Why is my ebike going backwards? (Answered)

Have you recently purchased a new kit for your electric bike or maybe you are changing the controller for your electric bike?

And after completing all the wires, they found that the bike tires are going backward?!

I had this situation before and I searched a lot on the Internet and could not find a reference explaining the reason for this.

So I decided to figure out what could be causing this issue and I was able to solve it.

Before I explain to you the solution to this problem, which may seem strange, let us first point out that although the function of the controller and the motor is the same in all electrical bikes, the connections between each of the motor and the controller differ in colors.

For this, you should know that it is possible for your colors to be Different from what I will share with you, but the good thing is that the connection method will be the same.

Now let’s answer your question.

Why is my ebike going backwards?

As a general rule, the electric bike runs backward as a result of an error in connecting the wires of the phase or hall wire which connects the motor and the controller.

Most of the time this problem occurs from the wrong phase wire connection.

The phase wires are three wires and consist of 3 different colors.

The correct method of connection is to have a basic wire in the same color, for example, blue. It must be connected with the blue color in the controller. As for the other two wires, they must be connected opposite each other.

Phase wire correct connection

To clarify what was mentioned, you can see the previous image, which shows the correct connection of the phase wire.

From the image, you will notice that the wire connected in the blue color is the main wire and is connected to the same color as the wire in the controller, while the green and yellow colors are connected in reverse so that the green color is connected to the yellow color.

and the yellow color is connected to the green color in the third link.

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The question here is what if I tried this method and it did not solve the problem?

In this case, the main wire will not be the wire you chose, and all you have to do is connect another similar color and opposite the other two colors.

Most of the time the main color is blue, red, or black

The second colors of wires are usually yellow or green

What else Could you face if the phase wire was not connected correctly?

Did you know that the error in connecting the phase wire can lead to the entire electric bike tire stopping from working?

One of the things to know that after upgrading the controller or installing the new kit there is an error in the phase wire is hearing the sound of the motor spinning, but the electric bike tire does not move, and this is one of the most famous signs that you can know from it that the error is in the connection and not in the controller or the new kit.

General Tips for installing a new Ebike Controller.

1-Put the electric bike off the ground

Before starting any kind of maintenance on the electric bike, make sure that it is far from the ground so that no errors occur and the bike moves suddenly.

2- Check the manual of the new controller:

In most cases, the control is written in Chinese, and here you have two options, either you use a translation program or you use a controller tester.

And the way to use the tester is the easiest. All you have to do is connect the controller wires to the tester.

When you connect each wire, there is a bulb that will light up for you to help you determine the cable’s function. After this, write on each wire its function.

 3- Make sure that the cables are connected probably 

One of the most common mistakes that I notice when starting to install a new controller is not connecting the wires properly, and this mistake can cost you hours of your time trying to figure out why the electric bike does not work, so be careful while connecting the wires.

4- Use the throttle gently during testing the new controller for the first time

One of the most important tips that you should take into account when trying the controller for the first time is to use the throttle gently, because if there are errors in the connection and you use the throttle at the maximum speed, it may damage the controller.

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As a general rule, your electric bike can run in reverse if there is a fault in the phase wires.

There is no fixed way to connect the phase wire due to the difference of the controller and the motor for each bike from the other, but the constant is that in most cases one similar wire must be connected and opposite the other two wires.

When installing a new controller for your electric bike, remember to lift the bike off the ground. And make sure that all wires are well connected

Use the throttle gently when trying it for the first time

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