Why Is My Ebike Going Slow? (Explained)

Why Is My Ebike Going Slow


Have you ever found yourself riding your electric bike and felt that the motor was not helping you enough or that you were making more effort than you are used to while riding your electric bike?!


There are several reasons why your electric bike slows down.

That is why in this post we will explain the most important reasons that may lead to the slowness of your electric bike so that you can solve them and continue enjoying your electric bicycle.


Why Is My Ebike Going Slow?


There are several reasons that lead to the slowness of the electric bike. In this part of the post, we will explain the most important of these reasons




If you notice your ebike slowing down while riding it for a long time or at high speeds, the reason for this slowness is the high motor temperature.

Do not forget that inside the motor are copper wires, and with the increase in the flow of electric current in these wires, the temperature increases, and therefore the performance of the motor in general decreases.


Therefore, if you notice a rise in the temperature of the motor and a slowdown in the speed of the electric bike, then most likely you should stop a little or reduce your speed until the motor temperature returns to normal temperature in order to get the speed of your ebike that you are accustomed to.


2- Brakes Adjustment.

There are several parts in the brakes that can cause the bike to slow down. The first of these things is the brake pads. If it is not in the right place, it will lead to friction and slow the ebike.
On the other hand, if there is any bend in the rotor, this will cause the electric bike to slow down.
Also, if there is tension in the brake wire through the lever, this will lead to slowing the bike.
You can check out this post to learn how to properly adjust the brake adjustment.

3-Low battery.


The electric bike contains a lithium-ion battery, and the nature of the work of lithium batteries is that they give the highest voltage when it is

fully charged, and when the charge level is lower, the output voltage from The battery will be at a lower rate.


So if your ebike battery is at a low level and you want a higher speed from the ebike You may notice that the speed at which the motor helps

you are relatively less than what you would have taken if the battery was fully charged.


4-Chain cleaning.


If you ride your electric bike with a rusty or unclean chain, the chain movement will be less than if the chain is clean and lubricated..

This point will make a big difference to you because it can reduce the performance of the bike from 10% to 15% in terms of speed, so it is

preferable to take good care of the electric bike chain as well as the cassette.


5-Controller Overheating.

One of the reasons that can cause your electric bike to slow is the temperature of the controller, and the reason for the slowdown is due in this case that as the temperature of the controller rises, its response is less than normal, and therefore it slows down when giving commands from the controller to the rest of the bike parts.
this will give youfeeling of general slowness in the ebike.
You can view this post to find out how to solve the problem of the controller overheating in more detail.

6-Motor Setting.


One of the things that can cause slowness in the ebike is that there is a change in the settings of the motor, as there are many modern ebikes that give you the possibility to change the response of the motor and also the acceleration through a program on the mobile.


On the other hand, there are conversion kits such as Bafang, you can modify the response of the motor and change its settings, and the most

The most famous of these models is BBS02, in which you can connect the motor to the computer and change everything on it.


Therefore, if you have recently changed any of the settings for the motor, you may have to reset these settings, then make small changes, and then test the bike until it reaches the level of performance that is right for you.


7-Air inflation.


Air Inflation can negatively affect the speed of the electric bike, because the less air inside the electric bicycle tire, the greater the area of contact with the ground.


For this, it is preferable to monitor the air level inside the tire and choose the right pressure for you.


Check out this post that will help you identify the sweet spot for your cycling style.


Electric Bike Tires Inflation- Beginner’s Guide


8-Tire Type.


Choosing the type of tire that you will use in your electric bike is one of the important factors that may increase or decrease the speed of the bike in general because the tire is the main point of contact between the ground and the ebike body.

There are types of tires that give you more grip on the ground, and they are usually used by mountain bikers, this type reduces the speed of the ebike because it increases the friction with the ground.

That is why you should choose the type of tire that is suitable for your needs.


How Do You Know What Size Tires Will Fit My Ebike?



9-Riding Style.


Did you know that your riding style can increase or decrease the speed of an electric bike?

For example, if you ride your ebike against the wind, you will reduce the speed of the bike and vice versa.Also, if you ride your bike on unpaved roads, this will reduce the speed.


That is why you should compare where you ride and the weather in which you ride your bike and the performance of the bike because sometimes it is often related to the way you ride the ebike and not the bike itself.



On the other hand, the brakes can hinder the movement of the bike, as well as adjust the settings of the motor incorrectly.
As well as the type of tire and the level of air inflation.
Also, not paying attention to the lubrication of the drivetrain, And finally, the biker style


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