Should Your Feet Touch The Ground On Electric bike?(Explained)

Should Your Feet Touch The Ground On Ebike
Sitting position on an electric bike is one of the things that are asked a lot, and the reason for this is that the electric bike is faster than regular bikes. That is why increasing safety while riding is essential.
One of the frequently asked  questions is Should your  feet touch the ground on an ebike?  This question is an important question because the position of your foot on the electric bike will determine your riding style.
This means that there are foot positions that can help you control more of the bike, and  there are positions that will reduce your control of the ebike.
In this post, we will explain the difference between the foot positions on an electric bike, and also are their designs for an electric bike are more comfortable than others or not.

Should your feet touch the ground on ebike?


As a general rule, yes, it is preferable to have your foot touching the ground when sitting on the electric bike.
The reason for this is the increased control of the electric bike, as well as the ability to stop the bike in a way that increases your safety while riding.
On the other hand, it will increase the ability to balance the ebike while kicking off.
This position in cycling is essential for people who do not know how to ride a bike and will ride an electric bike or for elderly

How to put adjust  your ebike saddle in order to let your feet touch the ground?

There are several ways to adjust the position of the saddle, and it is generally up to your comfort, but the best way is:

Sitting on a bike seat with your feet touching the ground, and raise the seat about 1 or 2 cm  by doing this not your whole feet will be touching the ground and also you will still have control.


The goal of this position is to keep your feet touching the ground and at the same time, your knee is slightly bent when you put your foot on the pedal.


Are their ebike design that will be matching with your feet touching the ground?


Although reducing the height of the saddle helps with better balance, most people, after getting used to the ebike, feel that this height is somewhat uncomfortable.


The reason for the discomfort is that the pedal is directly under the chair, which causes your knee to be excessively high while using the pedal

But fortunately, there are some designs that can increase your comfort while reducing the height of the saddle.


These models are called The pedal forward and the idea of ​​this design is to move the pedal forward a bit instead of directly under the saddle.


This type of design will benefit you in two ways:


First, you will not feel that reducing the height of the chair will be a problem

The second is to adjust the position of your back so that it is straight, which reduces the pressure on it


1- This type of design is often in a step-through design

2- This type of electric bike is suitable for the city only, and it will be very difficult to control on trails.




For electric bikes, it is always preferable to have your feet touching the ground, especially for beginners and people with balance problems.

If your use of the electric bike is within the city only, it is preferable to get an electric bike with a pedal-forward design

To adjust the bike seat, sit on the bike and lower the seat completely so that your entire foot is touching the ground, and then raise it 1 or 2 cm

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