How To Assemble Jetson Electric Bike? (Guide With PICs)

How To Use & Charge Jetson Electric Bike

If you are thinking of buying a Jetstone bolt electric bike or just inquiring about it out of curiosity, I would be very happy to help you find out everything about this bike.

We will start the post with how to use the Jetstone Bolt Pro, and also what is the correct way to charge it, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, and whether is it a bike that gives you value for its price or not.

Disclaimer: this post IS NOT SUPPONSERED BY Jetson Electric & all links in this post ARE NOT affiliate links 

(we are trying to give you the useful information to help you take the right decision)

Currently, there are two types of Jetstone electric bikes, the Bolt Electric Bike & Bolt Up 14

The price of the Bolt Electric Bike is $349.

The price of the Bolt Up 14 is $599.

The reason for the price increase is due to the presence of a 350-watt motor instead of the 250, and also to the presence of the Cadence Sensor.

Note: There are no speeds for the PAS in the bike, it works at one speed (highest speed)

What are the advantages & Disadvantages of Jetson Electric Bike?

Perhaps the relatively low price of the bike compared to other types of electric bikes is a tempting factor for many people, but with this temptation, some questions come to mind.

Is it a good bike? Will you have a good user experience after purchase? and a lot of other related questions

Therefore, in this part of the post, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bikes.

What advantages of Jetson Electric Bike?

1- Price.

One of the most important advantages of the Jetson electric bike is the price, as its price ranges between 350 to 600 dollars, which is close to the price of electric bikes for children, especially since the Jetson bikes are considered practical bikes that are used by adults and children.

2-Stable on the road.

Despite the small size of the bike, it is considered one of the stable bikes on the road and also works in a way that reduces shocks, knowing that it does not contain any suspension system.

3-The ease of assembly

The other advantage of this bike is the ease of assembly, of course, due to the small size of the bike, but what really distinguishes this bike is that you can assemble it in about 5 minutes, no more.

All the components of the bike come with a simple design, are easy to install, and do not require any complications.

Later in this post, we will explain how to assemble.

4- Small size.

If you are of moderate weight and height, the Jetson electric bike is one of the best practical choices for you due to its small size it can be folded, so it will be very practical for you and you will not feel anything with it that reduces your enjoyment of the bike, especially during trips.

Disadvantages of Jetson Electric Bike?

1-No LCD.

One of the most disadvantages of this bike is that there is no screen that gives you information about the bike while riding.

Personally, I do not understand why the manufacturers of Jetson Electric Bike did not think about this point because it is very important for all electric bike riders.

You can imagine that all the information available to you during the bike is the charging bar!

You can overcome this point by placing a program to measure the speed on your phone and then installing the phone on the bike.

2-PAS has only 1 Speed.

The second disadvantage of this bike is that the pedal assist system (PAS)  works at one speed, which means that you will not control different bike speeds and also will help to consume the battery faster, especially since the battery in the bike is 36 volts.

3- Not suitable for tall people.

If you are tall, the small size of the bike will negatively affect your riding experience because you will have to keep your leg at a 90-degree angle all the time, which will make you feel pain in your back.

4-Non-removable battery.

One of the disadvantages is also the inability to remove the battery, which will make you take the entire bike near the charging source, which may be hard in some situations.

For example, if you need to charge the battery while working or in a public place, you will have to take the entire bike with you

Assembling Jetson Electric bike.

Before we explain how to use the Jetson electric bike, we will explain how to assemble the bike in easy and simple steps.

When you take the electric bike out of the box, you will find that there are Four main parts that need to be installed.

  1. The chair
  2. Rear fender
  3. The Pedal.
  4. lights

Note: you will have a 5mm Allen key and two different ranches come with ebike

1- Assembling Jetson Electric bike Chair.

1- Grab the chair handle out.

Grab the chair handle out 

2-The chair does not come tighten from the factory, so we should tighten it. to do this hold the nut with your hand and turn the handle to the right side clockwise.

hold the nut with your hand and turn the handle to the right side clockwise.

3-Place the seat post into a position where it matches your height then lock the handle.

Place the seat post into a position where it matches your height then lock the handle

1- Assembling Jetson Electric bike Rear fender.

1-At the back of the ebike there is a hole where you will use it to fix the rear fender.

at the back of the ebike there is a hole where you will use it to fix the rear fender.

2- The rear fender comes with a screw that has a wrench and nut. First, place the screw inside the fender & place it into the hole.

Place the seat post into a position where it matches your height then lock the handle

3- After putting the screw in the finder and inserting it into the hole, put the washer and then the nut from the backside
Using the wrench, fix the wrench on the nut, and then, using an Allen key, tighten the bolt.

rear fender assembling

Assembling Jetson Electric bike Pedal.

isntall Pedal

When you take the pedal out of the box, you will notice that there is a pedal to the right and a pedal to the left (there is a mark on each pedal), which is meant by the right and left while riding a bike.

During the installation of the pedal, the right pedal will be connected clockwise, while the left pedal will be connected counterclockwise

Assembling Jetson Electric bike Lights.

The Ebike comes with four types of lights, reflectors, which are located on the front and rear wheels, then the light on the handlebar, then the rear light, and the headlight.

1- Handlebar lights.

The lights are fixed to the handlebar, but you may need to adjust their position using the Allen key.


Reflectors are installed on the front and rear wheels using the Allen key.

Note: Sometimes the deflectors are already on the front wheel, they can only be tightened

3-Rear light.

The rear lights are installed under the Seatpost, which is a rapper ring that wraps around the bike frame.

The rear lights have three modes fast flashing, slow flashing & uses a coin battery inside

The rear lights are installed under the seatpost, which is a rapper ring that wraps around the bike frame

4- The headlight.

The headlight is already installed & you can turn it on by pressing the crouse control for 4 seconds.

How To Use Jetson Electric Bike?

As a general rule, power on the ebike then uses the pedal or throttle.

 Tips for using Jetson Electric Bike?

  1. Jetson has only one PAS speed which is the maximum speed so if you want to ride slowly don’t activate PAS.
  2. The ebike has crouse control which can be activated by pushing its button once however the crouse control holds the speed to the maximum speed.
  3. the one battery charge can last up to 8 miles depending on your weight
  4. the maximum air inflation for the ebike is 45PSI.
  5. it’s recommended to keep checking the charging bar as the ebike has no LCD and to stop using PAS or throttle when it reached one bar
  6. the maximum speed for this bike is 15.5 miles\hour
  7. the maximum weight for the ebike is 265lbs so if you are close to this weight please make sure to inflate the tire to the maximum.

How to charge Jetson Electric Bike?

The bike comes with a 36-volt battery, which is a relatively small battery and takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge.

There are some tips that you can take to ensure the correct charging of your jetson electric bike.

  1. Put the charger in the power source first, then connect it to the bike.
  2. Avoid charging in rainy or wet areas.
  3. During charging, there is a red light that turns green when charging is completed.
  4. Do not use any other charger to charge this bike in order to avoid any damage, because the capacity of the original charger is small, but suitable for the battery capacity and also to avoid being out of warranty.

How to extend the Jetson Electric Bike warranty?

When you look closely at the design of the Jetson Electric Bike, you will notice that all the parts are precisely integrated into the frame of the bike, which means that the maintenance will be somewhat difficult, so it is good to get an additional year on the basic warranty (one year)

warrnty extention plan for Jetson

As per the manual you have to do the following in order to get a extension

1- You MUST buy the bike from their  Authorized Retailers

2- Go to their official website and create a new account from here.

3- Record the electric bike data that you will find inside the electric bike box with the user manual

4- Be sure to keep the purchase invoice or confirmation email

5- Leave a comment on the official website page.

Note: I personally contacted “Extend”  Jetson Electric Bike to inquire about pricing for an extended warranty period and they have replied that

“Now the Extend Protection Plan is currently only available at the time of purchase through one of our merchants. We recommend you contact Jetson directly at 888-976-9904 or for current pricing.”


based on the above email from extending I communicated with to get the actual prices for the extended warranty. 

below is their response.

For the Bolt Bike:

1 year extended warranty = 40.99$

2 year extended warranty = 59.99$

3 year extended warranty = 74.99$

bolt Jetson Electric bikes extended warrnty plan

For the Bolt Pro:

1 year extended warranty = 69.99$

2 year extended warranty = 99.99$

3 year extended warranty = 139.99$

Bolt pro extended warrnty plan



The jetson Electric Bike is one of the electric bikes suitable for people with a limited budget or people who want to try an electric bike for the first time, so their capabilities may be somewhat limited.

The Jetson Electric Bike is characterized by its small size, low price, and ease of assembly, but it does not have a screen to read the bike

information, and also the battery is not removable and is not suitable for tall people or heavy-weight riders.

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