How To Choose Three Wheel Ebike For Seniors? (Top Tips)

How To Choose Three Wheel Ebike For Seniors

A three-wheeled electric bike is a very good solution for seniors who have a bike balance problem or balance problems in general. This is because the three-wheeled electric bike is perfectly balanced due to the presence of the third wheel.

On the other hand, the electric tricycle is a good solution for seniors who suffer from back or knee pain and want to exercise.

Therefore, in this post, we will explain to you the most important points that you should take into account when thinking about choosing an electric three-wheeled bike for Seniors.

How To Choose Three Wheel Ebike For Seniors?

In this part of the article, we will take every part of the electric bike and explain the best choice for you as a senior looking for an electric tricycle.

1- Motor.

Your needs in the electric tricycle motor will differ from your needs in the normal electric bike motor because the size of the electric tricycle is large and its weight is heavier. Therefore, we will start thinking about the 500-watt motor and then the 750-watt motor, so that the motor is strong enough for the bike that makes you use it more comfortably.

As for the motor, the 500 watts will be suitable for you as a senior if you are of moderate weight and also live in an area with few to moderate hills (preferably the torque is 80 Nm or higher).

As for the 750W motor, it will be suitable for you if you are a heavyweight or live in an area with steep hills.

– Motor design

As for the design of the motor, there are two types of designs

The hub motor is located in the front wheel of the tricycle.
Mid-drive is located in the middle of the tricycle.

The design of the tricycle will not be a problem because the tricycle is generally balanced, however, the mid-drive will give you higher torque.

Note: whatever the type of motor you will choose, make sure that the three-wheel electric bike has both throttle and PAS.


There is a rule when using electric bicycles in general, which is that the greater the weight, the greater the battery consumption and the lower the range of the electric bicycle.

This rule also applies to the electric tricycle, and in fact, with the increase in weight in the electric tricycle, as well as the possibility of loading stuff on it, the need for a high-capacity battery is getting increased.

That is why it is preferable that the battery capacity is not less than 48 watts if you are a moderate weight.

And that it should not be less than 52 volts if you are a heavyweight

This is so that you can have an electric tricycle riding experience that suits your needs.

3-Frame Design.

As for the design of the tricycle frame, it is preferable to have a step-through, in order to be easy in the Monte and Desmont, and also it will give you more control over the tricycle due to the proximity of your feet to the ground.

4- Tires.

With the weight of a three-wheeled electric bike which is heavier than a regular electric bike, a fat tire will easily handle this extra weight.

Here it should be noted that the thicker the tire, the more friction with the ground, which leads to higher battery consumption.

But on the other hand, the fat tire is more comfortable to ride and also provides protection during cornering with an electric tricycle.

It is preferable that the tire is not less than 2.125 inches because this size is considered one of the average sizes that will give you the advantage of comfort and also will not drain your tricycle battery fast.


The gears in the electric bike, in general, are of great importance in being a help in the case of climbing steep hills and also in increasing the speed of the electric bike

As for the electric tricycle, there should be gears in order to facilitate the task of climbing the hills for you, and also with the presence of the Russians, you can ride the tricycle without using the motor and it will be easy

At least, there must be 7 gears in the tricycle, do not buy an electric tricycle with a single speed.

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With the weight of the electric tricycle, the need for strong and sensitive brakes is very important to you and your safety while riding an electric tricycle.

The brakes must be disc because it is really important and will affect your ability to stop the tricycle strongly.


Mostly the seat of a three-wheeled electric bike is not thin or sporty because this type of electric bicycle has other uses.

But what you should look for in the seat when choosing the electric tricycle is that the seat size is suitable for your sitting bone.

If the size is different, ask the seller to change the seat to the right size for you in order to avoid any back pain.

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As a general rule, when choosing a three-wheeled electric bike, it should have the following features :

500 Watt or more48v or moreStep throughDisknot less than 2.125 inchesNo less than 7 speed fitting your sitting bone (not too big or too small

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