How Do You Shunt Mod An Ebike Controller? (Answered)

Do you have this friend who, like you, owns an electric bike and advised you to make a MOD for the controller of your electric bike to increase its power?!

You may be wondering how it works? whether it is useful?  and what will happen if there is an error during doing  MOD for the controller?

In this post, we will share everything you need to know about the MOD Electric Bike Controller.

What Is SHUNT MOD Ebike Controller?

Shunt MOD It is covering the current sensor with a layer of copper, which leads to the controller will detect that it receives less amperage from the battery, and therefore it will increase the ampere drawn from the battery and increase the torque with it. 

How Do You Mod An Ebike Controller?

Shunt Sensor

In the following lines, I will explain to you the correct way to make a mod for the electric bike controller.

But before we start, we will need some tools, a screwdriver – wire snips – copper wire – soldering Iron.

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Now let’s start

1- take your ebike controller apart from the ebike 

2-Unscrew the outer cover of the controller

3-Take out the indoor unit of the controller

4-Locate the current sensor (as shown in the picture)

5-Using the soldering iron, increase the thickness of the current sensor by making bridges between the two ends of the current sensor

Shunt MOD

6-Insert the indoor unit into the controller

7-Install all screws of the controller

Another Method to MOD ebike Programmable controller.

Although the previous method works on all types of controllers, there is an easier way than the previous method. If you have a programmable controller, all you have to do is double the amp number that pulls the controller from the battery

What you should expect after MOD your ebike controller?

After making the MOD for the electric bike controller, you will get a significant increase in the torque of the bike, about 20%

Note, there is no actual documented measurement of the true amount of torque increase for the electric bike after the MOD is done, but the mentioned percentage is an approximate percentage based on my personal experience.

What are the benefits of MOD your ebike controller?

Ease of cycling in terrain:

With the increase in the torque of the electric bike, riding an electric bike becomes clearly easier because we all as electric cyclists know the importance of the torque of the bike when we ride it in areas with difficult terrain

You can pull more weights on an electric bike:

If you are one of the people who use the electric bike to carry heavy things or buy your personal supplies, you will feel a clear difference in the performance of the electric bike after making the MOD for the electric bike controller

If you were a heavy rider :

If you are a heavyweight rider and feel slow at the beginning of riding an electric bike, you will be able to enjoy a quick start in riding an electric bike after making the MOD for the electric bike controller.

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What Are the disadvantages of MOD ebike Controller?

1- Void the warranty

Most if not all electric bike manufacturers do not allow any modification of the electric bike so doing the MOD will void the warranty of your electric bike.

2-The possibility of damaging the motor

With the high amperage being withdrawn from the battery and the inability of the controller to check the amperage, the possibility of damaging the motor or burning it increases

3-More battery consumption

With the high consumption of the battery, it will run out 20% faster than the previous situation due to the fact that the controller will draw an increased amp, so if you are a fan of riding an electric bike for long periods, you should think carefully about the feasibility of doing so.

4-More heat inside Controller

With the increase in the ampere drawn from the battery, the internal temperature of the controller rises by the square of the number of amperes, and this means that there is a high potential risk of damaging the controller.


As a general rule, you can make a MOD for the controller by increasing the thickness of the current sensor in the controller, using the soldering iron

One of the advantages of the work of the MOD is that it increases the torque of the electric bike and also makes carrying heavyweights on the bike easier and increases the fun while riding the electric bike in rough terrain.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of the controller MOD are that it voids the warranty and increases the possibility of damage to the motor and the controller, and also works on consuming the battery faster than usual.

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