How Do You Discharge An Ebike Battery For Storage? (Solved)

Are you coming to the winter season and feel that the storage season of the electric bike battery is approaching and you want to reduce the charging levels before storage?

In this article, I will share with you the best and easiest ways that I personally use to discharge the battery for storage.

How Do You Discharge An Ebike Battery For Storage?

As a general rule, the best way to discharge the battery of your ebike is to take a ride for 15 to 20 min using throttle at high speed by doing this you will consume more power coming out from the battery to the motor which will allow you to lose about 25% percent from the ebike battery and you will be ready for storing your ebike battery.

Now let’s discuss in detail the best ways you can do to discharge an ebike battery for storage.

1. Take One Final Ride Before Storing Your Ebike Battery

When you want to drain the electric bike battery, the first thing that comes to your mind is to use it a little bit and then you will be ready to store it but are there other things you should think about before riding an electric bike for this reason.

The answer is YES, and here are some tricks you should do.

  • Fully charge your battery

Inside each battery, there is a system for managing the level of charge inside the battery cells called the BMS.

The main role of this system is to ensure that the level of charge inside all cells is equal in order to make sure that your battery BMS

system works in the best way, you should charge the battery to 100%, not only that but leave it for an hour after reaching full charge.

By doing this, you will ensure that all the cells inside the battery will be at the same level, and therefore when you ride the electric bike in order to discharge the ebike battery for storage the consumed voltage will be distributed among all the cells evenly, which will maintain longer battery life.

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  • Use your ebike full speed

The next step, after making sure that the battery is fully charged is to discharge the battery.

Here you have two choices: either take it on a long ride using the normal riding method, which is the balance between the pedal or throttle, or use the throttle completely at the highest speed in order to get rid of the desired percentage of charge before storing in shorter time.

  • Ride In The Opposite Direction of  The Winds.

Resistance factors while riding an ebike, such as wind, increase the consumption of the battery, because the greater the resistance, the more it takes to increase the force required from the motor to equalize this resistance.

Therefore, when you ride the bike in the opposite direction of the wind, you will therefore require greater force from the motor, and therefore higher and faster consumption of the battery charge level.

  • Use All Ebike Accessories

One of the best tricks that you can do to get rid of the charge percentage in the battery quickly is to use all the lights and accessories on the electric bike.

This will help you in two important things, first is to get rid of the required charging levels inside the battery and also make sure that all lights and accessories work well before storing the electric bike, especially if you intend to store it for a long time.

  • Put More Weight On The ebike

Adding extra weight to the ebike increases the battery consumption because the extra weight increases the resistance and thus increases the battery consumption.

You can increase the weight by pulling a trailer on the electric bike or loading some heavy things inside your ebike bag.

2. Discharge Your Ebike Battery In Garage.

If the winter has already begun and you find it difficult to drain the battery by riding, you can get rid of the charge without riding a bike inside your garage by using the following steps.

Before we proceed to the steps, I should clarify some important points for you.

First, wash your ebike and dry it well because you will store it after getting rid of the extra charge, so it is preferable to keep it clean so that it does not form rust.

The second thing is to make sure that the battery is fully charged.

Now let’s start with the steps of discharging the battery inside the garage.

  • Put your Ebike off the ground

Try to put your ebike off the ground on a box or so and make sure that the wheels are not touching the ground at all, also it’s better to do so in an empty corner in your garage to avoid any accidents.

  • Turn your bike on

The second step is to turn your ebike on this includes all the lights & accessories.

  • Start using the throttle

You can start using the throttle speeds however it’s highly recommended to start with the lower speed first then you can start increasing the speeds one by one.

  • Watch your ebike battery charging level

As the ebike is now running at full speed you should start monitoring the charging level bar in the LCD screen, so you will know when it’s time to turn off your ebike and take the battery for storing.

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Advantages & disadvantages to discharge your ebike battery in the garage

The advantages of this method are that you can reduce the levels of charging inside the battery without having to go out with the bike, especially if the weather is not suitable for riding a bike.

Also, you will store the battery while it is clean, which makes you sure that there will be no surprises when you restart it, unlike the previous method, because you will mostly wash the ebike after discharging the battery, and therefore any malfunction can occur inside the bike and you will not be able to know this malfunction unless you try the bike on the road again.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this method are a long time in discharging the battery to reach the required charge level
Also, annoying sounds from the motor while discharging, especially as you will monitor the charging bar every while.


You can discharge an ebike Battery for Storage by riding your ebike using the throttle at high speed so you can consume more voltage from the battery. Also, you can discharge your ebike battery by putting your ebike off the ground and using the throttle to consume voltage from the battery.

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