Why Does My Electric Bike Keep Cutting Out? (Fixed)

As owner & of Ebike since 2017 I will share with you the reasons why your electric bike is cutting out and how to fix it.

As a General rule Electric bikes cutting out due to issues in the Motor, battery, or Controler, also there are more parts that may cause a cutting out which are Throttling and cabling. 

I will be sharing with you how to diagnose each part and how you can find out which part is causing the issue.

If you need a quick fix use the table of content and go to the step by step guide for quick troubleshooting

Common cutting out  Motors Issues

As the general rule if you have an e-bike motor issue your e-bike will not work not normally & you will face either intermitting cut-out or permanent

Although Motor Issues usually need a professional to fix them, I will be sharing with you some quick signs that will help identify the issue.

So, in case you saw any of these signs you can tell your e-bike motor is damaged & needs to be fixed or replaced.

More noise than usual?

One of the clearest signs that something is going wrong about your motor is its sound.

if you are hearing unusual noise sound from your motor (sound like coffee grinding sound )

this means that this issue is in Motor Bearing & you need to replace it

The connection between Motor & Battery.

With all different e-bike models, there is a connection between the battery & motor so if you suddenly find that



The Smell & the color of your Motor

If your motor has a smell (most probably like maple syrup) or it looks very dark, then this means that your electric bike motor is burned and needs to be replaced.

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Common cutting out Battery Issues

As we mentioned that one of the main reasons that your e-bike cutting out is battery defection.

I had listed below the main steps you need to do in order to make sure that your battery is OK & the cutting out is not from it.

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Electric bike battery troubleshooting 

The First thing to do when you start troubleshooting is to check the battery charging level if it is full or not.

unplug the battery and check all its pins (looks good ?! then go to the next step)

Turn it ON & OFF if it’s working then go to the next step.

Check the connection to your electric bike cradle (if all looks nice & clean ) then go to the next step 

  Check if their water ingress into the battery the best way to check this is to unplug the battery & make sure it’s dry, however, most electric bikes have a system that will show you some red lights in case of water ingress.

In order to dry the battery, you can put it into a dry place for four hours

Also, Another piece of advice I heard from one of my friends who have gone into the same issue, he put the battery inside white rice and leave it covered with rice for two hours and the issue was fixed.

Check the battery Voltage 

A fully charged 36-volt battery should be between 42 to 43 Volt

A fully charged 48-volt battery should be between 52 to 53 Volt

A fully charged 52-volt battery Should be between 58 to 59 Volt


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Hailong 2 battery type issue

If you have a Hailong 2 battery, this type consists of two parts that overlap each other.

Most of the time, the metal terminals responsible for connecting the two parts of the battery extend outward.

The solution here is very simple is to use a screwdriver to insert the metal connections inward, and then the two parts can overlap properly.

This will definitely solve the problem.

I will leave you with this video that explains the problem and the solution in detail (personally, it helped me very much)

Common Controller cutting out issues.

E-bike Controller is your E-bike brain it’s managing all the connections between your E-bike component 


One of the main roles of the E-bike controller is that it’s responsible for the amount of electricity that goes from the battery to the motor

So in order to make sure that your controller is working perfectly, you need to check the cable that is going out from the controller to the motor.


In addition to the motor cable, you should also check all cables that come out of the controller, which can cause the electric bike to stop temporarily or stop some other functions of the bike.

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Personally, I had this issue where I was about to start and checked everything the battery is ok,  the displayed screen looks perfect then I started to pedal away then suddenly after 30 seconds everything dies off and the speed reading was ZERO

I was not sure what would be the problem & after searching I found that the Speed sensor was not in the correct place.

what I learned is the speed sensor must be at the correct distance from the speed receiver on the swingarm and this should be very accurate you can check the manual or google the right distance between the spoke magnet & the receiver.

having a broken cable or twisted cable may cause a temporary cutting out in your E-bike in the below lines I will let you know the basic cables that can be the reason for a cutting out.

The Liver Cable or the motor inhibitor (cutoff switch ) if this was pulled back a little bit then the E-bike won’t work.

All electric bikes come with a safety system that prevents electricity from the motor in the event that this cable is bulled.

One of the ways to know if this cable is responsible for stopping or not is to disconnect this cable temporarily and test the bike, but be sure to put it back when you’re done testing.

Controler-motor cable: this cable is the connection between your motor & controller so making sure it has no cuts & is connected properly.

Common Throttle issues

The throttle of the e-bike is one of the reasons that lead to the bike cut out, as the wrong use can lead to damage to this throttle, and the electric bike stops working.

You can find out if the throttle is the reason for stopping or not in two ways.

First, the LED lights indicate whether there is an electrical connection to the throttle or not.

Secondly, by trying the throttle itself, meaning that if you notice that the throttle movement is abnormal, there could be a problem and it must be changed.

The best way to use the throttle is to pull it back and keep your hand on it and then easily put it back in place without suddenly raising your hand.

PAS Pedal Assist System May cause Cutting out

Electric bikes come in two types.

The first type has a throttle control system only.

As for the second type, it has two types, the throttle control type, and the control for PAS (Pedal Assist System)

The pedal-assist system can cause your electric bike to stop intermittently if it was covered in dirt.

The solution here is easy.

All you have to do is clean its magnetic sensors and make sure that there is no mud or dirt in it.

You can use WD40 or alcohol to clean them.

Step By Step Guide for Trouble Shooting :

The electric bike cutting out is an easy problem that can be identifying quickly, as the component of the electric bike themselves are small and simple.

To summarize everything that was mentioned in this post, let’s have it on a step-by-step table so you can go through the steps And figure out what is your bike issue!


NO Parts to check What you need to check What you should do
1 Battery Check Battery Charging Level Looks Good, then Continue
2 Battery Unplug the battery & check its pins Looks Good, then Continue
3 Battery Turn The battery ONOFF Looks Good, then Continue
4 Battery Check the connection to your electric bike cradle Looks Good, then Continue
5 Battery Check if their water ingress into the battery-Plug the battery & check if there is any Red Warning Looks Good, then Continue
6 Battery Check the battery Voltage Review the recommended voltage mention in the main post
7 Motor More noise than usual? If yes then it’s better to take it to the nearest Ebike Shop
8 Motor The connection between Motor & Battery. Make sure the pins are connected correctly and not dirt
9 Motor The Smell & the color of your Motor if the motor color is dark Or Smell like maple syrup it’s better to take it to the nearest Ebike Shop (most probably it’s burnt out
10 Controller Check the cable that connects the controller & Motor Track the cable all the way and make sure no cuts in the cable & it’s connected correctly
11 Controller Check the other controller cables A quick look at all controller cables
12 Speed Sensor Check if the speed sensor is in the correct place speed sensor must be at the correct distance from the speed receiver
13 the motor inhibitor cable In the throttle check the motor inhibitor Check if the motor inhibitor is pulled back or not
14 Throttle Check if the Led Lights are working If the Led Lights working then there is no electricity issue in the throttle
15 Throttle Check the movement of the throttle If the Throttle is not moving as usual then there might be an issue that leads to cutting out
16 PAS Pedal Assist System Check Pedal Assist System Sensors if there was any dirt on the sensors then clean it with alcohol as this may be the reason why your Ebike is cutting out


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