design of the electric bike seat can greatly increase or decrease the comfort during riding, you may find a wide bike seat made of foam, but the design is annoying while riding.


In my opinion, the best design I have found in comfortable electric bike seats is the one that is not long and also the one that cradles the bottom area.


How to choose the correct height for your ebike seat?



To get a comfortable riding experience for your electric bike, it remains for you to know how to adjust the appropriate height of the electric bicycle seat.


In this section, we will discuss how to adjust the appropriate height for your electric bike seat.


The height of the bicycle seat must be suitable for your body so that it is not low, causing discomfort, or high, causing pain in the joints and muscles in the long run.

But you may ask what is the correct size for me?!

There is a way that you can know the right height for you, which is as follows.


  1.  Measure your inseam
  2. Release the electric bike seat
  3. Apply the same inseam measurement so that the distance between the middle of the bottom bracket and the electric bike seat is the same as the inseam



As a general rule, you can choose the right seat post for you by selecting the right type in terms of design and compatibility with your bike frame and also by setting an appropriate budget for you.


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