Is 750w enough for ebike? (Explained)

Electric bikes of 750 watts are one of the most popular bikes in the United States because it is the maximum motor power allowed by law

These bikes are considered one of the top classes in electric bikes, which is also considered a multi-tasking category

On the other hand, the presence of a conversion Kit that could reach up to 3000 watts is confusing for anyone who wants to enter the world of electric bikes and has a regular bike.

Because he can simply put a conversion Kit that makes his bike reach 50mph (illegal)

The question here is 750 watts enough for an electric bike so that it is legal and at the same time you can use the electric bike for many uses?

In this post, we will discuss the ability of the 750W bike to fulfill all the main needs of it or not

As a general rule, there are four uses for an electric bike that differentiate it from a regular bike, and they are:

Go up the steep hills.
loading heavy things.
pulling a trailer.
Ride off the road and on the trails.

What is the maximum speed & torque for the 750w ebike?

The maximum speed of a 750W electric bike is 28 miles per hour, which is about 45 km

This speed is considered a high speed for electric bikes, and the good thing is that you can reach this speed easily while riding an electric bike in the city, unlike a 250-watt or 350-watt bike.

In terms of torque, the minimum torque in this type of electric bike is 80 Newtons, and this torque is very good for different uses.

Is 750w enough for ebike to go up steep hills?

Usage The first difference between electric bikes and regular bikes is the ability of electric bikes to go up steep hills more easily.

When we look at the power of the 750-watt electric bike, we will notice that the motor gives a torque of about 80 Newtons at least. This torque is enough torque for all types of hills and also with the difference in the weight of the rider.

Note: There are some bikes that are sold as 750 watts, which is actually 500 watts. To know that your electric bike is actually 750 watts, the torque will not be less than 80 Newtons in any case.

Is 750w enough for ebike to load it with heavy stuff?

The short answer to this question is yes, you will be able to load your electric bikes with many things.

The reason for this is the power of the motor and also the battery that comes with the bike, because in most cases the battery capacity is not less than 48 volts with high amb, which will give you a higher watt/hour.

The idea of the importance of the battery is that it will give the motor higher volts for a longer period, which will increase the power of the motor and make it easily able to bear heavy weights on the bike.

Pulling a trailer with your 750w ebike.

When you buy a high-speed electric bike like the 750W, you will definitely want to use it to tow a trailer, and that’s for two reasons.

First, the power of the motor and the strong torque

Secondly, towing an e-bike trailer will help you take your child or pet with you and will also help you if you want to camp out of town with your e-bike.

Riding your 750w ebike off the road and on the trails.

The 750-watt electric bike will give you a high ability to ride on trails and off-road
Because while you are using the bike on the unpaved roads, you need two main things

The first, the torque of the motor, and the second thing is the suspension system

As for the torque of the motor, as we mentioned, it is very good in the 750-watt bike. As for the suspension system, you can at least buy a bike with a front suspension system.


To sum up, all of the above, yes, 750 watts is enough for electric bikes. Whether using it for going up a hill, loading heavy things, towing a trailer and finally riding an electric bike on unpaved roads.

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