How Heavyweight Person lose weight Using Ebike? (Top Tips)

Can Heavy Weight People Lose Weight With ebikes

How Heavyweight Person lose weight Using Ebike? This question is asked widely and in different forms, especially since there is a common belief that the electric bike does not help much in burning calories and losing weight. In fact, this belief is not true at all.

I personally had an experience in losing weight, and my electric bike had a very effective role in losing weight and actually it helped me a lot.

As proof of my words, you can watch this video, where it was a comparison between an electric mountain bike and a regular mountain bike, and there was no big difference between the two.

This means that the basic idea of ​​using an electric bike to lose weight depends on how you use it and not on the bike itself.

Therefore, in this post, we will answer your question: Can Heavy Weight People Lose Weight With ebikes? And also the most important general tips for losing weight using the electric bike, as well as some tips to increase fat burning by using the electric bike.

Can Heavy Weight People Lose Weight With ebikes?

As a general rule, heavyweight people can lose weight by using an electric bike. In my personal opinion, an electric bike is the best fit for heavy-weight riders, especially at the beginning of exercising.

Losing weight depends on burning calories through exercise and also reducing the amount of daily food, which helps the body consume stored calories

Exercising for heavyweight people is difficult in the beginning, and here comes the importance of the electric bike because it has many

benefits for those who are overweight, the first of these benefits is their ability to rely on the bike to move in case they feel tired, and

this is very encouraging them to start exercising.

How to use the ebike to lose weight?

As we mentioned earlier, the most important factor in helping you lose weight is knowing how to use it the electric bike in a correct and continuous way in order to achieve weight loss.

In this part of the post, I will share with you some important tips that you can rely on in order to start using your electric bike for exercise and weight loss.

later I will share with you some advanced tips to increase fat burning by using an electric bike.

1- Any ebike for heavy-weight riders will fit.

There are a lot of people trying to sell you an electric bike as being for sports and in fact, there is nothing called ebike for exercise at all.
Because any electric bike can help you lose weight as long as it is suitable for your weight and you know how to use it.

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2-Use the PAS Wisely.

Using PAS while riding an electric bike in order to lose weight is very important and in fact, it is basically the core of losing weight using your ebiek.

My advice for you when using the PAS is not to start at too low or too high speeds.

Low speeds will increase the effort you make while riding, which may reduce your enthusiasm, especially at the beginning.

Higher speeds will completely reduce your effort and therefore you will not feel any loss in calories, which will reduce your enthusiasm as well.

This important advice to you is to start using the PAS at medium speeds for a long period of time and when you feel ready to reduce the assistance from the bike and make a greater effort you can reduce the speeds of the PAS.

3- Use your ebike for Daily Commuting.

Using the electric bike for daily commuting is one of the most important points that will help you lose weight, and I mean here by

daily commuting, meaning that you use it daily, whatever the type of place you will go to, whether it is the club, supermarket, or work, and

also in any weather, whether it is snow or rain

Because the goal here is to change your lifestyle so that using an electric bike is an essential part of your day.

4-Try Not To Ride Alone.

Whenever you get the opportunity to ride your electric bike with a friend or relative, it will be more fun and will help you a lot, especially when you start using the bike to lose weight, and this is for two reasons.

The first reason is more fun for you.

The second reason is that your mind will get used to the pleasure signals it receives, and you will not feel that riding a bike in order to lose weight is something imposed on you, but on the contrary, it will be something very attractive to you.

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5- Use Your ebike For At least 30 Min A Day.

The last piece of advice for you in this part of the post is to try to make the use of the bike for at least 30 minutes a day, because this helps to increase the burning of calories and makes cycling in order to lose weight a routine.
Note: I am sharing with you here my personal experience. If you suffer from any diseases, please consult your doctor first

Advanced Tips To Burn More Calories Using Your Ebike.

In this part of the post, we will explain the most important advanced tips that you can take while riding an electric bike in order to increase fat burning.

1- Ride your ebike in an area that has a lot of Hills.


The first advanced advice for you is to try to ride your electric bike in an area with many hills because this will require effort from you while riding, which will increase your burning of fat.

2- Get full use of Gears.

Knowing how to use electric bike gears in order to lose weight is very important because the correct use of gears will benefit you in

increasing the resistance of the bike when riding in high gear and you can use gears to gradually increase the resistance of the bike.

This will help you build strong muscles and burn fat faster.

3- Try to ride more on terrain.

Riding an electric bike in nature on the terrain is completely different from riding a bike inside the city on paved roads Because when you ride in nature, you will gain two important things.
First, it is clean air and beautiful scenery.
The second is that with the presence of the terrain, you will have to use the pedal at different speeds according to the type of ground on which you ride your bike, which will increase the burning of fat

Check out this video for amazing advanced tips for burning more fats.


Heavyweight riders can use the electric bike to lose weight through the correct use of it, which includes the following:
  • Use medium speeds for PAS
  • Daily use of the bike
  •  Use the bike for 30 minutes a day
  •  Using the bike in areas with many hills
  •  Using electric bike gears in a way that increases the bike’s resistance to increase the effort
  •  Biking on the terrain in nature
  •  Trying to have a friend while using a bike

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