Step-through VS Step Over On an electric bike?

The design of the electric bicycle frame is one of the points that can increase or decrease your enjoyment of the bicycle
In fact, the design of an e-bike can make you love e-bikes more or make you hate them completely

There are two popular types of designs on electric bikes, the step-through and step over

Each has its uses, advantages, and disadvantages as well

In this post, we will make a comparison between each of them to know which of the designs is suitable for you

Is Step through design really for Women?

In the old days, women wore short dresses and skirts, and when bicycles began to spread, women wanted to ride bicycles

That is why the step-through design was the ideal design compared to the step-over because they would not have to raise their leg on top of the saddle to ride the bike, which may be considered uncomfortable for them

But these days, I don’t think that there are many women who wear a dress while riding an electric bike, but because the step-through design has many advantages, this design continued to be produced.

What is the step-through & Stepover design?

The step-through

The step-through design is mainly without a top tube. Which makes the frame lower.

There are several designs in the step-through so that the top tube is replaced with an additional metal tube or by adding metal support between the tube seat and the bottom tube, but all of them are without the top tube

Step Over Desing.

The step-over design is the standard design for an electric or regular bike that consists of a top tube, bottom tube, and seat tube.

What are the advantages of Step-through Design?

In this part of the article, we will share with you the most important features of step-through design

1- Ease of Mount and Dismount.

The main step-through feature is the ease of getting on and off the bike because you don’t need to raise your leg much higher, just a few centimeters above the bottom bracket.

This feature is suitable for both people who suffer from knee pain or hip pain because it does not require almost any effort

On the other hand, this design is very suitable for senior riders.

2-Suitable for short legs.

This design is suitable for people of short stature or who have short legs because it helps them greatly to control the bike more and prevents their feet from slipping.

3-Perfect for people with balance issues.

One of the most important points in my opinion that distinguish the step-through is that it helps people who have a balance problem, and the reason for this is the rider’s ability to touch his feet to the ground easily, and also this design helps to keep the back straight, which increases the ability to balance.

4-Excellent option for daily commuting.

If you ride an electric bike for daily commuting in the city, this design is the most suitable for this purpose, because it is much easier and enables you to control the bike while standing faster.

5-Perfect for delivering food with your ebike.

If you are thinking of using your electric bike for food delivery to earn some extra money, the step-through design is best for you because it will enable you to put the lunch box in the back and you will be able to get on or off the bike easily.

What are the Disadvantages of Step-through Design?

1- Not suitable for steep slopes.

The first drawback of this design is that it is not considered very suitable for going up steep hills, but it should be noted here that the matter in electric bikes is different from regular bikes due to the presence of the motor, which will help you a lot But as a general rule the effort to go up the hill with this design is greater than the step over.

2-A little heavier

The design is slightly heavier than the step-over design due to the additional metal support
But as we mentioned previously, with the presence of the motor, the weight will not be a problem

On the other hand, if you travel a lot by e-bike and put it on the rack of the car, you may feel the weight difference

What are the advantages of Step Over Design?

1-Suitable for all riding styles.

The step-over design is the basic design for bikes in general, so it is suitable for all riding styles
You can ride a bike inside the city or on the trails, it is very practical.

2-More Speed.

Due to the nature of the design, the position of the body is tilted forward, which reduces wind resistance, and leads to an increase in the speed of the electric bike.

3-Perfect for steep hills.

If you live in an area with steep hills, this design will be best for you because it helps to get the best performance from an electric bike due to the position of the body and the relatively low weight.

What are the Disadvantages of Step Over Design?

1-Will not fit for senior riders or people with knee issues.

This design requires you to raise your foot above the bike seat in order to get on or off the bike, which makes it difficult for senior riders or people who have knee problems.

2-Needs some balancing skills.

Balance on electric bikes is generally easier than on regular bikes, but with this design, you will need to have some skills to balance the electric bike, unlike the previous design.

Step-through VS Step Over On an electric bike?

Step-throughStep Over
Balance.EasyNeeds skills
Daily commuting.Suitable Suitable
Senior rider.SuitableNot recommended
Speed.NormalCan achieve more speed
Going up steep hills.HardEasy
Riding on trails.Not recommendedPerfect
Step-through VS Step Over On an electric bike?


The design of electric bikes does not include what is for men only or for women only, it all comes down to what are your needs in an electric bike

If you want an easy riding method and will use the electric bike in the city, whether it is for daily commuting or for any other purpose, the step-through is the best for you, especially if you suffer from knee or hip problems

On the other hand, the step-over design is suitable for all types of roads and riding styles and also helps you to get the best performance from the bike, but it requires you to have some normal skills in how to balance the electric bike

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