How To Ride An Electric Bike For Beginners? (Step by step)

How To Ride An Electric Bike For Beginners

Learning how to ride an electric bike is one of the most fun things you can do in your life. Not because the electric bike is a fast way of daily

commuting, but also because it will become the Instrument of future commuting due to its many advantages.

If you have bought your new electric bike and want to know how to ride an electric bike correctly, this post is specially designed for beginner ebike riders.

We will explain the tips that you can do to increase the fun of riding your electric bike.

How To Ride An Electric Bike For Beginners? (ebike Adjustments)

Riding an electric bike for the first time requires some adjustments that you should make before enjoying your electric bike. The electric bike differs in its components from the regular bike in terms of the presence of the motor, battery, and controller, so we will first start with what you should check before you start riding your electric bike.

1- Make sure your battery is fully charged.

Charging the electric bike battery for the first time is one of the things that must be taken care of because the battery in the electric bike is one of the basics and without it, the electric bike turns into a regular bike.

In order to charge the electric bike battery, you must remove it from the bike (if it is an external battery if the battery is not removable you can charge it while it’s plugged into the bike) and then charge it until it reaches 100%, and this may take from 4 to 7 hours, depending on the battery capacity and the speed of the charger.

After charging is complete, reinstall the battery and then close the lock using the battery key (usually you will get two keys for the battery) do not forget to take the key after installing the electric bike battery to avoid losing the key because it is essential.

Note: please don’t power on the ebike at this time to avoid any accidents.

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2-Adjust your ebike handlebar.

The handlebar in an electric bike differs in functionality from a regular bike because it has a screen for the electric bike, as well as throttle and a key to start the bike, in addition to the brakes, levers, and gear switch.

On most electric bikes, adjusting the handlebar is easy, usually with a lever or a screw. You can refer to the electric bike’s manual to learn how to adjust it so that it is suitable for your riding style, but there are some general tips for adjusting the handlebar.

  • Your fingers should be able to reach the brakes easily
  • You must make sure that you are comfortable with the Throttle in terms of the height of its button (if the Throttle is not a twist)
  • You should be able to see the ebike screen easily. The screen should not be tilted up or down.
  • Try to make the gear switch buttons have a comfortable space so you can switch up or down easily.

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3- Make sure you have inflated your ebike tires.

Inflating the tire of an electric bike is of course a very important thing just like a regular bike, but what makes it even more important for an electric bike is that the electric bike weighs more than a regular bike, which is what makes inflating the tire so important

Tips for inflating an electric bike tire.

  • Look at the tire of your electric bike and you will see the minimum and maximum amount of tire inflation
  • There is no recommended number or level when inflating an electric bike tire because you have to try and choose the right size for you according to your use.
  • If you are a heavyweight rider, you may have to increase the inflation of the rubber to reduce friction.
  • Make sure to check the coach at least weekly.

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4-Adjust your ebike Seatpost.

Adjust the electric bike seat is one of the things that will increase your comfort while riding the electric bike, so you must be careful to adjust the seat before you ride your bike on the road

Adjust Electric Bike Seat Tips

  • At first, you may want the electric bike seat to be lower, and this is normal so that all of your feet are touching the ground.
  • While using the pedal, your knee should not be too high or low in order to be able to control the bike.

How To Ride An Electric Bike For Beginners? (ebike Mounting)

After we, in the first part of this post, got acquainted with the most important adjustments that you should make before riding an ebike.

The second part comes, which is how to mount an electric bike. It may seem easy and it is really easy, but there are some tips that you should take into account, given that we are dealing with an electric bike that has the ability to move automatically through the throttle.

How To Mount Your ebike?

There are two ways to upgrade your electric bike.

The first method, which is easy and suitable for beginners:

  1. Swing your leg on the back tire.
  2. Sit on the bike seat
  3. Raise the right pedal to a 45-degree angle so that you have space to put pressure on the pedal and move

The second method: It is a more professional method and is more suitable for the advanced level of riding an electric bike:

  1. Stand on your left side next to the electric bike.
  2. Put the pedal down to a point equal to your body.
  3. Put your left foot on the pedal.
  4. Push the electric bike forward and swing your right leg on the rear tire.
  5. Sit on the chair and start using the pedal.

Tips to mount your ebike.

  • Always make sure that the ebike is turned off while mounting the ebike and when you make sure that you are ready to go start the ebike this is to avoid any sudden touching of the throttle which will make the ebike move.
  • If you have a twist throttle, make sure you don’t touch it if you’re not ready to move your ebike.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • After sitting on the bike seat, do not walk with the ebike using your feet, to avoid hitting any obstacle.
  • It is always better to wear a shoe with a solid sole so that your feet do not slip.
  • If you ride your bike at night, make sure that the lights are working properly.
  • Make sure the road is clear before you go.

    How To Ride An Electric Bike For Beginners? (kick off)

    The start kick-off of an electric bike differs from a regular bike in that you have three options to start.

    1. Start manually without any assistance from the bike (the same method as riding a regular bike)
    2. Start using only throttle, which means that you will not use the alternative.
    3. start using the pedal, which means that you will get help from the bike.

    1-Ebike Manul riding.

    It is possible to ride the electric bike in a manual way without relying on the motor or battery, which is similar to a normal bike. This method can be used in the event the battery is out of charge or in the event of the need to exercise and burn high fat because riding the electric bike Manually requires more effort

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    2-Starting ebike using throttle only.

    To use the throttle to start the electric bike, put your foot on the pedal and press the throttle ,the bike will move without you having to use the pedal (just like a motorcycle)

    The use of throttle only is one of the most important features of an electric bike and has many advantages. You can rely on the throttle to cross intersections faster, or if you are going up a steep hill, or if you are in the middle of a hill and feel that the bike will not be able to go up the hill as it should

    The only disadvantage of using throttle is the high consumption of the battery


    • The PAS settings (Pedal Assist System) must be at least 1 speed in order to use the throttle.
    • Throttle speed overrides PAS speed so if you are riding at PAS 1 & you press the throttle the bike will go faster.

    3-Starting  ebike using PAS.

    Starting the electric bike using the PAS,  is similar to riding a regular bike With the difference in speed and the assistance you get from the bike.

    In order to use the PAS at the beginning of the bike movement, the PAS settings must be higher than zero.

    The assistance level on the electric bike starts from level 1 up to level 5 based on your ebike model so that 1 is the least assistance and 5 is the highest assistance

    In normal cases, you will use medium speeds all the time (from 1 to 3) and you can use high speeds when needed.

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    Practical Tips & Tricks for Riding Electric bikes.

    1. Don’t use the throttle all the time because your electric bike battery will run out quickly.
    2. Using the PAS at high speeds will also consume the battery greatly.
    3. If you have difficulty balancing the bike, start using the throttle until the bike moves, then put your feet on the pedal and continue riding using the pedal
    4. The best way to enjoy an electric bike is to combine the use of Throttle and PAS.
    5. When going downhill, it is preferable not to use the throttle, because your speed is mainly high due to gravity, this method will help you to rationalize battery consumption and obtain a large range.
    6. If you are riding a bike on a walking path, you should be very careful and use the bell.
    7. If you are riding your bike to go up a hill, you can start with the throttle at the beginning of the hill and then use the PAS. Also, you should use the gears in low gear.
    8. When you get used to riding an electric bike, you can start the movement using your feet and then use the pedal instead of using the throttle at first, in order to rationalize the consumption of the battery.
    9. The right brake is responsible for stopping the front wheel and the left brake is responsible for stopping the rear wheel.
    10. Using the right brakes only or the left brakes only will slow down the ebike but not stop it completely. If you want to stop the bike completely, you must use the right and left brakes, and it is preferable to use the right brakes first until the ebike slowdown, then use the left brakes while holding the right brakes.
    11. you shouldn’t used the left brake to slow down your ebike because this will makes you tip forward.
    12. Always remember to turn the battery on before you mount your ebike.


    As a general rule, To ride your ebike Swing your leg over the back tire. Sit on the bike seat then power on your ebike & Raise the right pedal to a 45-degree angle so that you have space to put pressure on the pedal and move.

    Before riding an electric bike, make sure that the battery is charged, the tire is inflated, the seat is high, and all accessories of the handlebar are in order.

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