How Do You Reset A Bosch Battery? (Guide With PICs)

Bosch batteries are considered one of the most advanced batteries. In fact, although Bosch systems are considered advanced, they need somewhat special maintenance.

This explains that Bosch gives the ability to modify its electric bike systems only to authorized sellers, unlike some other companies such as
Bafang (with the difference) can reprogram almost everything in the electric bike.
In this post, we will explain how a Bosch battery rest works & answering the most common questions about Bosch battery systems and the technology used.

How Do You Reset A Bosch Battery?

As a general rule, a Bosch battery reset can be done by pressing & holding the battery power button for 10 seconds and then installing the battery in the bike again.

Step by Step to reset Bosch battery.

1- Remove the battery from the bike.

How Do You Reset A Bosch Battery 1

2-Press & hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Press & hold the power button for 10 seconds.

3-Install the battery on the ebike.

What to expect after resetting your Bosch battery?

What happens when doing a rest is a factory reset is preformed for the battery management system BMS, and usually after doing a rest, the BMS starts sensing the voltage of all battery cells and gets the actual status of the battery cells

Resting may help you if you feel that the battery is draining fast, unlike what it was before.

If the reset doesn’t fix your battery you may need a replacement ebike battery.

Q&A about Bosch Batteries.

In this part, we will share with you the most frequently asked questions about Bosch batteries.

1- If I have Bosch dual Battery system can I use only one battery?

Yes, you can ride your electric bike using one battery if you have a Dual Bosch Battery, by removing the second battery from the bike and using a cover suitable for the location of the second battery so that it is not affected by any dust or rain.

2- Can I still use my electronic gear shifter if my Bosch battery is out?

Yes, you will be able to use the electronic gear shifter, lights, and Display after the battery is empty.

This is because when you see the battery drain warnings on the electric bike screen, this means that the part dedicated to running the motor is almost finished, and not all of the power in the battery.

The Bosch battery retains about 5% to 10% to ensure the operation of the electronic shifter.

3- If I have a single Bosch Battery system can I upgrade to the dual system?

No, you will not be able to install the Bosch dual battery system if you have the single system.

But you can carry a spare battery with you in case you want to increase the range of your electric bike, but the backup battery must be the same capacity as the main battery to avoid any problems or being out of warranty.

4-What is the fastest charger Bosch made?

The fastest charger that Bosch manufactures is the 6 amp charger, which usually comes in ebikes that have a dual battery system.

On the other hand, there are two other types of chargers manufactured by Bosch, which are the standard charger and which come with a capacity of 4 amps.

And the last type is compact, and it comes with a capacity of 2 amps. (for low to medium range ebikes)


To do a rest of the Bosch battery, remove the battery, then press the battery start button for 10 seconds, then put the battery back into the bike.

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