How Do You Bypass Pedal Assist? (3 Ways)

The pedal assist system is one of the assistance systems in the electric bike that everyone loves and helps electric cyclists a lot to get better performance than the electric bike.

But there are some situations in which the electric bike rider may need to bypass the PAS, either to fully rely on the throttle or to ride the bike without using the pedal completely.

In this post, we will explain three ways you can do to bypass the PAS.

How Do You Bypass Pedal Assist?

As a general rule, the PAS can be bypassed by disconnecting the wire connecting the PAS to the motor and relying on the throttle or by changing the location of the PAS to the wheel that does not have the motor & finally cutting the PAS wires connected to the controller to rely on the throttle.

1- Bypass Pedal Assist by Disconnecting PAS wire.

The first way to bypass the PAS is to disconnect its cable and to do this you must trace the cable and then remove its plug

But it is noted in this method that it is valid only in the event that there is a throttle in the electric bike

But if you do not have Throttle, you can choose the second method, which is suitable for this case

How to convert PAS to throttle?

in order to convert your PAS to a throttle you will need to do the above steps to disable the PAS then you will need to connect the throttle to the controller.

You can see more details about how to add throttle to your ebike from the below post.

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2- Bypass Pedal Assist by Moving PAS to Front Or Rear wheels.

The second way to bypass the PAS is to transfer it to one of the wheels of the electric bike.

In order to understand the idea behind this method, you should first know how the PAS works.

How does the PAS work on an electric bike?

The PAS consists of two parts:

The first piece is a round disc containing a group of small magnets (5 or more).

The second piece is a sensor that senses (opposite to the magnet disk) the rotational movement of the magnet and sends a signal to the motor in order to provide the bike with power.

Based on this, if the magnetic disk can be made to rotate all the time, this means that the motor will receive a signal from the PAS that it must work and give the bike the ability to move.

So in order to achieve the goal of pay passing PAS we will transfer it to one on the ebike wheel so that when the wheel moves the motor start to work with no effort from your side.

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Moving the PAS to the Front or Rear Wheel.

  • In order to transfer the PAS, you will need to choose the wheel that does not have a motor. For example, if you have the motor in the rear wheel, the PAS will be transferred to the front wheel.
  • Choose the location of the PAS Magnetic disk on the wheel so that you can place the sensor in front of it in an area of no more than 3 or 4 milliliters.
  • In some cases, you will find that the sensor wire connected to the controller is short, and you can use a three-pin wire to extend the wire, taking into account the same color order.


  • This method is valid if there is no throttle in your electric bike
  • Before doing this method, make sure that the brake sensor works well because you will rely on it to completely disconnect the electricity in case you want to stop.
  • When stopping the bike, make sure the motor is turned off, because any unintended movement of the bike wheels will cause the electric bike to move at a sudden speed.
  • It is preferable that the PAS settings be set to the lowest level of assistance and you can increase it when needed, but make sure that you are at the minimum level of assistance from the PAS to avoid any rapid movement of the electric bike.

3-Bypass Pedal Assist by removing the PAS wires from the controller.

This method is very similar to method No. 1, but what distinguishes this method is that you will completely remove the PAS wire from the control board by dismantling its solder

The goal of this method is to not have excess unused wires because when you remove the PAS plug (such as method No. 1), the PAS wire will still be present, which may cause it to be cut or water ingress

In order to do this, you must remove the outer cover of the controller, then trace the PAS wire and remove its solder, noting that you do this method after removing the battery.


In order to bypass the PAS, you can transfer the PAS to one of the wheels of an electric bike or disconnect its cord

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