How Do You Rebalance An EBike Battery? (Explained)

How Do You Rebalance An EBike Battery? this question relates to the performance of the electric bike battery, so it is very important for us as electric bike riders, but what is even more important is the correct way to do the rebalancing in order to ensure that all the battery cells are working equally and efficiently.

That is why in this post I will explain to you the correct way to do a battery rebalance so that you are sure of the result.

What is the Battery rebalance?

Re-balancing the battery is to ensure that the internal cells of the battery contain the same amount of charge and also that their voltage and amperage are equal.

Why is battery rebalancing important?

There are several reasons why rebalancing the battery is very important.

 The performance:

The first and most important reason for giving importance to rebalancing is that it affects performance because your battery works based on the lowest cell inside the battery.
meaning that if you have a battery cell that has not completed charging and has become charged at 75%, the BMS system will make this cell the reference for it and when near When charging ends, the battery will be completely shut down, which means that you will lose 25% of the battery.

Battery Lifespan.

The lifespan of the battery will be greatly affected if there is no balance between the internal battery cells because if there is a battery cell that was not fully charged, then with continued charging, there will remain a part inside this cell for a long time and subsequently it will dry out and spoil this cell and thus will reduce the life battery default.

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Low torque.

The torque of the ebike depends on the ability of the motor to pull a sufficient ampere to turn and if there are weak battery cells, the torque
will be very little, which will affect your daily uses, whether it is towing a trailer or going up a steep hill, or even in the daily
commute on the electric bike.

How would you know if your electric bike battery needs rebalancing?


There are two ways to know that the battery needs to be rebalanced


1-Voltage measurement for all battery cells.

using voltammeter on BMS wires harness

This method is the most correct, but it requires you to have a little knowledge and effort because you will open the battery from the inside and measure the battery cells one by one.


You can do this by using the voltameter between the harness connected to the BMS chip.

2- keep an eye on your ebike battery performance.

The second method is the easiest and most popular among ebike cyclists, which is to monitor the performance of the battery.
What is meant by performance here is the range.
For example, if you ride your bike at a speed of 20 miles per hour and travel about 20 miles on a single charge, then you start to notice that your range has suddenly become 15 miles, this is considered Clear evidence that the battery needs to be rebalanced.

How Do You Rebalance An EBike Battery?

Now that we have clarified some basic information about rebalancing your electric bike battery.

I will share with you how rebalancing works based on my personal experience, which helped me a lot in maintaining a longer life for my electric bike battery.

Personally, I rebalance the battery of my electric bike in two stages, the first stage is to discharge the battery until it reaches 20% and the second stage is to recharge.

1- Discharge your ebike battery.

Discharging the electric bike battery is a very important thing because I am sure that most of the battery cells are almost finished, and
therefore when rebalancing is done, the possibility of a difference in charging between the cells is very small.

2-Fully recharge your ebike battery.

The next step after making sure that the battery is close to the end of charging is to put it on charging overnight or for at least 15 hours,
even if it gives you a sign that it is finished, you must leave the battery on charge.

3- Use a balanced cable.

One of the ways you can use it is to use a rebalance cable (I haven’t tried it personally) You can watch this short video explaining the details easily.


How often should you rebalance your ebike battery?

As a general rule, you can re-balance the battery at least once a month to ensure that the internal cells of the battery are working efficiently.


You can tell that your electric bike battery needs to be rebalanced if you notice a negative difference in the normal range of your electric bike.


As a general rule, you can re-balance the electric bike by placing the battery on charge overnight once a month. It is preferable that the battery contains a small percentage of charge during the rebalancing process.



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