How Fast Will A 500 Watt ebike go? (Explained)

The 500-watt electric bike is considered a Class 1 electric bike if it does not have a throttle or Class 2 if it has a throttle, which means that it is limited to a speed of 20 miles per hour But two important points should be noted here.
First point: There are some models of electric bikes with 500 watts that can be changed settings in order to become Class 3, which gives them the ability to reach a maximum of 28 miles.
however, in most cases, these types of 500-watt ebikes do not exceed 25 miles per hour in most cases.
The second point is that most 500-watt bikes are limited to 20 mph, not because 20 mph is their capacity, but according to the law that defines the maximum speed for Class 1 and Class 2 at that speed.

 Does this mean that I can increase the speed of the bike to 25 mph or more?

In fact, the answer is YES., and you can do this by removing the speed limiter on the bike in several ways.
You can check out this post for more details.
Note: Increasing the speed of the ebike depends mainly on the power of the 500-watt motor that you have and the technology used while manufacturing it.
This means that there are 500-watt ebikes that will not be able to exceed the 20-mile barrier due to the weakness of the motor basically.

Are 500 watts good for an e-bike?

As we mentioned earlier, the 500-watt bike is one of the most popular categories due to its versatility, as it is good inside the city and also has many other uses.

As a rule, the 500W motor is very good for an electric bike that is used in the city with a little off-road riding.

The reason we mentioned that the 500-watt bike is preferable to reduce its use off-road is that most of the 500-watt bikes have torque

between 50 to 75 Newtons, and this capacity is a medium capacity to withstand off-road kicking loads.

But if you have a 500-watt motor that produces more than 80 Newtons of torque, then there is no problem for you to ride your bike on trails.

Can a 500W e-bike go uphill?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the 500W electric bike is to go up hills and its ability to do so.
To answer directly, the 500W bike is undoubtedly capable of going up hills with ease, but there are some points that you should take into account because the matter is not one size fit all.
Rider weight: If you are a heavyweight, you will often need to help the motor with a little torque while going up the hill by using the
Using The throttle only: If your bike has throttle and you will use it to go up the hill, your speed will be somewhat less, especially if
you are heavy (speed will not exceed 10 or 12 miles in the best case) and the reason for this is that when you use throttle only, you make 
the motor does all the work.
How steep the hill is: If the hill you are riding on is very steep, you will most likely need to use gears and paddles to help the motor.

If you intend to use your 500W bike to pull a trailer or load heavy items on your bike, the important thing for you to check is the amount of

torque, not the speed.

As a general rule, the 500-watt bike is capable of towing a trailer and also bears heavy weight as long as the torque of the motor is large.

Note: Electric bikes do not make noise while riding, so if you tow a trailer and hear a louder than normal motor noise, you should check

and reduce loads

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Note: Some of the  500-Watt ebike that has fat tire come without a front suspension, depending on the fat tires providing some comfort

while riding.

But in practice, the front suspension system is considered important and necessary for electric bikes, so make sure that it is

present in your bike.

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The maximum speed of the 500-watt bike is 20 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 32 km, and the speed can be increased by removing the speed limiter to reach 25 miles per hour.

The 500-watt motor is very good to use on an electric bike because it will enable it to go up the hill with ease and also pull a trailer or load weights.

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