How Fast Can A 350 Watt eBike Go? (The full Details)

How Fast Can A 350 Watt eBike Go

The 350-watt electric bike is considered a low-medium power ebike because it is higher than the 250-watt electric bike and lower than

the 500-watt ebike.

In my opinion, if you have a limited budget and want to install a motor on your regular bike and convert it into an electric bike

The 350-watt is a good option due to its versatility (relatively speaking) compared to the 250-watt bike

In this post, we will explain the maximum speed of the 350-watt electric bike and the expected performance of the bike.

How Fast Can A 350 Watt eBike Go?

The 350-watt electric bike can reach a speed of about 15.5 miles per hour.

This number is the number inside the city, and it decreases to some extent when going up the hill if you rely on throttle only without using

the pedal or using gears.

The speed of the 350-watt electric bike is close to the speed of the 500-watt bike, and also for the torque of the 350-watt electric bike motor, ranges between 45 Newtons and a maximum of 60 Newtons in most models.

This torque will help you with the versatility of your bike, it will help you go up the hill without effort from you while accepting the slow speed, or you can do a medium effort to increase the speed.

What is the expected performance from the 350-watt ebike?

In this part of the post, we will explain what is the expected performance of the 350-watt ebike in order to have enough information about the performance of this bike.

In general, there are four uses for electric bikes, regardless of whether they are riding within the city, and they are:

  1. Ride Off-Road.
  2. Go up the steep hills.
  3. Pulling trailer.
  4. Putting heavy loads on the bike

Ride off-road:

Riding off-road and on the  trails needs torque from the ebike in order to withstand unpaved roads, and when looking at the torque of the

350-watt motor, it ranges between 45 to 60 Newtons, which is a torque to a small extent, but it may suffice if the rider’s weight is small to

medium (150 pounds to 180 pounds)

If you are at this weight, you can expect good performance from the ebike on unpaved roads and trails

Going Up Steep hills.

Going up steep hills by e-bike needs two things, firstly, power and torque from the motor, and also the e-bike riders using the gears correctly.

If you have these two things, then you can go up any steep hill easily.

When looking at the 350-watt bike, as we mentioned, it has medium torque, which will make going up steep hills somewhat difficult.

But if you know how to use gears, it won’t be too difficult.

The best way to go up hills with a 350W electric bike is to use the lowest gear at the beginning of the hill with the highest speed of the bike (while using the pedal) and when you reach the middle of the hill start ramping the gears until you reach the highest gear at the end of the hill.

Pulling a trailer with the 350-watt ebike.

Pulling a baby trailer or a pet while riding a bike is one of the things that matter to us all, and having an electric bike that can help you with this task is a very good thing.

Towing the electric bike trailer is highly dependent on the torque of the motor.

If you want to tow a trailer with your 350 electric bike – and you, the performance you’ll expect from it is average to poor.

This is due to the average torque of the motor.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the performance of the bike will be directly proportional to the weight of the trailer.

If its weight is small, the performance may be good, but if the trailer is big, the performance will be weak and you will have to use the pedal a lot.

Heavy loads on the ebike.

Loading things on an electric bike is almost something we all do with different types of loads.

I personally use my ebike on a daily basis to go to the supermarket and load many things.

loading heavy things depend on the strength of the ebike and also how you put the loads on the bike (is it balanced or not)

Looking at the 350-watt electric bike at this point, the overall performance will be good and you will be able to load medium-weight items on the bike normally.


The top speed of the 350-watt bike is about 15.5 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 25 km/hour.

The 350-watt bike is considered to be of average performance in both heavy loading and also towing small-sized trailers and riding on unpaved roads.

on the other hand, its performance is poor to good at going uphills

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