How to carry an electric bike in a car? (with No Racks)

How to carry an electric bike in a car


Transporting an electric bike by car is one of the things that causes a challenge for us as electric bike riders, and the reason for this is that the weight of the electric bike is much heavier than a regular bike and also the price of the electric bike parts is expensive.

That is why securing the transportation of the electric bike by car is important

On the other hand, the most common way to transport bicycles by car is to use a rack, but in this post, we will explain a method that enables you to transport your electric bicycle inside the car without a rack.

This is because the price of the rack is not considered cheap, as it starts from 150 dollars to 800 dollars.

How to carry an electric bike in a car?

As a general rule, you can carry the electric bike inside the car without a rack by removing the wheels of the electric bike and the battery

In this part of the post, we will explain step by step how to put the electric bike in the trunk of the car.

Electric bike dismantles steps.


1- Remove ebike battery.

The first step is to remove the battery from the bike in order to reduce weight. Also, there are some countries in Europe that legally prohibit the electric bike from being carried in the car while the battery is in it.

Remove the battery and put it in the battery bag or wrap it with a thick cloth or bubble wrap.

2-Remove any devices on the handlebar.

Remove any accessories on the hand bar such as screens, mirrors, or water bottle holders.

3-Reduce Seatpost height.

Reduce the height of the seat post to save some space while placing the electric bike in the car.

4-Release front suspension air.

Release the air from the front or rear suspension to reduce the bike’s overall height and save space inside the car.

5-Remove the front wheel.

The next step is to remove the front wheel by loosening the axle. After removing the front wheel, the axle must be placed again, but do not tie it firmly.

After this, add a brake chock between the brake pads to prevent them from bumping into each other.

6-Remove the rear wheel.

Before removing the rear wheel, shift the gearbox to the smallest gear so that it is easier for you to disassemble the derailleur

Undo the axle and remove the rear wheel then put the axle back.

7-Remove the Pedal.

Remove the pedal and remember that the pedal is removed by turning the pedal to the right if you are removing the pedal on the left.
And the left pedal can be removed by turning to the right.

8-Remove the handlebar.

If the trunk of your car is small, you can disassemble the handlebar so that it reduces the space used inside the car.

How to put your electric bike inside your car

In this part, we will explain the correct order that you can make to put the bike parts after dismantling them inside the trunk of the car so that you preserve every component of your electric bike.

1-Put the battery inside the car, not the trunk.

Put the battery and accessories for the bike inside the car, not in the trunk of the car, in order to protect it from any shocks while driving the car.

2-Put the ebike frame first.

Put a small carpet inside the trunk of the car to protect the car from any mud or dust, and then insert the electric bike tire first and make sure that it is placed in a way that protects it from shocks.

Cover the frame so that it does not get scratched from the rest of the bike components.

3-Put the front and rear wheels.

When placing the front and rear wheels, it must be taken into account that both the rotor in the front wheel and the cassette in the rear wheel should be in the upper direction so as not to cause any damage to them or breakage.

4-Secure all ebike parts.

The last part of placing the electric bike inside the car is to ensure that all parts of the electric bike are secured so that no shocks occur. You can do this by placing a carpet on the components of the bike so that it reduces the movement of the bike parts while driving the car.


The idea of placing the electric bike inside the trunk of the car is based on dismantling all large components such as the wheel and also removing any important parts such as the battery and then securing it well inside the trunk.

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