Why Is My Ebike Tire Losing Air Overnight? (Explained)

Did you face this situation before where you have arranged everything for your electric bike trip, charged the battery overnight, and adjusted the tire pressure?

Everything is ready now and you should go to sleep to enjoy your ride tomorrow and the next day you are surprised that the tire of your electric bike lost some air overnight!!

You may be wondering why my electric bike tire loses air all night long?!

In this post, I will explain to you the most important reasons why your electric bike tire can lose air overnight

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Why Is My Ebike Tire Losing Air Overnight?

As a general rule, an air leak occurs in an electric bike tire because your tire system is not airtight which happened because of  Air valve is not tightened correctly, or there is not enough sealant inside your electric bike tire or the tire tape is getting torn or your ebike tires are getting old and have inner threads exposed.


How To Test Your Electric Bike Tires?

After we mentioned the possible reasons why your electric bike tire loses air overnight

Let me tell you the perfect way to test the tire of your electric bike.

1- Suspecting that there is not enough sealant inside your ebike tire?

The easiest way to test if the tire of your electric bike has enough sealant is to take the tire off the ebike and shake it.

If you hear the sound of the seal clearly, this means that the tire contains a good amount of sealant, but if you do not hear it clearly.

In this case

Stay with me in the next parts, in which I will explain how to apply sealant easily and quickly.

2- Suspecting any other possible reasons.

If you suspect any other reason from the reasons we explained earlier, I will now explain after the indicative steps to determine the cause of the air leak.

1- First, take the tire out from the electric bike.

this step is important to give you flexibility during the test however if you are not able to take it off then you can put the ebike on ebike stand.

2- wash your tire

washing your tire before testing is not a step to skip try to make it as clean as you can so you can easily see where the air leaking coming from.

3- Fill the tire with air

In this step, you will add more air into the tire try to fill it to the maximum level.

4-Use soapy water

After filling the tire with air it’s time to test,

Put your tire in a sink of soapy water & roll it slowly so you can see any bubbles, once you sow the place that has bubbles mark it with tape so you can identify it easily after taking the tier of the sink.

Note: if you were not able to use the sink you use a sprayer filled with soapy water and spray it on the tire gradually, but be sure to spray a large amount of the soapy water to ensure that bubbles appear easily.

Now after we identify the reason for losing air let’s fix it.

How to fix Ebike Tire that Losing Air?

In this part, we will explain the treatment of the reasons that may lead to air leakage from inside the tire of your electric bike.

Fixing  Valve stem issues in an electric bike tire.

The valve stem is one of the first areas cyclists suspect when an air leak occurs.

this is Logical because it is the area we use to control the air, but the unlogical is that it can happen to leak from the valve stem and there is another reason for this leak, although there is air coming out of the valve stem.

so in this part, I will give you the best practice guide you should follow do in order to make sure that the valve is tightened correctly.

1- First Remove the dust cap.

Removing Dust Cap

2- Twist this part & press inside to remove the air from the tire.

Removing air from the tire

3-Taking the valve core out: this is a very important step and what you need to do is to remove the valve core out & to make sure ut’s clean & has no rust or damage, also you may need to tighten it with a wrench as usually, it comes loose from the factory which will cause leaking in air.

4-Add wrench to the valve core & put it back inside the valve & make sure that to tighten it correctly

Another reason that might causing  air leaking from the Valve stem

One of the unfamous reasons for air leakage from the stem valve is that the sealant does not reach well inside the tire, and therefore leakage occurs in this case, you must rotate the tire well to make sure that the sealant has reached the valve stem.

How to add a tire sealant in a quick way?

The second reason for the leakage in the electric bike tire is the lack of sufficient sealant inside the tire. In this part, I will show you the steps to clarify the sealant inside the tire quickly and easily.

The method that I will show you is a quick method and is more suitable for new bikes. But if your bike is an old one, I highly recommend that you remove the tire and clean it from the inside well, and then put the sealant, as the sealant creates a rubber ball inside the tire over time and you need to get it out.

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Now let’s start

All you have to bring is a sealant, preferably with a nozzle

1- remove the dust cap & the valve core (see the previous photos)

2-Make sure that the tire is totally air free

3- Add the Sealant into the tire.

4-Put the valve core back in & make sure it tighten correctly (use your hand no tools required)

5-Now air up the tire to the recommended PSI

How to fix Tire tape issues?

The tire tape is one of the most important parts of the tire, and if you find pieces in this tire, you must change it completely. I will leave you with this video that explains in detail how to change the tire tape.

Fixing ebike tires that have inner threads exposed.

If you find the internal threads exposed in the tire of your electric bike, I strongly recommend that you change this tire because your safety is always the most important and first.

On the other hand, the price of tires is not expensive and is available in abundance, so you do not have to be lazy in changing it

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Ebike tires lose air overnight due to the system of the ebike s not airtight this may happen due to the Valve stem is not tightened correctly or there is not enough sealant or the tire tape is getting torn or the tire needs to be replaced.

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