How Do I Know My Cassette Kind & Which One To Get?

Ebike cassette


The cassette in an electric bike is one of the most important parts because it bears a lot of pressure while riding a bike and is also more important because it affects your enjoyment of your electric bike and also greatly affects the improvement of the performance of the bike.


Since you came to this post that gives information about the type of cassette for your electric bike, and also what type you should get, it is most likely that the cassette for your electric bicycle has almost reached the end of its lifespan and you want to buy a new cassette.


Therefore, continue reading this post to know everything you need to know before buying any type of cassette.


How do I know what kind of cassette to get for my ebike?


Samll & Large Sprocket on Ebike cassette


Let’s start first by answering what kind of cassette you currently own because answering this question will make it easier for us to explain the second part.


As a general rule, you can find out the kind of your cassette by counting the teeth for the smallest sprocket and counting the teeth for the largest sprocket. If the smallest is 11 and the largest is 28, then the type you own is 1128.



Which electric bike cassette you should Get?


Now that we have clarified the way in which you can know what kind of cassette your electric bike has, you may ask, but what do we mean by these numbers or what type or size might be suitable for me?

That is why in this part we will explain in detail what these sizes mean and also how to choose the right size for you?


What does the cassette size mean?


As a general rule, the smaller number symbolizes the smaller sprocket, whose task is to give the bike the highest possible speed and least torque, so it is used in driving within the city and on paved roads.
Therefore, the fewer the teeth of the small sprocket, the higher the speed will be obtained (according to several factors, including the motor and battery)
on the other hand, the larger number represents the larger sprocket on the cassette, which is used to go up the hill because it gives the bike the lowest possible speed and highest torque to make it easier for you to drive while going up the hill.
The greater the number of teeth on the larger sprocket, the greater its size, and thus the greater torque is given to the electric bicycle.
Now you might say well I will choose the cassette, which is measured, for example, 1050 on the basis that it is the smallest teeth number in the small sprocket and the highest number of teeth in the large sprocket in order to get the best result, but I would like to tell you that this logic is impractical.
That is why we will discuss together in the next section what are the things you should take into account when buying a new cassette for your electric bike.

Things you should take into account when buying a new cassette.


1- Ease of gear shifts.

The larger the number of teeth of the sprocket, the greater the size of the entire cassette and the increase in the distances between the sprockets of the cassette, which makes moving between them a little difficult and you will feel it.
What is meant here is that there is no ease in the movement of the chain on the cassette That is why if you prefer to ride a bike comfortably and also easily in gear shifts, you should think about this point when buying a new cassette.


The price here depends on the type of cassette and also on the brand because it is possible to buy a cassette of the same size, but from an unknown brand, and its price is much lower than the same size from a well-known brand, but my advice to you is to always buy a cassette from the same bike manufacturer because it is more in harmony with the rest bike parts.
You can watch this video that compares two types of electric mountain bikes in terms of price and performance.



We, as electric cyclists, do not think much about the weight of the electric bike due to the presence of the motor, which of course helps a lot to get rid of the problem of the weight of the bike, but the matter needs an additional look here because the cassette size 1128 is 240 grams, while the large cassette size 1150 weighs 500 grams or a little bit more, and the difference here is about an additional 250 grams.


It will not be in your favor if the battery charge runs out and you do not have an extra battery or in an emergency.


I know that it has become a bit confusing here, so I will share with you the following table that puts the type of cassette and its ideal use so that you can decide correctly and quickly at the same time.


Table of ebike cassette kinds & their recommended usage.


Cassette Size Weight Recommended usage
11-28 284g Road Ebike
11-30 304g Road Ebike
11 -32 320g Road Ebike
11-40 467 g Road Ebike
11-42 487g Mountain biking 
11-46 507g Mountain biking 
11-50 550g Mountain biking 





To know the kind of your cassette, you should count the cassette teeth in the smallest sprocket, and also count the cassette teeth in the largest sprocket.


As a general rule, the cassette kind from 10-28 to 10-40 is suitable for normal and paved roads, while the cassette type from 11-42 to 11-50 is suitable for cycling in the mountains

There are several factors that you should consider when buying a new cassette, including the type of roads that you often ride your bike on, is it paved roads or mountain roads.

Also, the price of the cassette and the brand, as well as the weight of the cassette, can represent a small challenge in an emergency.


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