How To Safely Store Your ebike At Home? Best Tips

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Storing the electric bike safely is one of the most important things that you should look at after purchasing an electric bike because unsafe storage of the bike can expose you to damage some parts of the electric bike, which will cost you a lot! Since the price of the electric bike is not cheap, ranging from 1000 to 2000 dollars.

That’s why you should know what are the tips and tricks for storing your electric bike safely.

In this post, we will share together the most important basic tips when storing an electric bike, as well as some inexpensive and space-saving ideas.


How To Safely Store Your electric bike?

As a general rule, your electric bike can be stored safely if you store it in a moderately hot and humid place, and also after removing the battery and LCD and then covering it well.

Now let’s get into the details.

1- Always store your ebike indoors.

This advice should be the first rule you have if you are a beginner in the world of electric bikes, which is to always store your bike indoors.

The reason for this is that the electric bike contains many components that can be damaged by air, humidity, and external factors, the most

important of these components are the battery and the controller, LCD as well as the motor, not to mention the set of electrical wires that connect all these components together.

So it should always be the first choice for you in the storage place inside the house or in the garage

2- Remove your electric bike battery.

The second basic rule for you to store your electric bike safely is to remove the battery before storage, because the battery, as it is known, performs chemical processes inside the cells, and these processes are affected by high or low temperatures, as well as humidity.

Here, too, it must be noted that even if you store your ebike indoors or in the garage, the battery must be removed from the bike, and this is an important factor for safety.

The most important note to you about storing the battery is to store the battery at a charge level lower than 100%

You can watch the below post that explains in detail how to discharge the battery for storage.

3- Remove your ebike LCD.

If the screen of your electric bike is easy to remove, it is better to remove it during the storage period, especially if it is a long period, because it will protect them from possible scratches and moisture as well. If it is not easy to remove, you can cover it tightly with a piece of plastic.

4- Always Cover your ebike.

Covering the electric bike during the storage period is one of the things that I do personally and I have found it to have many benefits.

thins including that it protects the bike from scratches and also maintains a moderate temperature without heat or humidity and also protects from cold because all these factors do not have a harmful effect on the components of the electric bike.

To Perfectly covers your electric bike You can check the website of your electric bike dealer because most of the time they have a dedicated bike cover that will fit your ebike model.

If you can’t find it you can try something alternative like a grill cover there are different sizes and types that can be useful and will do the same function as the ebike cover.


5- Watch the temperature outside.

As we mentioned earlier, the temperature has a factor affecting the damage of the parts of the electric bike if the temperature is not appropriate.

Therefore, keeping track of the outside temperature is important, and I mean by following the temperature that if you store the bike in the garage and the outside temperature is very cold, it is possible that the temperature inside the garage will not be suitable.

So it is preferable in such cases that the bike enters the house to be at a temperature suitable temperature.


6- Remove your ebike chain.

If you live in a high-humidity area, it is best to remove the electric bike chain and put it in a box with a moisture absorber.

You should know that no matter how good the electric bike chain is, it is still metal & metals are affected by moisture, so this must be taken into account.

You don’t want to ride your bike for the first time after a long period with a rusty chain

After we mentioned the most important tips and tricks that you can take to ensure safe storage of your electric bike, we will share in the next part of this post the best places that you can use to store your electric bike


Is It Safe to Hang an Electric Bike for Storage?

Yes, it is safe to hang your electric bike while in storage, after following the safety instructions of removing the battery and covering the bike.

Tips and tricks for hanging your electric bike for storage.

In this part, I will share with you some tips for hanging an electric bike based on my personal experience.

In fact, I find that the options are somewhat limited for an electric bike due to the weight of the electric bike, which is higher than regular bikes.

And I have tried many ways and I will share them with you Now let’s get started.


1- Use A hook correctly.

The use of the hook to hang the electric bike is a very popular thing, but when it comes to hanging an ebike that weighs more than 18 kilos without the battery, it may need some modifications.

The first tip for you is not to put the hook too high on the wall so that you do not have to lift the bike much higher, which requires more strength, but adjust it so that the ebike is about 15 to 20 cm high from the ground.

The second tip is to install the hook first on a piece of wood and then install the wooden piece on the wall, especially if your walls are wooden because this will fix the hook stronger and also you will not need to make a large hole in the wall


2- Use Hanger WallMount.

Hanging the electric bike parallel to the wall is one of the best ways for me because it does not take up a lot of space, and also the Hanger Wallmount has a price that is not very expensive, about $49.

Personally, I like this method because it shows the beauty of the bike all the time (I love looking at my bike :))


3- Hang it on the ceil.

hanging the electric bike on the ceiling is a good idea, especially with the presence of ceiling hanging devices that have a rope, which greatly reduces the effort while lifting the bike, but in the end, you will need to make some effort.

Personally, I use the ceiling hanger for long storage periods, but on normal days, the Wall Mount Hanger is what I use constantly.

How to turn on your ebike after a long time of storage?

turning on your ebike for the first time after a long storage period needs to take into account some important steps that may affect the life span of your electric bike components.

Therefore, in the next part of this post, I will share with you the most important tips that you should consider.

1- Rebalance your ebike battery.

When turning on the ebike for the first time after the storage period, the first thing that must be taken into account is to rebalance the

internal battery cells because during the storage period there may be a difference between the percentage of charge inside the battery


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2- Don’t Turn on the ebike outside if you living in a cold area.

If you live in a cold area and you want to ride your electric bike on the snow, you should turn the ebike indoors first, especially if you store your bike for a long time because the battery in the electric bike needs certain degrees in order to work properly, especially at the start of operation

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3- Adjust your ebike tire.

The last note you need to make is to make sure that the air inside the tires is adjusted because in most cases the tires will have lost a lot of air after a long storage period.


One of the most important safety factors when storing an electric bike for long periods is to remove important parts from the bike, such as the battery, the LCD, as well as the chain.

The ebike should be covered well during storage and also take into account the temperature of the storage place, not be too humid or too cold.

It is absolutely not preferable to store the electric bike outside the house in order to preserve the components of the bike and also to avoid bike theft.

The ebike can be hung for long storage periods with all safety measures taken.

One of the best tools that you can use to hang your electric bike is a wall-mount hanger.

When operating the electric bike for the first time, you must rebalance of the internal battery cells, adjust the air pressure in the tires, and also perform the operation inside the house if you live in a very cold area.

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