How do you modify an ebike?17 Cheap EBike Tricks

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If were are a fan of electric bike tunning like me then you most probably take any opportunity to add some accessories to the bike and maybe try to save some money to modify the performance of your electric bike.

But the problem here is always in the money as most of the basic parts of the ebike such as the motor and battery are not cheap.

Therefore, I will share with you in this post some tricks that will help you to modify your electric bike, whether in terms of appearance or performance, and do not worry, all modifications are really cheap and you do not need a lot of money to try it.

Ebike Frame Modifications.

The best thing about e-bikes is that you can have a very nice-looking ebike with a small modification.

Now let’s start modifications.

1.Change your ebike slip-on grips

When it comes to making your electric bike look nicer, it’s all about the little details.

One of the most important things that will give your electric bike a great look is the slip-on grips, so try changing it to a color that matches your bike’s base color.

I do recommend the lock-on grip especially if you riding in a rainy area as normal grips and cause water to reach the bar and make the grips spinning around the handlebar.



How to remove your old Slip-on grip?

  • Remove bar end plugs by using a screwdriver
  • To remove the slip-on grip use an air compressor to make a gap between the bar & the grip OR use alcohol spray to lubricant the bar so it’s easy for you to remove it

Note if you have carbon fiber bars don’t use any sharp blade to cut the slip-on grip cause it may score your handlebar.

How to install Slip-on Grip on your ebike?

  • First, clean your ebike bar with alcohol and make sure it’s wet.
  • spray your ebike slip-on grip with alcohol so it’s easy for you to install it.
  • Install the band plugs.

2.Add a cover to your attery

When you buy a bike battery cover, you will not only protect it, but you will also get a beautiful shape of the bike, especially as it comes in multiple colors to suit all bike’s colors.

On the other hand, the cover will protect the battery from scratches and will also maintain the internal temperature of the battery, which will help you to get more range.

3. Use colorful cable ties

Cable ties can really make a difference in making a bike look better.

Changing the C clips with cable ties gives the bike a more beautiful shape, especially when you succeeded in choosing the appropriate colors that match the original color of your ebike frame.

On the other hand, the clips get lost a lot, unlike the cable tie, so you should go to the store and buy some colorful cable ties to give your bike a great look.


4.Get A nice colorful Alloy Valve Caps.

Valve caps are small parts that can greatly improve the look of your electric bike, especially if you choose an attractive color.

On the other hand, changing the valve caps with a good type prevents the formation of rust and dust and makes it easy to remove the cap if you need to adjust the air preasure of your electric bike tires.



5.Cover your shifters

we all looking for a gripper feel when shifting but what about giving you the gripper feeling along with the nice look?

simply use the skateboard grip tape to cover the ebike shifter that will give you the grippy feeling along with the nice look.

this also will help you control shifting especially if you riding during the rain, also it’s not costly you can get it from amazon at 2$.


6.Change Stem Spacers

Bike stem spacers are one of the most visible places on a bike and changing them gives a very different look to the ebike.
You can change it to give the bike a great look.

How to change Stem Spacers?

  • Remove stem Cap by using ebike multitool
  • Loosen the screws on the stem to let the handlebar move
  • rest the handlebar on the front tire
  • remove the old stem spacer and add the new one
  • Make sure to get the exact stem spacer size same as the old one.
  • return the handlebar back
  • realigned your handlebar by stepping in front of the handlebar opposite to the front tire.
  • tighten the screws of the stem
  • But the stem cap back.

7.Use a stay chain protection


Most electric bike manufacturers put protection on the chainstay, but it is usually a sticker to protect the body of the bike from slipping off the chain and scratching.

you can add extra more protection by using a nice cool stay chain protection which will only cost you 3 or 4 bucks.

this will help you protect your ebike frame.

However, if you don’t want to spend this money you can use electric tape which comes in multiple colors & will do the same job.

8.Change your pedal

The ebike pedal is one of the parts that change the shape of the ebike and will certainly give the bike a more beautiful shape.

But the important thing in my opinion here is that most ebikes come with a plastic pedal, which makes your foot slip off the pedal, so I personally change the pedal when buying a new ebike.

Buy yourself a replacement made of aluminum and have long pins to be able to control ebike more.

Check this 3 minutes video for how to install an ebike pedal at home?



Tricks for increasing your ebike Performance & Speed.

9.Keep your ebike battery charged

The charging level of your electric bike battery plays a major role in increasing the level of bike performance, simply because the higher the amount of charge, the higher the voltage, and the higher the voltage, the higher the performance and speed.

10.Change your ebike tiers

Changing the tires of the electric bike to smooth tires can increase the speed and performance of the bike because it will reduce the factors of friction and resistance and thus you will get faster performance from the bike.

11.Increase your ebike tire pressure

Just like changing an ebike tire, increasing the air pressure inside the bike helps reduce resistance and friction and thus increases the bike speed.

Here I would like to point out that you should not change the tire and increase the air at the same time because this can increase the possibility of imbalance and injury.

Also, increasing the air in the tires will make you feel all the stones on the road, especially if you are riding your bike in the wood or mountains, which will make it a little bit tough riding.

12.Check your Ebike brake.



If you have any problem with the brakes of the electric bike, this will lead to low performance and speed, especially if you have a rim brake.

Tips For tuning your ebike Rim Brakes.

  • Make sure that your inner cable doesn’t have any slack
  • Make sure that the end of your ebike brakes outer caple is well cover with ferrule to get a good performance from the brakes.
  • if you suspect a low performance of your ebike brakes I would suggest visiting the nearest ebike shop to check it.

13.Install a windsheild to your ebike

This may seem strange because no one simply thinks about it but if you think about it you will find that installing

a windshield will reduce wind resistance and increase the speed of the ebike.

You can also buy some windshields for scooters and install them on your bike.

14.Change the way you riding

if you don’t want to look wired by adding a windshield to your ebike you can simply change the way of your riding by crouch and by this you will reduce the wind resistance & increase the speed.

15.Keep your ebike battery cool

when your battery has a high temperature for any reason it will experience voltage drops under load .

This process is called a voltage sag.

Voltage sag will produce a low voltage & this will lead to low performance & speed.

the best thing you can do is to keep your battery in a good airflow.

16.Adjust your ebike wheel size

One of the popular methods to increase your ebike speed & performance is to increase the wheel size from the display settings.

Here is how to do it.

  • Turn on the bike
  • Turn on the mode setting & display
  • Press up & down buttons at the same time

  • Go to meter settings select the maximum wheel size
  • go to KM limit & set it to maximum
  • Press the mode button to save & turn off the screen then turn it on to save.

17.Unplug the Speed limit wire.

After setting your speed limit to the maximum from the display setting you need to unplug the speed limit wire so you can get the maximum performance from your ebike.

“However, if you were living in a European country  you must keep this wire on as the law enforcement that all the ebike mustn’t exceed 20 Mile speed”  

but if you live in the USA or any other country like mine you can go check your ebike controller and search for this small jack and unplug it.

Just make sure that your ebike is turned off before removing this wire.



As a general rule, you can modify your ebike in terms of frame modification & performance by doing the below tricks. 

  • Change your ebike slip-on grips
  • Add a cover to your ebike battery
  • Get A nice colorful Alloy Valve Caps.
  • Cover your ebike shifters
  • Change Stem Spacers
  • Use a stay chain protection
  • Change your ebike pedal
  • Keep your ebike battery charged
  • Change your ebike tiers 
  • Increase your ebike tire pressure 
  • Check your Ebike brake.
  • Install a windsheild to your ebike 
  • Change the way you riding
  • Keep ebike battery cool
  • Adjust your ebike wheel size
  • Unplug the Speed limit wire


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