How to Solve ebike Controller Overheating? (Answered)

ebike controller on fire

Electric bike controller overheating is one of the things that disturbs many ebike riders.

This is because the controller is the brain that controls all parts of the electric bike, such as the motor and battery, and the high temperature of the controller leads to its slow work and consequently the general performance of the electric bike.

In this post, I will share with you the most important reasons for raising the temperature of the controller, as well as ways to solve it

Reason For Ebike Controller Overheating.

1- Overvolting ebike motor.

Overvolting the electric bike motor is one of the main reasons for increasing the temperature of the controller.

What does overvolting mean?

Overvolting is the programming of the electric bike motor to draw a higher ampere from the battery, thus increasing the number of motor laps and obtaining a higher speed.

But to get this speed, the controller is required to allow a higher amp to pass, which increases the temperature inside the controller

2-Biking in rough terrain

Riding an electric bike in rough terrain increases the load on the motor and battery, and thus will increase the commands given by the controller to both the motor and the battery.

Therefore, the possibility of an increase in temperature increases, because any electric current results in the generation of heat especially with heavy loads on the controller will increase its temperature.

3- Riding ebike for a Long time.

Riding an electric bike for long periods, especially if you are going at a high speed, will require drawing more power from the battery to the motor, which will lead to an increase in the temperature of the controller.

4- Low-Quality ebike controller.

The quality of manufacturing the electric bike controller and the use of good components is very important and helps a lot in reducing the temperature of the controller

Well-made controllers have heat-insulating materials inside, because it is natural to produce heat, and for this you should think carefully about the type of controller that you will buy.

After we have mentioned the most important reasons that may cause overheating to the electric bike controller, we will mention in the next part the solution to each problem

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1- Overvolting heat solution

Low the current: If you want to enjoy overvoltage, you can check the current of the controller and reduce it a little. For example, if the current is 15 amperes, you can reduce it to 11 amperes.

Check ebike controller Capacitors: One of the most important measures that you can take before overvolting is to check the strength of the control capacitors.

For example, if you have a 36-volt controller, the capacitors will usually withstand up to 50 volts.

Therefore, you can check the capacitors before overvolting to ensure that the controller will withstand overvoltage.

2- solution for ebike controller overheating due to Biking in rough terrain

If you ride your bike on rough terrain a lot and notice the temperature of the controller, you can do some tricks to reduce the temperature.

One of these tricks is to put a wet foot with water around the controller, and because it must not be too wet.

Place this nozzle for three minutes on the controller, and be careful not to block the controller’s ventilation holes.

3-Solution for a long ride that may cause overheating in Ebike Controller.

One of the most important things that you can do in order to avoid overheating in the controller caused by long periods of riding a bike is to avoid driving in extremely hot times because this will not only affect the controller, but also the battery performance.

It is also a good idea to stop for a while if you find the temperature is rising.

4- Buy a good quality controller.

Buying a high-quality controller is very important because the controller, as we mentioned, is the brain of the electric bike. The high-quality controller is also made of heat-insulating materials, which are very useful in reducing heat emission from the controller.

Finally, it is possible that the high temperature coming out of the controller is a result of wrong programming, and this problem can be solved by making rest to the ebike controller.

You can find this post, which explains how to make the rest of the Electric Bike Controller step by step.


As a general rule, overheating of an electric bike controller can occur as a result of overvolt, riding a bike in rough terrain, or riding a bike for long periods, as well as using a poor-quality controller.

To solve the overheating problem in the electric bike controller, you can reduce the current and check the capacitors.

Also, try to cool the controller after riding in rough terrain. On the other hand, you can use a quality controller and also not ride an e-bike in very hot times.

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