How To Pick An Ebike For A Heavy Rider? Full Guide

The world of electric bikes is full of different types and shapes in addition to the multiple uses and needs. If you are a heavyweight rider and want to own an electric bike, I will share the most important details and information that you should take into account before making a purchase decision.


How much weight ebike can Support?


Electric bikes can withstand weights between 120 kilograms up to 140 kilograms and there are some types that may withstand weights higher than this the endurance capacity varies according to the method of manufacturing the frame and the materials used as well as the strength and torque of the motor.




What are the best types of ebike for heavy riders?


Cargo Ebike


The best types of electric bikes recommended for heavy-weight riders are the ones that have a strong frame and these types of frames are found in mountain ebike, fat tire ebikes, and cargo ebikes.



The reason for choosing these types in particular, rather than the other types, is that these bikes are built to withstand bumpy roads, and for this reason, high-quality materials are used in manufacturing, which you will benefit from.



In the below lines I will share with you what you should consider in every part of the bike in order to get the ebike that meets your expectations.




The Motor.


The motor in an electric bike is one of the first factors that you should consider when choosing an ebike for heavyweight riders.

As a general rule, it is recommended to use a motor of 750 watts or higher so that you can rely on it to carry the extra weight on the ebike, especially if you will use it uphills.





Does Motor Design Matter for heavyweight riders?


Mid-Drive Motor


The short answer is yes.

The design of the motor will be a major factor for the heavyweight rider because what you want as a heavyweight rider is the torque not only the speed and the design of the motor makes a big difference in terms of torque.



Hub Motor design: by design, the hub motor is located in the rear or front wheel which provides less torque, also having the motor in the

the rear will make it more difficult for the ebike to carry all the weight & go uphill.



Mid-Drive Motor: the Mid-drive motor is located in the middle of the ebike which will provide more torque & the ability to go uphill or downhill and this is what you want to have in an ebike for a heavyweight rider.


Which wheels you should choose?


Electric bike wheels are one of the most important factors that you should take into account when choosing a bike that can handle heavyweight.

There are many things that you should know about wheels.

First, the air volume

When we mention the volume of air, I here do not mean the use of fat wheels, but I mean the amount of air inside the tire

this will protect you from the bench flats.

Bench flats happen when you hit something hard while riding a bike, and this collision causes the tube to enter the tire, which makes you feel pain in your lower back and will also cause bubbles to form in the tire, especially with heavyweight, so be sure to choose tires that can withstand a larger volume of air.



Try to avoid thin ebike tires

Perhaps you should avoid the high-grade electric tires, because they will not be useful for you, because of the bench flats, which will happen frequently with high-end tires, and the reason for repeating the bench flats is that this type of tire cannot bear a large volume of air inside.


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The Rim type will matter to you.


When choosing a heavyweight bike, you should choose a double wall-rim bike because single-wall rim bikes are often cheap bikes and will not work for your needs.

Before you get it, you should ask the seller whether the bike has a single-wall rim or two-wall rims.

If you already have a bike, the only way is to remove the tire and tube and look through the stem valve and see if it’s one or two layers.


Axels are something you need to look at.


There are two types of axels, the first type, which is used in electric bikes of limited use (cheap e-bike), is called Quick Release Axels.

The second type is used in heavy-duty ebikes which is called Through Axel. this type is making a strong connection between the hub of the wheel & the ebike so you need to get a through axel in your bike to help you have a nice riding experience.

Not only that but also the presence of a Through Axel. in your electric bike is proof that this bike contains high-quality components.




The Brakes are a make-or-break factor for heavy riders.


Ebike Brake


When choosing an electric bike, you should choose the brakes, “which will most likely be disc brakes”

It must be hydraulic for two reasons, the first is that it will give you more control over the bike, and the second reason is that it is easier to maintain.

On the other hand, you should choose a larger size rotor, because the larger the size of the rotor, the better the heat dissipation, which causes more control in the ebike and also a longer life for the brakes.


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Suspension is important



Suspension is an important thing to consider when getting a heavy-duty electric bike.

Personally, I prefer that the ebike for heavyweight riders have a front and rear suspension system in order to protect yourself from shocks if you were riding off-road.


Also, the suspension system will help the bike to handle the heavy weight. especially the rear suspension system which will handle most of the weight

In general, if you cannot get an e-bike with a suspension system, you can get a suspension system for a bike seat.


This will help you a lot. but make sure that the seat suspension system can handle the required weight you need.


Note: my advice to you is to get a high-quality suspension system as the cheap one will not fit your needs & most probably you will need to change it in a short period.


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Choose A High Capacity Battery.


The battery works directly with the weight carried by ebike. The greater the weight, the greater the battery consumption.

For example, if you loaded your ebike with more than 100KG your battery range will be less than another rider who loaded 80KG on the same battery

So be sure to get a large capacity battery to give your seld a large battery range.

Tip: Alway look for high-quality batteries as the battery is a key factor in your riding experience.especially if you will load it with a big weight.


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The frame design.

When choosing an electric bike for heavyweight riders, the design of the outer frame can be a very important factor in comfort while riding the bike,

Which design you should look at?

The most comfortable design for heavyweight riders is the step-through design because it’s easy to mount & dismount also, it’s the most comfortable which will help you have a nice ride.




The Pedal

The pedal is not one of the things that matters a lot to us when thinking about getting a new electric bike.

But there is information that will interest you, which is that most manufacturers of high-quality electric bikes reduce the size of the pedal in order to obtain a lighter weight in the bike (in addition to other factors)

This will lead to the breakage of the pedal when you use it, so look at the pedal when getting your new ebike and if it looks thinner It is normal to change it to a traditional pedal because it will help you to have a better riding experience.


The Saddle





The electric bike saddle will definitely affect your riding experience so always make sure that the electric bike Saddle supports the weight you want.

You can ask the seller about the weight that the saddle supports, and you can also know the model of it and then search for it on its official website to know the real weight that this saddle supports.


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The Handle Bars


The handlebar is also important for you in the experience of riding a bike, especially for heavyweight riders, so be sure to get a handlebar that has a safety rating and it is important that the safety rating be 5 or 6 and preferably 6 because it will be the strongest on endurance.




As a general rule when choosing an ebike for a heavyweight rider you need to choose high motor capacity with a mid-drive design & a high capacity battery, in addition, you need to choose a frame that is rugged with a comfortable design.

on the other hand, you need to have a hydraulic brake with a bigger rotor.

The best option for heavy-weight riders is the mountain ebike, fat tire ebikes, and cargo ebikes.



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