Where To Mount Ebike Controller? (Explained)

Mount Ebike Controller



The controller in the electric bike is like the mind-controlling all parts of the electric bicycle, so it is one of the most important parts of the electric bicycle.


And if you are in the process of installing your own Conversion Kit and want to know the best places to mount the controller on your electric bike.

We will discuss this point in this post and explain what you should take into account when mounting your ebike controller.


What you should take into consideration when choosing a controller mounting area?


The design of bikes generally differs in terms of shape and materials, so in this section, we will specify what are the things that you should take into account when choosing the mounting area for your bike controller.


1- Avoid friction.


The first piece of advice for you is to avoid areas of the electric bike that have friction, such as the Buttim Brackett area due to the presence of the chain and also the movement of your feet because it is possible during your pedaling to hit a wire and cut it or hurt yourself, so avoid any area with moving parts on the bike.


2-Controllers produce some heat.


Any electrical device produces some heat as a result of the flow of electric current, and this certainly applies to the controller, so it is preferable that the mounting area is in a well-ventilated place.

For example, if your battery is installed on the frame inside a bag, do not put the controller inside this bag to avoid any overheating which leads to damage to the controller.


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3- Hidden Areas are much better.


When you convert your regular bike into an electric bike, you add many parts to it, such as the throttle, the motor, the battery, as well as the brakes, and all of these parts have wires to connect to the controller.

With a large number of wires, the shape of the bike is not beautiful, so the more you can hide the controller and organize the wires that are connected to it, the better.


Where To Mount Ebike Controller?


After we have clarified the most important points that you should take into account when choosing the location of mounting the controller, we will share with you in this part of the post some suggested areas to could be good places to mount your ebike controller on.


But before we start, we should point out that these places may differ for you according to the design of your electric bike and also the size of the controller. So it’s not one size fits all.


1- Seat Tube.


Mount Ebike Controller on the seat tube


The outer side of the seat tube opposite the rear wheel is one of the best places that can mount the controller because it is far from any friction and close to the motor in the event that the hub rear motor is also not very visible.

It is preferable to put the controller in a dedicated box.

Note: if there is not enough space between the rear wheel & the seat tube you can mount the controller from inside the seat tube but make sure its not touching the battery.

2-Under the top tube


Mount Ebike Controller under the top tube


The second best place to mount the electric bike controller is at the bottom of the top tube in the direction of the bicycle seat, but you should be careful so that it is not too close to the saddle which will hinder the movement of your leg or makes you feel the heat.


3-Down tube.

If the area of the down tube you have is large enough to allow the presence of the controller near the battery, then the down tube will be a very suitable place, but you should take into account that it is close appropriately so that you can connect all the wires to the controller easily.

4-On a rear rack.


If you have a rear rack that you put on the battery or anything else, you can put the controller inside a box and mount this box on the rear rack.



As a general rule, you can mount the controller on the seat tube or at the bottom of the top tube and also on the down tube if the down tube is large enough to take both the battery & the controller.


If the design of your bike does not help with that, you can mount the controller on a rear rack

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