How Fast Does A 48v 1000w Electric Bike Go?(Real Test)

How Fast Does A 48v 1000w Electric Bike Go(Solved)



How Fast Does A 48v 1000w Electric Bike Go? Perhaps you asked this question out of curiosity or you are in the process of buying an electric bike and want to know what is the maximum speed of a 1000 watt electric bike.


And I have to admit here that I want to get a 1000 watt bike because I live in the state where I live I can’t go above 20 mph.

But in this post, I will answer your question, given that you want to buy a 1000 electric bike, and for this, we will not only address the maximum speed but also the range that you will get on average.

Also, what are the nice features to have in your electric bike?


Now let’s start.

How Fast Does A 48v 1000w Electric Bike Go?


As a general rule, A 48v 1000w electric bike can go up to 38mph on average taking into account the type of road, the wind, the type of tire, the air pressure in it  


Now that we have answered your question, let’s touch on some points that may be important to you.


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1- Speed Or Torque.


If you want to buy a 1000 watt electric bike for speed in this case you will get the driving experience exactly as you expected but if you want

the 1000 watt electric bike for torque (maybe to pull a trailer)

Here you will not be very happy with it because a 1000 watt bike will not differ much from a 500-watt high torque so before making

a purchase decision you should probably look at your needs first and then compare the specifications.

What you should do if you buy a 1000w electric bike & needs more torque?

If you have already bought a 1000-watt bike and want to increase the torque, you should not change any of the battery, motor, or control, but you may think about changing the gears or changing the cassette to get a different range.


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2-Is it legal in your country


You have to know that the electric bike can reach 38 miles per hour, and this speed is not low, and there are many laws regulating electric bikes in most countries. Perhaps you should know the laws in your country first before making a purchase decision.


For example, the maximum permissible speed in most European countries is 20 miles per hour.


That is why you should be careful not to endanger his love for others and expose yourself to a legal matter.


3-What are the elements that may reduce the speed of a 1000w ebike.

There are a number of factors that can affect the speed of a 1000 watt electric bike

1- Type of road: If you ride your bike on unpaved roads, it may hinder you from reaching the speed of your bike.


2-Tire size: the size of the electric bike tires is inversely proportional to the speed, the larger the tire the more
The speed was somewhat lower due to more friction of the tire with the ground.


3 – Weather and wind: The nature of the weather in which you ride your electric bike can reduce or increase the speed.

For example, if you ride your bike in very cold weather, this will lead to poor battery performance and thus reduce the disease of the electric bike, and similarly, if you ride your electric bike in severe weather Heat, this will negatively affect the result of excessive heat, which increases the temperature of the motor and the internal battery.


Wind: Wind is an important factor in decreasing or increasing your speed. If you are cycling downwind, you will increase your speed. If you are cycling against the wind, you will decrease the speed of the bike.


Note: The previous factors affect all types of bikes, but it was necessary to refer to them in order to decide if one of these factors will affect you or not in the event that you decide to buy a 1000 watt electric bike.


What is the expected range for A 48v 1000w Electric Bike?


The expected range of a 1000 watt electric bike may depend on the battery more than the motor, but the motor affects the battery consumption faster.


As a general rule, the expected range of a 1,000-watt electric bike at a top speed is 10 to 12 miles.


It should be noted here that this expected range depends on many factors, including your speed and the road on which you ride your bike, as well as the factors mentioned earlier that may affect your speed.





What is the Nice to have features in your 1000w bike?


In this part of the post, I will not talk about the main features that are found in almost any electric bike, but I will talk about some features that for some reason are not found in some types of expensive bikes such as the 1000 watt electric bike.


1- Hydraulic brakes: Hydraulic brakes are very important and convenient to maintain, and strangely enough, I still see some top-class electric bikes that come with mechanical brakes.


2- Shift sensor: If the bike you intend to buy has a mid-drive motor, then the senior shift is an important feature for you, and the job of the senior shift is to disconnect the electricity from the motor for less than a second when you are shifting and save the drivetrain from unnecessary wear, tear or breakage.


3-Big Battery: One of the things you must have in your 1000 watt electric bike is a big battery of at least 52 volts and also no less than 20 amps so that you enjoy more power and range

Note, it is preferable that the amps be not less than 20 in order to get a suitable torque for all purposes, as there are some models with batteries of 15 or 12 amps, but they are not practical with an electric bike of this strength.



As a general rule, A 48v 1000w electric bike can go up to 38mph on average where the expected range while driving on top speed is between 10 to 12 miles.

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