What Happens If Ebike Hall sensor fails? (Explained)

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Hall sensors are one of the most important sensors in an electric bike, because they are present in the motor and give readings about the number of motor spins, so any problem with them can cause the motor to stop working.

In this post, we will share together what is the importance of hall sensors in an electric bike, what happens if you fail, and also the correct way to do a hall sensor test.

What is the use of the hall sensor in the ebike?

As it is known that the motor of the electric bike works by using electromagnetic energy, and the function of the hall sensors is to send data about the amount of electromagnetic energy to the controller.

the controller uses these readings and translates them into commands that are sent to the battery, the motor, and the rest of the parts of the electric bike.

For more information on how hall sensors work, you can watch this video.

What Happens If Ebike Hall sensor fails?

Although the hall sensors are located inside the motor, which is not visible, there are signs that can be used to know if the hall sensors have a problem or not.

As a general rule,  when the hall sensors fail the motor stopped working and starts to vibrate for a few seconds,  also

a whining sound is heard, or in some cases, a continuous loud noise comes out of the motor. 

How to test the Hall sensor?

In order to do a test for the hall sensors, you need a multimeter and a source of electricity, 5 volts (small battery)

But before you start the test, you must make sure that all cables are disconnected, except for the cables that we will use in the test

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The cables that must be connected during the test are:

Testing hall sensor

1- All motor cables must be connected to the controller
2 – Hall sensor cables
3 – The throttle cable must be connected to the controller

Testing steps.

1- Connect the hall sensor caples to the 5v power source. (if you couldn’t find or connect the 5v power source, you can just power the controller using your ebike battery.

2- Power on your multimeter.

3- Insert the negative multimeter probe in the hall sensor jack black wire slot.

insert the negative multimeter probe in the hall sensor jack black wire slot

4- Put the multimeter Positive probe into the hall sensor jack red wire slot.

5- Rotate the motor with your hand. 

6-Watch the reading on the multimeter if it jumps from Zero to Five while you rotate the motor this means the hall sensor is working fine. but if the reading was fixed on 5v or zero volts this means that the hall sensor has an issue & needs to be replaced.

7-Repeat the same steps for the green & blue caples 

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