How To Use WD40 On Your Ebike? (Explained)

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Are you thinking of using WD40 to clean your electric bike?

In this post, I will be sharing with you the best ebike tricks that you may do to clean your Ebike using WD40


As a general rule, Normal WD40 should be used on the internal metal parts of your ebike.

however, WD40 has Some products that will help & designed for ebike cleaning These include WD40 Bike Degreaser  WD40 Bike Cleaner &WD40 Bike Chain Lubricant.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by WD40 &  has No affiliate links to any of WD40 Products.

I’m sharing my personal experience with these products in cleaning my eBikes.

WD40 Product That You Will Need To Clean Your Ebike.

  • WD40 Bike Degreaser 
  • WD40 Bike Cleaner
  • WD40 Bike Chain Lubricant  ( I used the Dry one as I live in a sunny town)

Tricks I used to wash my ebike before using WD40 Products.



  • The First thing to do is to make sure your ebike is turned off
  • Remove your battery & cover any electric connectors (the parts are water resistance not waterproof, so better to cover them)
  • Cover your ebike switch unit up on the handlebars (Recommended from most of the manufacturing)
  • Don’t worry if some water drops comes into the battery place Most of the bikes has a water drain holes to drain out the water
  • Better to have a work stand but if you don’t have propped it against the wall
  • Use a garden hose pipe its good, cheap & will fit the job
  • Start to wash your ebike from top to bottom to force all the dirt to go down
  • Be very gentle while washing the battery, motor & controller even they are water resistance but you still want to be more cautious
  • Another important Tip while washing your bearing, headset, forks & suspension is to be very gentle these parts didn’t like water very much

Using WD40 Bike Wash


  • As we made during the washing process always start from top to bottom
  • I had searched & found that using any bike wash is safe to use it on all the bike parts so no worry in this step if you overspray any are of your bike.
  • Now time to use a clean sponge to clean any remaining dirt, but make sure not to be very strong to avoid cutting any cable. (Personally, I always get a new sponge every time I wash my ebike to avoid moving any old dirt again to it)
  • Now better to wait for 3 to 6 minutes just to make sure that your bike wash gets into all the small tinny places that your hand couldn’t reach well.

Using WD40 Bike Degreaser 


The brake squealing is one of the most disturbing sounds when you ride your bike, in fact, it is the most terrifying, especially if you are riding your bike in the mountains or in the woods.

  • Shake your WD degreaser well before use
  • Apply WD degreaser on the chain while rotating the crank  to counter-clockwise direction
  • Add a good amount to the brake disc (both sides )
  • Use a small brush while adding the degreaser to help it reach the small parts
  • Let it soak for about 5 minutes for better cleaning results  (the official WD video says two minutes ) for better cleaning
  • After seeing all the liquids and oil drops from the chain start wash with water
  • Dry your ebike with a good clean towel or with an air compressor if you have one

Check the Official WD video.

WD40 Bike Chain Lubricant


  • slowly  start to rotate the crank  to counter-clockwise direction
  • Add WD Chain Lubricant slowly over the cassette
  • just small amount and make sure that all your chain has the lubricant
  • leave it for 10 minutes but if you find any lubricant around the outside of the chain clean it with dry towel


Official Video:



General Ebike Tricks You Should know while Cleaning your Ebike.

  • Always remember that you are washing an electric device so more water is not always a good thing “BE SMART”
  • Never wash your ebike upside down this will allow the water to go inside the bike through the drain holes

  • The first step in washing your bike is just to wash it with no pressure & wait for 5 minutes
  • When Washing the brakes make sure to raise your arm and point the pipe to the brake rotor by this method the dirt will not go to the other side of the bike.

  • Never use any lubricant or oil on your ebike while it is dirty this will increase the dirt & will shortage the lifespan of your bike parts
  • Use the correct brushes (you can find an e-bike brush cleaning kit on amazon at a price of  16$) using the wrong brush can cause that dirt or oil to spread on other parts of your bike
  • Never try to use a brush to clean your bike while it’s dry this only will scratch your bike & yet the dirt will not be clean. Always use water first
  • If you were using high-pressure water try not to point it to the space between your bike parts.
  • Personally, I’m not preferring using high-pressure water while cleaning
  • One best trick is always clean your chain & never leave the dirt overnight
  • Better to do a full chain lubricant every one month at least
  • Try to keep less water in the cabling are it might get into the motor
  • After you get your bike cleaned it’s better to check all the moving parts if you hear any unusual sound or sand sound better to check it (you can check  our bike troubleshooting manual from Here)


To CLean your ebike using WD40, you will need three products  WD40 Bike Degreaser  WD40 Bike Cleaner &WD40 Bike Chain Lubricant.

The most important advices during cleaning your bike are

  • Never wash your bike upside down
  • Use less water especially in electric areas or between parts
  • It’s not recommended to your High-pressure water
  • Cover your ebike electric parts & remove your battery

Resources : A Guide To Cleaning Road Bike Disc Brakes

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