How To Solve Electric bike Seatpost Tilting Issue? (Solved)

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Is the seat of your electric bike constantly tilting?

Maybe you feel that your body is also starting to tilt and it hurts to compensate for this position by using your arms to lift yourself up.

In this post, I will share with you the causes of seat tilt and how to prevent it, as well as the most important tricks that you can use to adjust the seat angle correctly.

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What is the reason for ebike Seatpost titling?


As a general rule, the main reason why the seat of your electric bike tilts is that the nut and bolts responsible for adjusting the seat tilt level weaken over time due to the friction of the bicycle wheels while riding on terrain or in unpaved areas.


How To Solve Electric bike Seatpost Tilting Issue?

As we mentioned earlier, the main reason responsible for this problem is the weakness in the bolts and nuts responsible for controlling the seat tilt level.

We will focus here on the correct way to solve this problem

For a start, you should know that there are four famous types of bikes seat bolts designs and here we will take each type of them and explain how to solve its problem.


Note: I am talking here from the perspective of the design of the tilt control bolts, and not in terms of saddles types in general, as there are hundreds of types and designs.


1.The Two Bolts Design

The design of this type is composed of 2 control bolts (front and rear) and the seat body is also placed inside a carbon duct.


Often the problem of tilting in this type occurs as a result of the following:

1.There is not enough grease on the Bolts

In this case, add a good amount of grease on the bolts and put them back but make sure to tighten both bolts equally & always start to tighten the back bolts.

2.Uneven pressure while tightening the screws

One of the most common mistakes that owners of this type of bike make is the uneven pressure when adjusting the seat position, which causes the seat to begin tilting over time, so always make sure that the pressure is equal

3.Tighten one Bolt and leave the other 

This reason is a little different from the previous reason because there are some people who notice that the main control bolt is the rear one, so they tighten it well &  barely tighten the front one, which causes tilts over time.

The difference here between this reason and the previous reason is that here you will notice its tilt more and faster,

So all bolts must be tightened evenly and with the same pressure.

4.Corrosion occurs in the carbon fiber duct responsible for holding the chair body and moving it forward or backward

if this is the case I would suggest replacing these parts or if it is hard to find a spare part then replacing the whole seat will be my best option for you


2.Different Tilting level Seats



This type has a way to control the tilt level of the chair and it is by loosening the bolt and then pressing the front of the chair down or up to determine the desired tilt level. It also has two bolts (in some models there is one bolt)

The reasons for tilting in this type are often the lack of a good tightening of the bolts or the lack of sufficient grease.

The good thing about this type is that you have specific levels of tilting that you can choose from.

The bad thing from my point of view is that if the bolts are not tightened well, it may cause the chair to slip quickly and cause injuries.

So remember well to make sure the seat is stable before riding your bike

3.The One Bolt Bike Seat



This type contains only one screw that fits into the body of the chair, but the tilt can be determined by moving the chair down or up after loosening the Bolt.

In this type, there are grooves when adjusting the tilt level

The reason for tilting this type is first of all not tightening the bolts well, as well as the grease.

And also the high weight. If your weight is more than 95 kilos, you should be careful not to press the chair from the front or from the back too, because these grooves are quickly damaged and will cause the chair to tilt.

If you have this type make sure that you tighten it very hard to avoid any titling especially if you were more than 95 KG.

4.The Hidden Bolt Seat



I like that I call this type the hidden Bolt.

In fact, it has two Bolts, but one is visible in the back and the other is hidden under the seat upwards.

The degree of tilt can be controlled by loosening the bolt in the back first, then using your hand, you twist the hidden Bolts from the plastic\carboun nut around the second bolt.

In this type, most of the pressure is on the bolt in the back, so make sure that it is well tightened and that there is an appropriate amount of grease
Also, another reason that may cause a tendency in this type is not making sure that the hidden bolt is well connected.

This Seat does not come with a duct to control the body of the seat, and it may be a reason to tilt the Seat

Note: If you have a cut in the chair, you will see the missing bolt easily and can be tightened using the Alenque wrench.




As a general rule Seatpost can tilt for the below reasons

  1. No Greasing or a small amount of it
  2. Overweight of the person who rides the bike
  3. The Seatpost has Grooves
  4. The Seatpost doesn’t have a carbon duct to hold the Seatpost body
  5. Uneven pressure while tightening the screws
  6. Tighten one Bolt and leave the other
  7. Corrosion occurs in the carbon fiber duct responsible for holding the chair body and moving it forward or backward
  8. Bolts are loose

To solve your Seatpost titling issues you need to check the type of seat you have then go through the solution we provide for every type.

Also, to check the Bolts & grease amount.


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