How Do You Override The Speed Limit On An ebike? (Solved)

We all want to maximize our electric bikes’ performance simply because it feels fun.

The speed limit for an electric bike is 25 km in Europe or 32 km in other countries.

You can override the electric bike speed limiter by changing the position of the speed sensor next to the crank so the ebike thinks you are going slower than you actually are or by covering the second small pin to the right side on the wire that connects from the control box to the motor.

In this post, I will explain in detail the two best ways to Override the speed limiter on your electric bike and some tricks you can do to increase the speed of your electric bike. The good thing about these methods is that you will not need many tools or even have great experience maintaining electric bikes.

However, I do not recommend anyone to do this since it can be dangerous, and it is safer you ride the Ebike without modifying the speed limit. But if you do this, ride the Ebike in a smooth area and wear a helmet. I recommend this helmet from amazon –

How Do You Override The Speed Limit On An Ebike?

1) The speed Sensor Method.

Before we begin, let us first know how this method works.

The controller knows how fast you are going when the sensor meets the magnet on the spokes of the wheel, and the idea with this method is to give information to the computer that you are travelling at speed less than the actual speed you are going. Thus the speed limiter will not work.

Keep in mind that if you use this method the speed on your speedometer will not be correct.

to use this method, you will need

1- Scissors
2- 4 ml Allen Key
3- Electrical tape
4- Magnets

Now let’s start with the detailed steps for this method.

1- flip over your electric bike 

2- remove the rear back wheel 

3- Remove the sensor using Allen Key


Remove the sensor using Allen Key

4- The next step is to change the position of the sensor so that it is facing the crank

change the position of the sensor so that it is opposite the crank

5- Using electrical tape, attatch the sensor securely

Using an electrical tape, fix the sensor well

6- Remove the magnet that was on the spokes

Put a piece of magnet on the magnet on the electric bike wheel to reflect the polarity of the magnet

7- Useing tape, securly attach a magnet on the crank opposite to the sensor.

Install the other magnet on the crank, opposite the sensor

Note: You can use the magnet that was on the spokes but it might not fit properly on the crank and if magnet falls off it will be hard to get a replacement. Therefore I recomend these long rectangle magnets I found on amazon because they are thin and fit better. 

8- Refit the rear wheel of the electric bike

Now let’s move on to the next method to override your electric bike speed limit.

2) The Controller Method.

The next way to override the speed limiter of your electric bike depends on covering the connection pin that sends how fast you are going to the controller, by doing this the controller will not recognize the actual speed of the bike.

And now, we will explain with pictures in detailed steps the correct way to bypass your speed limiter (in this method, you will only need electric tape)

1- First, disconnect the main connector between the motor and the electric bike controller.

the main connector between the motor and the electric bike controller

2- You will find three main Pins & five small pins. The small pins are distributed on each hexagonal side. You need to cover the second small pin on the right side with a tiny piece of electrical tape.

covering the speed limit pin

3- Reconnect the main connector, and be careful that the arrows face each other so that the pins do not bend.

Connect the main Connector back to its place

Now that we have bypassed your speed limiter, one step remains for you, which is to increase the maximum speed of your electric bike

through the control screen (you can see how to increase the maximum speed of the controller through this post that explains how to adjust

the maximum speed according to the type of your controller).

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Now that we have explained the two most straightforward ways to bypass the electric bike speed limiter.

Let’s move on to some tricks you can do to increase the performance and speed of your electric bike.

Tricks to Override The Speed Limit On An Ebike.

1- Choose the correct place to ride your ebike.

When you ride your electric bike in a smooth area without going uphill, the speed limiter will not be a problem for you at all.

But if you are riding your bike on city streets, you may think of exceeding the speed limit, but it should be noted here that some countries in the world impose fines for exceeding the permitted speed of the electric bike, so you should be careful.

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2-Put some more effort.

One of the best tricks that you can do to go over the speed limit is to start using the motor until you reach the maximum speed and then switch to using the pedal.

But remember that the maximum speed settings in the controller must be at the highest speed.

3- Change your ebike tires.

Change the type of tires of your electric bike to a thinner type and increase the air pressure because this method will reduce the friction with the ground and increase your speed.

The disadvantage of this method is that driving will not be comfortable, especially if you do not have a suspension system on the bike.

4-Change your riding position.

The riding position can increase or decrease the speed of the electric bike because when you ride the ebike, and your body is straight, it will increase the air resistance and thus will reduce the bike’s speed.

But if you are riding a bike with your body curved forward, this will reduce the friction of your body with the air and thus increase the bike’s speed.


I have shown two easy ways to override your electric bike’s speed limit. Make sure to follow the steps carefully.

There are also several tricks that you can do to bypass the speed limiter on your bike, including driving on incline roads, changing the type of bike tire, adjusting the two riding modes, and also using the pedal when reaching the maximum speed.


Overriding the speed limiter of the electric bike above the permissible limit may be considered a crime in some countries. Therefore you must be careful about using the previous methods for your safety and the safety of people around you. However, you will use them at your own risk if you choose to use them.


I personally don’t recommend exceeding the speed limit of the electric bike; if you need a speed of more than 32km or 25km, you can think of other options that will fit your needs.

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