How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last? Hub VS Mid-Drive

Hub VS Mid-Drive ebiek Motor

The lifespan of the electric bike motor is a question that is asked a lot by people who decide to buy an electric bike. The truth is the question about How Long do electric bike Motors Last? is an important question.

If you are looking for a clear answer to this question, you have two directions to reach the answer. The first is to be convinced of what most people say that the motor can live up to 10,000 miles minimum and make your predictions based on that.

The second trend is to ask people who have already owned electric bikes for a long time and take their opinion and based on the information you will get, you can set your expectations.

In fact, the second approach is the most realistic, but the disadvantage is that you will make a great effort to obtain this information, but do not worry, we have done this work for you, and we will share with you the real figures for the life span of the motor.

However, we need to differentiate the life span between the two types of motor the hub and the mid-drive, because each of them has basic characteristics that affect the lifespan significantly.

But as always, I will answer your question directly and then explain the details.

How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last?

As a general rule, the life span of a hub motor for an electric bike ranges between 10,000 to 15,000 miles when cared for, which is approximately 3 to 5 years.

As for the mid-drive motor, its life span ranges between 15,000 to 20,000 miles when cared for, which is equivalent to 5 to 7 years.

How Long Does Electric Bike Hub Motor Last?

As we mentioned earlier, the life span of a hub motor ranges between 10,000 miles to 15,000 miles, and this means that it is in fact a lesser life than the mid-drive, based on the experience of many people.

It affects the average life of the hub motor. In the next few lines, we will share with you the most important factors that affect the lifespan of the hub motor.

1- Motor power and performance.

When we talk about performance and power, in fact, the comparison will not be in favor of the Hub motor at all. For example, the Hub motor is 750 Watts rated to 80 Newtons, which is completely different from the mid-drive.

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This difference will affect the performance greatly, especially when riding the ebike up the hill and also when accelerating, and this difference in performance makes it necessary for the hop-motor electric bike riders to apply more pressure on the motor all the time, and this pressure will certainly affect the life of the motor.

2-Hub Motor Design.


The design of the hub motor in the electric bike is one of the most important reasons that affect the life span.

The motor and the reason for this is that the motor is installed on the electric bike using the spokes, which are mostly made of aluminum, but you can imagine the possibility of breaking it easily, especially with speed or driving on unpaved roads.

In fact, this design is what reduces the average lifespan of the hub motor.

How Long Does Electric Bike Mid-Drive Motor Last?

As we mentioned earlier, the life span of the mid-drive motor is from 15,000 to 20,000 miles, and the reason for this is due to several reasons, which we will now explain in detail.

1-Performance and motor power.

The mid-drive motor is characterized by the fact that it has a high torque strength, for example, the 750 Watt motor, is rated to 120 to 160 Newtons, and this is a very large force compared to the power of the hab motor. In fact, it is almost double, but what does this force mean in terms of extending the life of the motor?

Let me explain to you in a simple way that the high Newton increases the number of motor turns and also its ability to consume the amperes coming out of the battery because the electric motor cannot deal with a high number of amperes without consuming this ampere.

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You can represent what happens in the mid-drive motor as having a car with an 8-speed gearbox, and you can measure the performance of the motor on the contrary in the Hub motor, which can be represented by a car that has a 4-speed gearbox, and for the record, the weakness of the newton and the wrong use is what causes Many hub motors burn, unlike mid-drive, which rarely burns.

2-Design gives preference.

One of the advantages that the Mid-Drive Motor enjoys is its location on the electric bike, which is in the middle, which makes it far from shocks when driving on unpaved roads. This feature reduces the possibility of any malfunctions as a result of shocks, which increases the life default med-drive motor.

On the other hand, manufacturers of electric bicycles are more careful when manufacturing mid-drive to be completely isolated against dust and water due to its presence near the legs of cyclists every time.

In my opinion, the previous two reasons are what explain the increase in the life span of the mid-drive motor over the hub motor, but they also explain the increase in price!

What you should do to increase the live spin of your Ebike motor?

Electric bike motors do not require much maintenance by users, but there are many steps that you can take to increase the life span of the motor.

Recently they published a post that talks in detail about how to care for the motor. You can view it from here

For this, I will share with you a brief of what you should do to increase the life of the motor of your electric bike

Caring for Mid-drive Motors.

  1.  Keep your Mid-drive Motor Cleaned.

  2. Keep your ebike motor away from water.

  3. Check your ebike Motor polts & cover.

  4.  Keep an eye on error codes.

  5. Listen to your ebike motor sound

You can see in detail how to implement each of the previous steps by watching the previously mentioned post.

Caring for Hub Motors.

1-Check & lubricate your ebike Spokes.

2- Check ebike tire air pressure.

3-Lubricate the cassette & Chain

You can see in detail how to implement each of the previous steps by watching the previously mentioned post.


The life span of an electric bike motor increases or decreases depending on its type and how to take care of it. That’s why when thinking about buying an electric bike, you should know what your needs are, and also whether you want to do without a little extra money in exchange for a longer lifespan or whether you will Save this money and decide to take great care of the motor.

In order to summarize all of the above, it will be possible to see the life span of all types of bicycle motors below

Ebike Motor TypeMinimum Lifespan in MilesMinimum Lifespan  in Years
Hub10000-15000 Miles3 -5 Years
Mid-Drive15000-20000 Miles5-7 Years


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