How Do You Stop Ebike Brakes From Squeaking? (Solved)

How Do You Stop Ebike Brakes From Squeaking

Brake squeaking is one of the most disturbing and annoying things while riding your electric bike, and it does not end only with the annoying sound, but it is also about the strength and performance of the brakes as well.

There are many, many sites on the Internet that offer many solutions to the sound of brake screeching, but in fact, there is no resource for all cases.

Personally, when I encountered this problem, I did not want to start maintenance work on the brake parts of my electric bike, but I wanted to know why this annoying sound occurs and also whether it really affects the performance.

That is why in this post I will share with you my experience in solving the brake squeaking sound with all its causes because I have encountered it a lot in all the electric bikes I own and every time there is a somewhat different reason.

Now let’s get started

Where is this brake Squeaking sound coming from?

As a general rule, the brake squeaking sound occurs due to the inability of the brake pads to stick to the rotor, and thus this sound occurs.

In most cases, this problem occurs as a result of a problem with the tail, the rotor, or the caliber

How Do You Stop Ebike Brakes From Squeaking?

The annoying brake Squeaking sound may make you kinda angry, which makes you miss yourself the opportunity for some questions that by answering them you can solve the problem easily.

For this, we will start with a set of questions that will enable you to know the cause of the squeaking sound

1- Does the Squeaking sound Affect your ebike Brake performance?

The presence of a brake squeaking sound in your electric bike, while the performance is not affected, does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the brakes, but on the contrary, there may be a small insulating layer present on the lining that causes this sound, and this problem often occurs after installing a new brake lining.

In order to solve this problem, you can ride the bike at a medium speed, then gently press the front brake lever and repeat this step about five times, then raise the speed to the maximum limit and also begin to gently press the front brake lever and repeat this process until the sound from the front brake ends.

Then repeat the same steps with the rear brake until the sound ends.

2-Is my ebike rotor polts are tightened?

One of the things that cause the brakes to squeak in an electric bike is that the rotor bolts are not properly tightened, which then causes the brake pads to not be able to grip the rotor tightly.

The solution to this problem is to make sure that the rotor screws are well-tightened.

3- Is my ebike rotor clean?

If you ride your bike in a muddy or dusty area, most of the time there will be dirt on the rotor. In this case, you can clean the rotor with a brake cleaner or use alcohol if you do not have a brake cleaner.

There may be no dirt on the rotor, but there could be oil from the brakes, and this is the most common reason.

4-Is there a bend in the rotor?

In order to be able to determine if the rotor of your electric bike is straight or has a bend, you should raise the front wheel from the ground and then turn it and look at the router if you find that it turns straight, this is a good thing.

But if there is a slight bend, you can adjust it using an adjustable spanner.

Note: If there are many bends in the rotor, I do not recommend making an adjustment, but unfortunately you have to buy a new motor.

5- Are your ebike brake pads have oil on them?

If you are sure that all the answers to the previous questions do not apply to you, in this case, you can start checking the brake pads of your bike.

Remove the brake pads and check that there is no oil on them.

If you get oil on the surface of the brake pads, you can clean the oil by heating it over a fire, so the oil will fly off the pads.

I do prefer to change the pads and check the cause of the oil leak before putting the new pads.

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6- Are your ebike brake pads glazed?

If there is no oil on the brake pads, you can check that they are not glazed.

The reason for the occurrence of glazed in the brake pads is the extreme heat that results as a result of the friction of the pads with the rotor, which leads to the formation of a glaze layer on the surface of the brake lining.

If your brake pads have a glazed surface, you can wipe the surface with sandpaper to remove the thin layer of glaze from the pads.

7-Are your ebike brake pads clean?

Sometimes the cause of the brake squeaking sound is due to the presence of dirt on the brake pads, and therefore there will be no strong grip of the lining on the router. If you have this problem, all you have to do is clean the lining using alcohol and dry it well.

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8-Is your ebike brake caliper adjusted correctly?

Not adjusting the brake caliper correctly may cause a squeaking sound, but here there is a difference because you will hear the sound while riding the bike continuously and not while using the brakes only.

In order to check the brake caliper of your electric bike, you can lift the bike off the ground and spin the tire, and if the tire rotates normally without sounds, this means that there is no problem.

1- Loosen the caliper screws a little
2- Pull the brake lever firmly to make sure that the lining is firmly caught
3- Tighten the caliper bolts 

9-When was the last time you changed your brake pads?

The most obvious and final reason in this post is that the brake lining may have already expired, and in this case all you have to do is change the lining.

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As a general rule, you can stop the brake squeaking sound by making sure that both the rotor and pads are clean (No oil or dirt)
you should also be ensured that the rotor and caliper are installed correctly and that there are no loose screws.

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